Saturday, April 6

An Unforgettable Evening!

It’s been more than an hour since the last class got over. It was raining heavily. The corridor gave a deserted look. The way the weather’s been acting past couple of days, I was in no doubt that it won’t rain. But who knew I’ll be proven wrong today. Heavy downpour and I was stranded without umbrella.

The last class teacher walked through the hallway and I skulked in vain. The reason for sweeping myself under the rug was my coming late for the last lecture of the day. She reprimanded and asked the reason for getting late.

“I started for the class before time but left my bag behind. I realized this when I reached college. 

So I hurried back to the hostel to get my sack. Consequently, I was late for the class.”

“Were you day dreaming when you left from hostel? How irresponsible you’ve been!”

The entire class was laughing while I took chair and moments later, she continued teaching.

Anyways, she was here once again in the corridor walk pass by me. It seemed like I kept turning up like a bad penny. But, she ignored me completely.

Her car was parked in a small compound parking behind cafeteria, adjacent to the corridor. She could not get off the corridor steps as water accrued till knee height.

“Can I get your car .., ma’am , to the other side of the corridor?” I inquired.

“But there’s a puddle of water cropped here. How will you walk through it?” she asked amicably.

“That’s all right. The thing is, once am in the car, the water dripping from my clothes will spoil the interiors completely.”

“You don’t worry about that. Here, take the keys and get the car safely on the other side please.”

In my frantic attempt to avoid drenching myself and to have a good impression on her, I ran for car’s main door but fell with face hitting the water. I was soaked to the skin. Nevertheless, I drove around and brought the car to a safer place.

“Here’s your car keys and am sorry for the mess”.

She thanked and asked if she can drop me to hostel, a small favor for the help rendered.

I said thanks for asking but I’ll wait for rain to stop. She insisted but I didn’t want to spoil her seat covers once again.

She ordered and the very next moment I was sitting uncomfortably in the non driver seat saving every drop of water falling off my head in my fist.

We drove and after few minutes I was standing near my hostel’s welcome gate. The weather turned nasty.
She turned around, bid bye and thanked once again.

The moment she left I realized I left my bag in the corridor. I was so much involved in helping her that I completely forgot about my bag. So I ran back to the college before anyone takes it away. She saw me running from the hostel back to college through her car’s window. She was confused but kept driving. I made a gesture that I left my bag behind once again. She smiled and drove off to her place.

I was back to square one. I was once again back in the corridor but this time I was soaked more from head to toe.

What an awful evening it was!

P.S : It's a true incident and since then the teacher never scolded me for my wrong doings. How bias she was! (i never liked her since then :P ) And the students never knew why she always had such a soft corner for me.

Have a good day!

Monday, March 18

Django Unchained Movie Review


It was a treat to watch two good movies back to back after a long time. First it was the Silver lining and other Django Unchained. This post will talk about the movie Django Unchained.

Django Unchained is yet another masterpiece from a brilliant director, Tarantino. The movie has flair of comedy, unanticipated gravity attached to it and is a complete entertainment package.

Unlike most of Tarantino’s movies, Django Unchained has very less scenes that wobble like a tennis ball between present and flashback.
Google Images

Additionally, this movie has typical Tarantino trademark of showing violence, brutality, bloodshed throughout the film. He has maintained the consistency of showing blood oozing out of the amputated bodies and continuous gun firing throughout the movie.

As always, Tarantino shows a glimpse of himself (in a cameo) by making a guest appearance in Django Unchained as well.


The movie is about a slave set free by a German Bounty hunter and later trained to be his Deputy Bounty Hunter, who sets out to rescue his enslaved wife from a cruel plantation owner. Along the way, he’s helped by the German Bounty hunter in every way possible.


Tarantino picks up Jamie Fox, Leonardo Di Capri and Christoph Waltz for this flick. A brilliant starcast I must say.

