Saturday, April 6

An Unforgettable Evening!

It’s been more than an hour since the last class got over. It was raining heavily. The corridor gave a deserted look. The way the weather’s been acting past couple of days, I was in no doubt that it won’t rain. But who knew I’ll be proven wrong today. Heavy downpour and I was stranded without umbrella.

The last class teacher walked through the hallway and I skulked in vain. The reason for sweeping myself under the rug was my coming late for the last lecture of the day. She reprimanded and asked the reason for getting late.

“I started for the class before time but left my bag behind. I realized this when I reached college. 

So I hurried back to the hostel to get my sack. Consequently, I was late for the class.”

“Were you day dreaming when you left from hostel? How irresponsible you’ve been!”

The entire class was laughing while I took chair and moments later, she continued teaching.

Anyways, she was here once again in the corridor walk pass by me. It seemed like I kept turning up like a bad penny. But, she ignored me completely.

Her car was parked in a small compound parking behind cafeteria, adjacent to the corridor. She could not get off the corridor steps as water accrued till knee height.

“Can I get your car .., ma’am , to the other side of the corridor?” I inquired.

“But there’s a puddle of water cropped here. How will you walk through it?” she asked amicably.

“That’s all right. The thing is, once am in the car, the water dripping from my clothes will spoil the interiors completely.”

“You don’t worry about that. Here, take the keys and get the car safely on the other side please.”

In my frantic attempt to avoid drenching myself and to have a good impression on her, I ran for car’s main door but fell with face hitting the water. I was soaked to the skin. Nevertheless, I drove around and brought the car to a safer place.

“Here’s your car keys and am sorry for the mess”.

She thanked and asked if she can drop me to hostel, a small favor for the help rendered.

I said thanks for asking but I’ll wait for rain to stop. She insisted but I didn’t want to spoil her seat covers once again.

She ordered and the very next moment I was sitting uncomfortably in the non driver seat saving every drop of water falling off my head in my fist.

We drove and after few minutes I was standing near my hostel’s welcome gate. The weather turned nasty.
She turned around, bid bye and thanked once again.

The moment she left I realized I left my bag in the corridor. I was so much involved in helping her that I completely forgot about my bag. So I ran back to the college before anyone takes it away. She saw me running from the hostel back to college through her car’s window. She was confused but kept driving. I made a gesture that I left my bag behind once again. She smiled and drove off to her place.

I was back to square one. I was once again back in the corridor but this time I was soaked more from head to toe.

What an awful evening it was!

P.S : It's a true incident and since then the teacher never scolded me for my wrong doings. How bias she was! (i never liked her since then :P ) And the students never knew why she always had such a soft corner for me.

Have a good day!
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