Thursday, January 17


1.    Deprive somebody of something by deceit
2.    Defeat someone in an expectation through trickery or deceit
3.    Engage in deceitful behaviour; practice trickery or fraud

“I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating”

Why should you cheat?
I asked this same question from a class of tenth grade students busy copying answers from other students’ answer sheets.

‘In order to score good marks in class’ all of them said unanimously.

But, don’t you think scoring marks by cheating will actually make you learn nothing. In fact, it’s just another way of saying, ‘I fear accepting challenges’. Every test is a litmus test to show your strength and calibre. Do not let cheating cheat you of your strength.


If you believe in yourself and know your worth, you’ll accept every challenge and face every obstacle that comes your way honestly and with pride.
It’s the confidence, the belief in oneself that makes you keep going. If you lose this confidence today, you will always accept the easier way of cheating. The marks you score or the success you make may look good temporarily but remember it doesn’t last forever if achieved through wrong means.

We always think, nobody is watching and none will ever come to know about it except god, but we completely forget that there’s one person (other than god) who knows that we cheated. It’s none other than you yourself. You will not only lose respect in your own eyes but will propagate the same to your coming generations and this vicious spiral circle will keep getting bigger and bigger.
An honest person understands the value of hard earned money and will do his best to safeguard his wealth. But a dishonest person will always practice tricks, frauds over hardworking, honest people by deceiving them from their money and trust. My dad always says if you try and make something that never belonged to you as yours, you may end up losing double the value some way or the other.

How can we say something ours when we know from our core that it never belonged to us and we never made any effort to earn it honestly? How can we take someone’s wealth or idea and put our name on it and say it as ours? Only a coward person, who do not believe in himself and has a constant fear of losing his / her identity, will commit such an act. An honest person has nothing to hide. He accepts failure as a new learning and with pride. Remember, failures make you strong. Defeating others using wrong means, will actually make you a loser in your own eyes. Gaining trust, respect is hard but losing them doesn’t take much efforts.
Learn to respect hard work and hard earned money. Believe in yourself than believing in the act of deception. Cheating does no good to anyone. Cheating prevents growth. Accept failure with pride than accepting success by fraud.

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try”

Wednesday, January 9

It Is Torn!

Roughness of the skin and wrinkles on face,

It seems as if someone,

Lost the winning race!

Oldest in the house who witnessed new lives,

Is left alone in the pool of darkness,

Waiting for life’s last ride!

A thing of admire in its heydays (The good old days of life),

Soon receded into background, left blanch,

Like broken pieces of game, rife!

Gone are the times, the deeds!

The seeds once sown,

Is a weed Today,

Counting the last few breaths,

Before IT is torn!

P.S : This is my another attempt to write something meaningful (a poem). I hope i do not mock myself.

Have A Nice Day!
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