Jamie Fox, the stand-up comedian has portrayed the role of slave Django brilliantly. The comedian has played the part flawlessly and he has shown his excellence in carrying out serious scenes like never done before by any comedian, although he was hilarious in most part of the movie. He’s a treat to watch throughout the movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio has gained lot of maturity in last couple of years. He’s the modern age Tom Hanks who does everything with such perfection that it’s always a pleasure to watch him onscreen in different characters.

Caprio has done an outstanding role in the film. Although his appearance is quite late in the movie but it does not take much time for him to settle down and take the entire movie in his control and outperform others.


If you are someone who loves Tarantino movies, you don’t a reason to think twice for this one. For others, if you love bloodshed movies like sin city, kickass and Taken, you must not miss this one!

Watch this movie from an entertainment perspective. Switch off your brain and just watch this crazy entertainer with bold scenes and bloodshed all over the screen.

Watch the Trailer:

Sunday, March 10

Make Mistakes

The Learning never Stops!

At every stage of our life, we are learning a new thing. We learn and we forget. That’s when we re-learn but still find it hard to remember or understand and that’s when we make mistakes. But keep focus and believe in yourself. Because once you try harder, every mistake made will be nothing but a lesson learnt on how not to do it. Mistake is just another way of saying how not to do the same thing again in future.

Mistakes in the past will shape our future. So keep trying, keep making mistakes and keep learning till you become infallible or perfect at it. Learn from it, it improves our understanding of doing things in a better way!

Take the first step in faith, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step

                                                                                                                      D. Martin Luther King Jr.

The first baby steps!

From the day a baby learns to crawl first and then walk, things that we learn in school, first time when we learn how to ride a bicycle or swim, to, decisions we make in later stages of life, we make mistakes and we are always learning. Everyone has slip ups in life but nobody holds on to them but keep moving like a baby who rise again after falling from the first giant walking leap.

“How could I do this?” we ask!

Maturity (Experience) comes from learning. A young, naive child will make more mistakes than an adult as he has not seen the world or experienced it the way a fully-grown person did. So mistakes are necessary when we are raw and young. But that does not mean that we must stop making mistakes when we abloom (old).

We blunder at every stage of life, even at times when we think we are old enough to not to commit mistakes. And that’s when we start pestering, criticizing oneself as to “how could I do this?”, “what was I thinking?” kind of questions. But it’s alright to ask oneself such questions. We are mortals not god to do everything in an ideal way. Imagine how life would be if we get what we want so easily without committing mistakes, without trying, without seeing failure. The goal is to not to regret on the failure but to come out good. Remember, you are no exception to making mistakes, everyone does and some learn and move ahead, others crib about it. We all are in the same boat. Welcome aboard!

They say ‘it’s hard for old dogs to learn new tricks’. But why to restrict oneself when there’s no age limit on learning. One must have a goal set at every stage in life. And no goal is accomplished without making mistakes. Failure is the first step to success!

Never fear from mistakes!

Never made a mistake never learnt anything. Fear stops us from making mistakes. Never fear in life. Do not worry about what people will say if you make a mistake. Look around, we think about those who themselves have made lot many mistakes in their life. So they have no right to criticise you for your mistakes.

Focus on Your Goal and Desire for it!

If you really want to be good at something and wants to achieve it, start making mistakes and start learning. It’s good to make mistakes. Take full responsibility and correct all your blunders till you stop making one and never regret in life.

Have a Good Day!

Thank You for reading this post. Much Appreciated!

