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Vishwaroop Movie Review : 5 Reasons To Watch Vishwaroop

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Vishwaroop is a master-piece from the protagonist, Kamal Hassan, the Director, Producer and the Actor in the movie. ShekharKapur (of Elizabeth and Mr. India fame) and Rahul Bose (of Mr & Mrs. Iyer) are seen onscreen after a real long time.

It’s an enthralling thriller that talks about terrorism and how deep its roots are not only in Afghanistan but also in US and a man’s mission to eradicate evil by being evil.

Vishwaroop, the word itself stands for different personalities of same person who stand to fight against terror in every possible way.

Reasons to watch Vishwaroop:

1.       For Kamal Hassan:

How metaphoric the word “Experimenter” is with Kamal Hassan! He’s a one man army with an amazing ability to show his creativity and talent in a unique, never-attempted-before style.

Talk about serious, action or comedy scenes, none can replace the kind of excellence Kamal Hassan has in each one of them. He’s nothing but the Best in every genre and none can replace his class.

His portrayal of the feminist character in first half is worth appreciating.

He ignores his age when it comes to performing stunts. Most of the stunts he has performed himself without any body doubles.

2.       Music:

Shankar-Ehsan-Loy has done a marvellous job giving a perfect background score to Vishwaroop. Javed Akhtar’s lyrics (with Kamal Hassan singing the first song ‘Radha’) concords with SEL’s music, gives it a perfect blend.

Most of the background score is inspired from Sami Yusuf’s music. You can check out this song Supplication (from the album Mu’allim) by Sami Yusuf which was released in the year 2003-2004 and now used in Vishwaroop.

Checkout Supplication Video here:

3.       Sets & Shots:

Entire shooting is done in US and Canada. Afghanistan known for its flagitious blood bath where the bullets speak and the word ‘peace’ is only spoken in prayers and schools, the same Afghan region setup was created in Chennai.

He has used US marines, fire fighters, M16s and AK-47s to maintain the originality, the authenticity of the things.

The car chase scene shot in America gives an adrenaline rush to the viewers.

Some of the scenes are given a 360 degrees rotation, something very unusual and uncommon in Indian Cinema, which makes the movie switch between flashback and present time.

4.       Rahul Bose' Acting:

The only actor to give a good competition to Kamal Hassan in this movie is Rahul Bose. Rahul Bose is very peculiar about the kind of roles he does, the main reason for his absence from film industry.

The character played by Rahul Bose has come out so natural that it’ll definitely raise eyebrows of film makers throughout the world. With this flick, Rahul Bose has once again punched a name for himself.

Kamal Hassan has made the right choice by choosing Rahul Bose for villain’s role. Bose has once again proven his mettle by doing such an extraordinary role with elegance and flair.

5.       A panache Movie, Story:
An amazing story with an awesome star cast and plot that keeps you holding the edge of your seat for 3 hours. Kamal Hassan’s concept to create an unusual story on terrorism subject with unparallel presentation technique is worth applauding.

The way some of the action scenes are shot may give Hollywood directors a run for their money.
Vishwaroop is one of its kinds that stand out from the rest.

The movie also has a second part inline.


Kamal Hassan has raised the bar with Vishwaroop. It was a mission impossible which Kamal made it possible.

Sad, a man who’s trying to take Indian cinema to next level is let down by his own people and by the government. It is believed that the movie is anti-Muslim but there is not even an iota percent of disrespect to Muslim sentiments. Anyone who should really feel offended should be George W. Bush for letting terrorists use his posters for target practice in Afghanistan.

The movie is released in 3 versions, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

If you haven’t watched the movie till now and reading this, I recommend this movie. It’s an experience worth sharing. It’s always a treat to watch Kamal onscreen in a new avatar.

In the end, I believe,

“What Quentin Tarantino is to Hollywood, Farhan Akhtar is to Bollywood,
What Tom Hanks is to Bollywood, Aamir Khan is to Bollywood,
What Christian Beil is to Hollywood, Hrithik Roshan is to Bollywood,
What Christopher Nolan is to Hollywood, Kamal Hassan is to Bollywood”

Watch Vishwaroop Trailer here:


  1. To tell you honestly I had no intentions of watching it, but after reading this I guess I would. Sounds like a sincere effort, and definetely worth a watch!

    And hey its ironic, things that happen in our country!

    1. i hope you must have seen it by now. if yes do let me know whether you liked it or not? and is this review apt to what the movie is all about?

      hats-off to kamal hassan for the direction he did..

  2. Many people are giving a positive review to this movie. I guess he got good publicity due to the controversy. If that publicity is backed-up by a good movie, all the better. I think it is releasing today in TN. I don't intend to watch it any soon, but I might go with a friend who is a kamal fan.

    Destination Infinity

    1. oh so Rajesh Sir, i understand one thing, you are not Kamal Hassan fan .. :-(

      i understand now, why people in Tamil Nadu like Rajnikant over KH .. they need entertainment not a class act i guess!

  3. Good write up. Five excellent reasons, indeed. Will watch it soon and come back with a opinion.

    1. so tell me Arun, did you watch the movie or not...?

  4. In spite of my language barrier..i went to watch this movie..a decision made out of sheer curiosity..but believe me I loved it. Its unfortunate that the movie has got so many baseless allegations.

    1. you loved it .. that's more than enough for me to accept that there are people out there who appreciate Kamal Hassan for his work and talent ..

  5. This is the first review I am reading of this picture. It seems like a very well made movie. Will try to watch it for sure.

    1. off course you must watch it and share your experience soon!

  6. And I read an exact opposite review of this movie :).

    1. good, now go and see for yourself ma'am in order to figure out which review is actually correct :-)

  7. Glad that the movie could finally release and we could know what that hype and hoopla was all about. It looks grand all the way!

    1. now its released so you must go and watch the movie Arti .. am sure you'll like it for kamal's acting and direction...

  8. Yours is the only good review I have read. Everyone else is saying it is bad. I follow Anupama Chopra and even she said the same. But I guess I will watch it :)

    1. Saru, it'll be good if you go and watch the movie .. you'll get an understanding why this movie needs appreciation, may not be for the story but at least for kamal's acting and direction...

  9. wow, you are a master when it comes to movie reviews! honestly, i don't get to read better movie reviews in any other blog.

    i am a huge huge fan of Kamal Hassan! trailer looks really promising. unfortunately, there are only two theatre halls in my town and are really bad. don't know whether i will get to watch this movie or not.


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