Friday, February 22

Child Rapists Hanged In Iran & India Calls Them Juvenile

It’s been more than a month now when Jyoti Singh Pandey (Nirbhaya) left this cruel world to reach better heavens and her family even today is fighting for the real justice, hoping against the hope to bring peace for their child’s soul. And this is not just the case of one Jyoti but many other rape victims in India who were punished for else’s illicit acts.

A pretty long time it has been and still no vital efforts are made to nail the offenders and give them a mearstone punishment, a lesson for all in the society.

Meanwhile, in Iran, the government has come out with a rule to hang all those people (even if they are juvenile delinquents/children) who are involved in murder, rape or trafficking.

Checkout this pic here for a post published in South African Newspaper. [Source: a forward mail]

A Forward Mail

I wonder when such rules will be put in action in our country to stop such wrongdoings. Even if such rules are made, our system is not rigid enough to keep them concrete.

The more corrupt the state, more are the laws made. How easy it has become in India today to commit a crime and abscond. If you are caught, money will make new rules to bend the previous ones. Else, you get all the limelight for a month or so with things just going back to normal while the innocent either reaches the gallows or his/her voice is forcibly put down.

Women in our country have cried their heart out but their cries seem to fall only on deaf ears that are busy protecting their political parties. None wants to take responsibility and put their hands in this filth. Such a sad state of our country today!


  1. The problem with generously awarding death sentences is : Innocent people can be framed quite easily in a country like ours. Why only our country, Julian Assange has been framed for 'rape' in so-called advanced western civilization!

    Destination Infinity

  2. no but if you know who the culprit is then why to delay in making the final verdict .. instead punish that person immediately ..


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