Monday, March 4


“Who would wish to be valued must make himself scarce”
What is Value?
The dictionary definition of Value says:
“An ideal accepted by some individual or group”
What is ideal?
  1. “The idea of something that is perfect; something that one hopes to attain”
  2. “Conforming to an ultimate standard of perfection or excellence; embodying an ideal”
A value is a number given to a particular object or a thing to scale its worth. It’ll be wrong to say if i confine this definition only to things, today, we have given it a more universal appeal and added humans as well to it. We have stopped realizing the worthiness of people and stopped valuing them. We value machines / inanimate objects over humans. For e.g. if you buy a car, you will take extra care of the machine and see to it that there is no scratch or damage or choked carburetor in it. And soon you will realise that your life is more of the materialistic life quantified only in terms of riches. And very soon, you’ll start valuing machines more than you value yourself or anyone else.
Valuing lifeless objects is no good if done by overlooking (neglecting) humans. Value a person not by his wealth (materialistic possessions) but by his virtues.
Start valuing people over money, money is short –lived, we may have it today but tomorrow it’s gone but people, they stay with you not only in good but in your bad times as well.
If you do not respect humans today, you may lose respect tomorrow. I’ve seen people who overlook others and give undue importance to unnecessary things. Your materialistic possessions look good with you today but they may not last forever and so is the respect you gained from them. The only thing that’ll stay forever is how good you were with others and how much you valued them. Start treating humans as humans and not animals.
“Try not to become a man of success but a man of value”
The real worth of a person is realized by good deeds he does, not by the number of years he lived. That’s why people like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa have become immortals. People remember them because of their work and what they did for humanity. They always led a minimalist life and valued humans above anything else. They were like the trees who only knew how to give without any expectations. How many of us believe that we live life of a tree who only knows how to give love, respect and value to others without demanding anything back from them?
Be the tree that gives shelter to all by burning itself in the sun and acts as an umbrella during heavy rains, gives wood to people to construct houses and food for their survival, without expecting anything in return.
God gives value to all because we all are his children. He never compares one child with another or makes anyone without any worth. Every life on earth has some existence for the worth associated with it. It is just that we do not realise it, as a result, others stop giving respect. God has given brains to all, if you put your mind, you can be success in almost everything.
Value yourself and value others. If you have no value for yourself today, none will value you or your words tomorrow. Your opinion will just not matter.
“It is not good for all our wishes to be filled; through sickness we recognize the value of health; through evil, the value of good; through hunger, the value of food; through exertion, the value of rest”

Thursday, February 28

'My Cousin Vinny' Movie Review

Google Images

My Cousin Vinny’ movie is a court room drama presented in an exceedingly comical way.

It’s a classic comedy directed by Jonathan Lynn, starring Joe Pesci, Fred Gwayne and Marisa Tomei in lead.


It’s a story about two friends who while travelling through rural Alabama are put on trial for a 
murder they don’t even know they committed and one of the accuser’s cousin (named Vinny), a self proclaimed lawyer, who knows nothing about court cases and law, comes to their rescue.

Vinny has never experienced a trial before and somehow managed to clear his law degree in six attempts in six years. He knows the situation at hand is worse than he contemplated but he plays Mr. Cool in charge of the situation making all the wrong moves that’ll surely declare the friends guilty of the crime. Amidst all this chaos, he assures them with his preposterously funny and false hopes that he’s going to save their arses. And that’s when things go helter skelter.


‘My Cousin Vinny’ is a perfect movie for belly laugh. If it’s been a while and you haven’t seen a good comedy, I recommend you to go for ‘My Cousin Vinny’. Surely, this movie won’t disappoint you. This movie is a total fun ride and a must watch.

Watch the trailer here:


Joe Pesci plays the classic role of Vincent (Vinny) Gambini exceptionally well. He does a ludicrous act, especially his court-room antics.

Marisa Tomie (Mona Lisa Vito – character name she played in the movie) won the Best Supporting Actress award for this flick in 1993.

This was Fred Gwayne’s last movie.


The movie was a runaway hit and received appreciation not only from the critics but lawyers as well. 

Jolly LLB:

Arshad Warsi seems like doing a similar court room drama in upcoming Bollywood film Jolly LLB where he portrays the character of Vincent Gambini trying to save his cousin’s life in a rather amusing way. I hope Jolly LLB is something new and original and not a desi version of the classic ‘My Cousin Vinny’.

