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Django Unchained Movie Review


It was a treat to watch two good movies back to back after a long time. First it was the Silver lining and other Django Unchained. This post will talk about the movie Django Unchained.

Django Unchained is yet another masterpiece from a brilliant director, Tarantino. The movie has flair of comedy, unanticipated gravity attached to it and is a complete entertainment package.

Unlike most of Tarantino’s movies, Django Unchained has very less scenes that wobble like a tennis ball between present and flashback.
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Additionally, this movie has typical Tarantino trademark of showing violence, brutality, bloodshed throughout the film. He has maintained the consistency of showing blood oozing out of the amputated bodies and continuous gun firing throughout the movie.

As always, Tarantino shows a glimpse of himself (in a cameo) by making a guest appearance in Django Unchained as well.


The movie is about a slave set free by a German Bounty hunter and later trained to be his Deputy Bounty Hunter, who sets out to rescue his enslaved wife from a cruel plantation owner. Along the way, he’s helped by the German Bounty hunter in every way possible.


Tarantino picks up Jamie Fox, Leonardo Di Capri and Christoph Waltz for this flick. A brilliant starcast I must say.

Jamie Fox, the stand-up comedian has portrayed the role of slave Django brilliantly. The comedian has played the part flawlessly and he has shown his excellence in carrying out serious scenes like never done before by any comedian, although he was hilarious in most part of the movie. He’s a treat to watch throughout the movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio has gained lot of maturity in last couple of years. He’s the modern age Tom Hanks who does everything with such perfection that it’s always a pleasure to watch him onscreen in different characters.

Caprio has done an outstanding role in the film. Although his appearance is quite late in the movie but it does not take much time for him to settle down and take the entire movie in his control and outperform others.


If you are someone who loves Tarantino movies, you don’t a reason to think twice for this one. For others, if you love bloodshed movies like sin city, kickass and Taken, you must not miss this one!

Watch this movie from an entertainment perspective. Switch off your brain and just watch this crazy entertainer with bold scenes and bloodshed all over the screen.

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  1. Rahul, I am not a movie buff, but I can't forget Inglorious Bastards by Tarantino.

  2. This is the only Oscar Nominated Movie, I haven't seen. I will watch it this weekend.

  3. I have watched one movie - Taken. But I have not watched any other movie directed by him. If it's good (and humorous), I may watch it sometime. Thanks for the reco...

    Destination Infinity

  4. Nice review. For me, this was the best movie of last year and if you're a Tarantino fan, then it’s definite a must-see.


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