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'My Cousin Vinny' Movie Review

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My Cousin Vinny’ movie is a court room drama presented in an exceedingly comical way.

It’s a classic comedy directed by Jonathan Lynn, starring Joe Pesci, Fred Gwayne and Marisa Tomei in lead.


It’s a story about two friends who while travelling through rural Alabama are put on trial for a 
murder they don’t even know they committed and one of the accuser’s cousin (named Vinny), a self proclaimed lawyer, who knows nothing about court cases and law, comes to their rescue.

Vinny has never experienced a trial before and somehow managed to clear his law degree in six attempts in six years. He knows the situation at hand is worse than he contemplated but he plays Mr. Cool in charge of the situation making all the wrong moves that’ll surely declare the friends guilty of the crime. Amidst all this chaos, he assures them with his preposterously funny and false hopes that he’s going to save their arses. And that’s when things go helter skelter.


‘My Cousin Vinny’ is a perfect movie for belly laugh. If it’s been a while and you haven’t seen a good comedy, I recommend you to go for ‘My Cousin Vinny’. Surely, this movie won’t disappoint you. This movie is a total fun ride and a must watch.

Watch the trailer here:


Joe Pesci plays the classic role of Vincent (Vinny) Gambini exceptionally well. He does a ludicrous act, especially his court-room antics.

Marisa Tomie (Mona Lisa Vito – character name she played in the movie) won the Best Supporting Actress award for this flick in 1993.

This was Fred Gwayne’s last movie.


The movie was a runaway hit and received appreciation not only from the critics but lawyers as well. 

Jolly LLB:

Arshad Warsi seems like doing a similar court room drama in upcoming Bollywood film Jolly LLB where he portrays the character of Vincent Gambini trying to save his cousin’s life in a rather amusing way. I hope Jolly LLB is something new and original and not a desi version of the classic ‘My Cousin Vinny’.

Watch the trailer of Jolly LLB here:


  1. I will want to watch the English version someday. I like the story-line. Thanks to you for introducing such nice movies, continue the recommendations please...

    Destination Infinity

    1. thanks for liking this post .. will keep adding more like this

  2. Would surely like to watch 'My Cousin Vinny'

  3. Sounds very interesting, watching 'My cousin Vinny' should be some fun!

  4. Will catch the Hollywood movie and Arshad's movie trailer is so funny, I am waiting for it. :)

    1. even am waiting for jolly llb ...meanwhile do watch my cousin vinny

  5. I think I want to catch up with this one! :) Even the trailers of Jolly LLB seem hilarious and I am looking forward to it. I too hope it is not a desi version of the original.


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