Watch the trailer of Jolly LLB here:

Monday, February 25

Albert Einstein - A Legend

Albert Einstein while working as an associate professor in the University of Zurich got no more than 4500 francs a year as salary. This salary was not enough to meet his family’s daily needs. So, once he was asked what he has to say about his package considering the high cost of living in Switzerland.

He smiled and said “I am trying to put a clock in every space but I cannot afford to put a clock in my room”.

Albert Einstein never worried about how much money he had or got from office. He was not behind fortune.
His way of thinking and approach was different from the sane humanity. He had no time to discuss about the daily chores of life. It was his wife Mileva, who supported him financially.
Google Images

He was a reneged German, a Swiss by choice and Jew who did not believe in god.

He only focused on ways to explore The Universe and give it a new definition through physics. Physics was his first love, a world to him.

He was the man who made us see the world!

Friday, February 22

Child Rapists Hanged In Iran & India Calls Them Juvenile

It’s been more than a month now when Jyoti Singh Pandey (Nirbhaya) left this cruel world to reach better heavens and her family even today is fighting for the real justice, hoping against the hope to bring peace for their child’s soul. And this is not just the case of one Jyoti but many other rape victims in India who were punished for else’s illicit acts.

A pretty long time it has been and still no vital efforts are made to nail the offenders and give them a mearstone punishment, a lesson for all in the society.

Meanwhile, in Iran, the government has come out with a rule to hang all those people (even if they are juvenile delinquents/children) who are involved in murder, rape or trafficking.

Checkout this pic here for a post published in South African Newspaper. [Source: a forward mail]

A Forward Mail

I wonder when such rules will be put in action in our country to stop such wrongdoings. Even if such rules are made, our system is not rigid enough to keep them concrete.

The more corrupt the state, more are the laws made. How easy it has become in India today to commit a crime and abscond. If you are caught, money will make new rules to bend the previous ones. Else, you get all the limelight for a month or so with things just going back to normal while the innocent either reaches the gallows or his/her voice is forcibly put down.

Women in our country have cried their heart out but their cries seem to fall only on deaf ears that are busy protecting their political parties. None wants to take responsibility and put their hands in this filth. Such a sad state of our country today!

Thursday, February 7

Vishwaroop Movie Review : 5 Reasons To Watch Vishwaroop

Vishwaroop : Google Images

Vishwaroop is a master-piece from the protagonist, Kamal Hassan, the Director, Producer and the Actor in the movie. ShekharKapur (of Elizabeth and Mr. India fame) and Rahul Bose (of Mr & Mrs. Iyer) are seen onscreen after a real long time.

It’s an enthralling thriller that talks about terrorism and how deep its roots are not only in Afghanistan but also in US and a man’s mission to eradicate evil by being evil.

Vishwaroop, the word itself stands for different personalities of same person who stand to fight against terror in every possible way.

Reasons to watch Vishwaroop:

1.       For Kamal Hassan:

How metaphoric the word “Experimenter” is with Kamal Hassan! He’s a one man army with an amazing ability to show his creativity and talent in a unique, never-attempted-before style.

Talk about serious, action or comedy scenes, none can replace the kind of excellence Kamal Hassan has in each one of them. He’s nothing but the Best in every genre and none can replace his class.

His portrayal of the feminist character in first half is worth appreciating.

He ignores his age when it comes to performing stunts. Most of the stunts he has performed himself without any body doubles.

2.       Music:

Shankar-Ehsan-Loy has done a marvellous job giving a perfect background score to Vishwaroop. Javed Akhtar’s lyrics (with Kamal Hassan singing the first song ‘Radha’) concords with SEL’s music, gives it a perfect blend.

Most of the background score is inspired from Sami Yusuf’s music. You can check out this song Supplication (from the album Mu’allim) by Sami Yusuf which was released in the year 2003-2004 and now used in Vishwaroop.

Checkout Supplication Video here:

3.       Sets & Shots:

Entire shooting is done in US and Canada. Afghanistan known for its flagitious blood bath where the bullets speak and the word ‘peace’ is only spoken in prayers and schools, the same Afghan region setup was created in Chennai.

