Sunday, March 10

Make Mistakes

The Learning never Stops!

At every stage of our life, we are learning a new thing. We learn and we forget. That’s when we re-learn but still find it hard to remember or understand and that’s when we make mistakes. But keep focus and believe in yourself. Because once you try harder, every mistake made will be nothing but a lesson learnt on how not to do it. Mistake is just another way of saying how not to do the same thing again in future.

Mistakes in the past will shape our future. So keep trying, keep making mistakes and keep learning till you become infallible or perfect at it. Learn from it, it improves our understanding of doing things in a better way!

Take the first step in faith, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step

                                                                                                                      D. Martin Luther King Jr.

The first baby steps!

From the day a baby learns to crawl first and then walk, things that we learn in school, first time when we learn how to ride a bicycle or swim, to, decisions we make in later stages of life, we make mistakes and we are always learning. Everyone has slip ups in life but nobody holds on to them but keep moving like a baby who rise again after falling from the first giant walking leap.

“How could I do this?” we ask!

Maturity (Experience) comes from learning. A young, naive child will make more mistakes than an adult as he has not seen the world or experienced it the way a fully-grown person did. So mistakes are necessary when we are raw and young. But that does not mean that we must stop making mistakes when we abloom (old).

We blunder at every stage of life, even at times when we think we are old enough to not to commit mistakes. And that’s when we start pestering, criticizing oneself as to “how could I do this?”, “what was I thinking?” kind of questions. But it’s alright to ask oneself such questions. We are mortals not god to do everything in an ideal way. Imagine how life would be if we get what we want so easily without committing mistakes, without trying, without seeing failure. The goal is to not to regret on the failure but to come out good. Remember, you are no exception to making mistakes, everyone does and some learn and move ahead, others crib about it. We all are in the same boat. Welcome aboard!

They say ‘it’s hard for old dogs to learn new tricks’. But why to restrict oneself when there’s no age limit on learning. One must have a goal set at every stage in life. And no goal is accomplished without making mistakes. Failure is the first step to success!

Never fear from mistakes!

Never made a mistake never learnt anything. Fear stops us from making mistakes. Never fear in life. Do not worry about what people will say if you make a mistake. Look around, we think about those who themselves have made lot many mistakes in their life. So they have no right to criticise you for your mistakes.

Focus on Your Goal and Desire for it!

If you really want to be good at something and wants to achieve it, start making mistakes and start learning. It’s good to make mistakes. Take full responsibility and correct all your blunders till you stop making one and never regret in life.

Have a Good Day!

Thank You for reading this post. Much Appreciated!


  1. I agree with this. Children learn so much because they are not worried about the mistakes/people's reaction around them. They are driven by the desire to learn it, in spite of failing multiple times.

    One thing that helps adults deal with failure is humour. If we are able to face our own mistakes from other's shoes, we might find it humorous and take it easy. This is important.

    Destination Infinity

    1. very well said Rajesh Sir...

      i agree no matter what age we belong to, we must remember, we are always in the learning phase, so forget about what others think, just start enjoying life by making mistakes and learning from them!

  2. I agree that taking step is wise rather thinking about mistakes because if we fail then atleast we will learn rather than only thinking would not help us to grow :-)

    Good post !

  3. I agree that taking step is wise rather thinking about mistakes because if we fail then atleast we will learn rather than only thinking would not help us to grow :-)

    Good post !

  4. I second you. Mistakes means we are attempting and we want to do something. Our count of mistakes is a sign that we are constantly working towards our goals.

    1. esxactly .. so one must stop worrying and start making mistakes .. !

  5. Mistakes are good if..they are not repeated and one learns from them..

    1. even if they are repeated .. learn again .. learning should never stop .. if we learn something and forget same way mistake can happen again, so re-learn from it...

  6. Inspirational thoughts as always. Making mistakes is what makes us to be the person that we are and prepares us to face the various challenges of life. One of the most important things is to accept our errors, take time to introspect before moving on again.


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