Monday, February 25

Albert Einstein - A Legend

Albert Einstein while working as an associate professor in the University of Zurich got no more than 4500 francs a year as salary. This salary was not enough to meet his family’s daily needs. So, once he was asked what he has to say about his package considering the high cost of living in Switzerland.

He smiled and said “I am trying to put a clock in every space but I cannot afford to put a clock in my room”.

Albert Einstein never worried about how much money he had or got from office. He was not behind fortune.
His way of thinking and approach was different from the sane humanity. He had no time to discuss about the daily chores of life. It was his wife Mileva, who supported him financially.
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He was a reneged German, a Swiss by choice and Jew who did not believe in god.

He only focused on ways to explore The Universe and give it a new definition through physics. Physics was his first love, a world to him.

He was the man who made us see the world!


  1. I feel that we all can love one thing deeply and passionately. That could also be money. But the problem with money is, whatever we do, we end up doing for making more money. If we are passionate about something other than money, we'll do it for our pleasure and satisfaction. That creates excellence.

    Destination Infinity

    1. money will automatically come if you follow your passion and be good at it...

  2. I never knew that his wife supported him. Also only people like him can do something extraordinary. We are merely existing.

    1. not for too long .. he was divorced later in his life .. and it was much before his divorce that he got recognition from the physics world making him independent enough to make his own living...!


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