He has used US marines, fire fighters, M16s and AK-47s to maintain the originality, the authenticity of the things.

The car chase scene shot in America gives an adrenaline rush to the viewers.

Some of the scenes are given a 360 degrees rotation, something very unusual and uncommon in Indian Cinema, which makes the movie switch between flashback and present time.

4.       Rahul Bose' Acting:

The only actor to give a good competition to Kamal Hassan in this movie is Rahul Bose. Rahul Bose is very peculiar about the kind of roles he does, the main reason for his absence from film industry.

The character played by Rahul Bose has come out so natural that it’ll definitely raise eyebrows of film makers throughout the world. With this flick, Rahul Bose has once again punched a name for himself.

Kamal Hassan has made the right choice by choosing Rahul Bose for villain’s role. Bose has once again proven his mettle by doing such an extraordinary role with elegance and flair.

5.       A panache Movie, Story:
An amazing story with an awesome star cast and plot that keeps you holding the edge of your seat for 3 hours. Kamal Hassan’s concept to create an unusual story on terrorism subject with unparallel presentation technique is worth applauding.

The way some of the action scenes are shot may give Hollywood directors a run for their money.
Vishwaroop is one of its kinds that stand out from the rest.

The movie also has a second part inline.


Kamal Hassan has raised the bar with Vishwaroop. It was a mission impossible which Kamal made it possible.

Sad, a man who’s trying to take Indian cinema to next level is let down by his own people and by the government. It is believed that the movie is anti-Muslim but there is not even an iota percent of disrespect to Muslim sentiments. Anyone who should really feel offended should be George W. Bush for letting terrorists use his posters for target practice in Afghanistan.

The movie is released in 3 versions, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

If you haven’t watched the movie till now and reading this, I recommend this movie. It’s an experience worth sharing. It’s always a treat to watch Kamal onscreen in a new avatar.

In the end, I believe,

“What Quentin Tarantino is to Hollywood, Farhan Akhtar is to Bollywood,
What Tom Hanks is to Bollywood, Aamir Khan is to Bollywood,
What Christian Beil is to Hollywood, Hrithik Roshan is to Bollywood,
What Christopher Nolan is to Hollywood, Kamal Hassan is to Bollywood”

Watch Vishwaroop Trailer here:

Saturday, February 2

A Night To Remember

Did you put the alarm?” I inquired before going to bed.

Yes, I did for morning 6” she replied.

She switched of the lights and off we were to a good night sleep.

Soon, the entire house was laid to silence except the night creepers, mosquitoes and the insects buzzing around.

We both were so tired from our day’s job that as soon as we hit the bed, we dozed off immediately.

It would have been just another night if the mobile alarm had not gone off unexpectedly. Awake and disturbed, I asked her to check the time but first kill the annoying alarm. She stumbled to the desk where the mobile was and said in a guttural undertone, “it’s 6 in the morning”.

How can it be possible? I never felt like sleeping for eight hours. Eight hour sleep seemed like minutes sleep to me. Time seemed to run faster than a bullet fired from a gun. Maybe, I slept for 8 hours and wanted more sleep out of tiredness. Transfixed, I kept looking at one corner of the bed trying to find answer to this puzzle.

So we were up, awake now at 6:10 and she put up the kettle on the flame while I was brushing.

The only wall clock that we had holding one of the walls of the house was broken. We never bothered to get it repaired. The clock was more of an antique piece put on display than a time telling machine. She never wanted it down as it was one of the gifts we received on our marriage reception which reminded her of the marriage days.

Twenty minutes of exercise, yoga followed by the daily chores to start our day. It was 7 now and we both were ready to go to work. She looked through the window that opened to the road but the darkness prevailed all around. Everything was pitch black and dark.

She inquired, “What’s happening? Why is it so dark even at 7?

May be its Doomsday today? Why is there no sun out today?” I panicked.

