Wednesday, January 9

It Is Torn!

Roughness of the skin and wrinkles on face,

It seems as if someone,

Lost the winning race!

Oldest in the house who witnessed new lives,

Is left alone in the pool of darkness,

Waiting for life’s last ride!

A thing of admire in its heydays (The good old days of life),

Soon receded into background, left blanch,

Like broken pieces of game, rife!

Gone are the times, the deeds!

The seeds once sown,

Is a weed Today,

Counting the last few breaths,

Before IT is torn!

P.S : This is my another attempt to write something meaningful (a poem). I hope i do not mock myself.

Have A Nice Day!


  1. It's a natural cycle. Our ancestors tried their best to make every phase of our lives count by assigning different responsibilities at each. But now we have discarded them and we will no wonder have to pay the price for the same.

    The poem is good, Rahul. It captures the essence of your message in a simple but powerful way.

    Destination Infinity

    1. thank you Rajesh Sir ..

      yes very aptly summarized in your comment .. that's a a harsh fact of life ..

  2. 'Oldest in the house who witnessed new lives,
    Is left alone in the pool of darkness'

    I have seen a lot of old people, succumbing to the above fate. And it is even more terrible when thier own kids do that. Parents should never ever give away all of thier money to thier kids, never!

    On a different note, lovely words. It aptly describes the last pahse of the life, where you just look back at your life, and are ready for the future journey.

    1. i say the same thing to my mom .. keep something for yourself.. you've already given a lot to us .. and same goes for all the moms and dads in the world ..

  3. hard .. and sad when it happens that a seed that grows into a tree is now a mere weed ..

    good one paaji and well done


    1. thank you Bikram veer ji...

      thanks for liking the poem .. how are you ? long time , i dropped you a mail even ...

  4. It is beautiful with a lot of depth in it. So you are a poetic family, you and your brother are poets, who else?

    1. hehehehe...

      arrey nahi Saru, none of us is a poet .. kabhi kabhi tukka lag jaata hai :P

      thanks for liking the poem !

  5. beautifully written Rahul!! but that's the reality of life which all of us have to face.

    1. i wish none of us face such a reality when we grow old .. do such deeds that people instead of cornering you, keeps you in their heart forever !

  6. Nice poem rahul...hard but reflects the truth of's the quandary one continues to face throughout...

    1. thanks for liking the poem Raghav .. i know its a harsh reality of life !

  7. The truth of life beautifully narrated! :)


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