Saturday, February 2

A Night To Remember

Did you put the alarm?” I inquired before going to bed.

Yes, I did for morning 6” she replied.

She switched of the lights and off we were to a good night sleep.

Soon, the entire house was laid to silence except the night creepers, mosquitoes and the insects buzzing around.

We both were so tired from our day’s job that as soon as we hit the bed, we dozed off immediately.

It would have been just another night if the mobile alarm had not gone off unexpectedly. Awake and disturbed, I asked her to check the time but first kill the annoying alarm. She stumbled to the desk where the mobile was and said in a guttural undertone, “it’s 6 in the morning”.

How can it be possible? I never felt like sleeping for eight hours. Eight hour sleep seemed like minutes sleep to me. Time seemed to run faster than a bullet fired from a gun. Maybe, I slept for 8 hours and wanted more sleep out of tiredness. Transfixed, I kept looking at one corner of the bed trying to find answer to this puzzle.

So we were up, awake now at 6:10 and she put up the kettle on the flame while I was brushing.

The only wall clock that we had holding one of the walls of the house was broken. We never bothered to get it repaired. The clock was more of an antique piece put on display than a time telling machine. She never wanted it down as it was one of the gifts we received on our marriage reception which reminded her of the marriage days.

Twenty minutes of exercise, yoga followed by the daily chores to start our day. It was 7 now and we both were ready to go to work. She looked through the window that opened to the road but the darkness prevailed all around. Everything was pitch black and dark.

She inquired, “What’s happening? Why is it so dark even at 7?

May be its Doomsday today? Why is there no sun out today?” I panicked.

The window which opened to the road once was now welcoming unwanted cricket sounds from the darkness. I checked my wrist watch and it read half past two. “Damn, this watch’s dead now. Is it really happening? Is it true that the world will come to a standstill on doomsday  .. i mean today?  ...Whatever, now I need to get a new battery for this piece of crap”.

I took out my mobile and checked the time again. It was half past 2 on mobile as well. There was lot of confusion now in the room. One thing was for sure that there was nothing wrong with the wrist watch as it showed the same time as on my mobile. It was her mobile that created the confusion.

The time actually was two hours past midnight. I asked her to check time on her mobile once again and it still read 7:15. How’s that possible? A little investigation and it turned out that the time on her mobile was set wrongly. But she never changed it then how could it be set wrong. Soon I had the answer when she said that last night her phone fell on the floor, as a result, the time must have changed when the mobile was restarted.

And that’s how the mystery of doomsday was solved. Thank god i saw the time on my wrist watch, else we would have end up sitting in office at 3 in night. But, now we dozed off once again to a good night sleep.

Strange but true, I did my exercise, yoga and had breakfast in the middle of the night. All freshen up, relaxed, we both slept peacefully like a pig.

It's a true story, I hope you enjoyed reading this !


  1. Quite a scary story to be honest! I mean to wake up and then still find the world in darkness at 7.15am must freak out anyone!! Nicely told!

    1. thanks DS ..

      yes it was quite scary that moment!

      But more than scary i was confused as to what was happening...

  2. LOL. Generally, I don't keep alarm. Only if I have to wake up very early, I do. I allow the body to get its dose of sleep. I have been late to office, but I did not cut down on sleep.

    BTW, doing yoga in the morning is very good. Do you do suryanamaskar or something else as well? I should also start doing Yoga in the mornings.

    Destination Infinity

    1. i agree even i do not compromise with my sleep .. minimum 6-7 hours sleep is a must for me..

      yes i do yoga, suryanamaskar and thena 1 hour cardio ..

      yes make it aa a routine to start exercising your body .. start small and then take the bigger strides ..

  3. Lol:)..must have been quite a baffling time..

    1. it was ma'am .. but good part was .. i get to eat dinner twice :P

  4. Replies
    1. ooops .. ma'am you thought i made this up .. i wish i was that creative :D

  5. Replies
    1. now it does sound funny.. but the experience i had was bizarre ..!

  6. Oh gosh.. Seriously you have to fix that wall clock, and I have to buy one! We rely too much on our mobiles na :-)

    And yes, you were able to sleep again! I guess you were very tired.

    1. arrey nahi i got rid of that stupid wall clock ..

      now i have those vintage small alarm clocks installed in my room .. :-)

  7. Amusingly fun story! Strange things indeed happen to us sometimes, thanks to chaos and confusions!

    1. funny is an overstatement .. it was altogether a unique experience for me .. as if i was really witnessing doomsday :P

  8. At least after reading this now, i am sure if something happens with me in future, I must double check the time. Thanks for sharing the experience as it can happen with anyone.

    Didn't it invite any kind og fight/arguments b/w you guys?


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