The window which opened to the road once was now welcoming unwanted cricket sounds from the darkness. I checked my wrist watch and it read half past two. “Damn, this watch’s dead now. Is it really happening? Is it true that the world will come to a standstill on doomsday  .. i mean today?  ...Whatever, now I need to get a new battery for this piece of crap”.

I took out my mobile and checked the time again. It was half past 2 on mobile as well. There was lot of confusion now in the room. One thing was for sure that there was nothing wrong with the wrist watch as it showed the same time as on my mobile. It was her mobile that created the confusion.

The time actually was two hours past midnight. I asked her to check time on her mobile once again and it still read 7:15. How’s that possible? A little investigation and it turned out that the time on her mobile was set wrongly. But she never changed it then how could it be set wrong. Soon I had the answer when she said that last night her phone fell on the floor, as a result, the time must have changed when the mobile was restarted.

And that’s how the mystery of doomsday was solved. Thank god i saw the time on my wrist watch, else we would have end up sitting in office at 3 in night. But, now we dozed off once again to a good night sleep.

Strange but true, I did my exercise, yoga and had breakfast in the middle of the night. All freshen up, relaxed, we both slept peacefully like a pig.

It's a true story, I hope you enjoyed reading this !

Thursday, January 17


1.    Deprive somebody of something by deceit
2.    Defeat someone in an expectation through trickery or deceit
3.    Engage in deceitful behaviour; practice trickery or fraud

“I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating”

Why should you cheat?
I asked this same question from a class of tenth grade students busy copying answers from other students’ answer sheets.

‘In order to score good marks in class’ all of them said unanimously.

But, don’t you think scoring marks by cheating will actually make you learn nothing. In fact, it’s just another way of saying, ‘I fear accepting challenges’. Every test is a litmus test to show your strength and calibre. Do not let cheating cheat you of your strength.


If you believe in yourself and know your worth, you’ll accept every challenge and face every obstacle that comes your way honestly and with pride.
It’s the confidence, the belief in oneself that makes you keep going. If you lose this confidence today, you will always accept the easier way of cheating. The marks you score or the success you make may look good temporarily but remember it doesn’t last forever if achieved through wrong means.

We always think, nobody is watching and none will ever come to know about it except god, but we completely forget that there’s one person (other than god) who knows that we cheated. It’s none other than you yourself. You will not only lose respect in your own eyes but will propagate the same to your coming generations and this vicious spiral circle will keep getting bigger and bigger.
An honest person understands the value of hard earned money and will do his best to safeguard his wealth. But a dishonest person will always practice tricks, frauds over hardworking, honest people by deceiving them from their money and trust. My dad always says if you try and make something that never belonged to you as yours, you may end up losing double the value some way or the other.

How can we say something ours when we know from our core that it never belonged to us and we never made any effort to earn it honestly? How can we take someone’s wealth or idea and put our name on it and say it as ours? Only a coward person, who do not believe in himself and has a constant fear of losing his / her identity, will commit such an act. An honest person has nothing to hide. He accepts failure as a new learning and with pride. Remember, failures make you strong. Defeating others using wrong means, will actually make you a loser in your own eyes. Gaining trust, respect is hard but losing them doesn’t take much efforts.
Learn to respect hard work and hard earned money. Believe in yourself than believing in the act of deception. Cheating does no good to anyone. Cheating prevents growth. Accept failure with pride than accepting success by fraud.

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try”

Wednesday, January 9

It Is Torn!

Roughness of the skin and wrinkles on face,

It seems as if someone,

Lost the winning race!

Oldest in the house who witnessed new lives,

Is left alone in the pool of darkness,

Waiting for life’s last ride!

A thing of admire in its heydays (The good old days of life),

Soon receded into background, left blanch,

Like broken pieces of game, rife!

Gone are the times, the deeds!

The seeds once sown,

Is a weed Today,

Counting the last few breaths,

Before IT is torn!

P.S : This is my another attempt to write something meaningful (a poem). I hope i do not mock myself.

Have A Nice Day!
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