Wednesday, December 19

Road To Perdition

The other day, while I was driving back home, my wife caught hold of something. The free turn on the left was choked with un-moving traffic. I tried to get closer to the sight but the gap between vehicles was just not wide enough to let my bike pass through.

Not only were we baffled but also clueless to figure out the reason for this road block. Out of nowhere, in the middle of the day, the crowd gathered around this place immediately.

My first thoughts, it must have been an accident but there were no ambulances or doctors or first-aid. There wasn't any damaged vehicle to be seen in vicinity and the preceding traffic wasn't even moving. It was hard to figure out the reason for this sudden obstruction.

Suddenly my eyes caught hold of traffic police buzzing around the spot which was enough to comprehend that something serious has stuck at this hour of the day. Was it an accident or was it something else?

I tried to dismount from the bike but the immediate traffic wasn't very supportive. They kept honking. I just stood there and waited for the traffic to recede.

One closer look, I saw a boy in his late 20's lying with his face down inside a depression (a small trench) on the road. Was he hit by a speeding vehicle? But there was no blood on the ground. Why were people not helping him? On observing more closely, I figured out the boy was suffering from fits (sudden flurry of body trembling for no obvious reason). His body was shaking and there were none to help. The traffic police and the onlookers watched the boy in pain as if some show was going on. None came forward to offer help (including me). The guy standing close gave an impression i-ain’t-putting-hands-in-this-filth’.

I knew this wasn't me. I shouted if someone can give him water to drink but none paid heed to my words. I so very much wanted to help but I kept standing there and could not do anything. I felt ashamed of myself.

After a while, his body stopped trembling and a few good men picked him up to make way for the traffic. I slowly moved my vehicle from there and got back home. Pondering over the situation, I felt sorry for the kid and embarrassed for the fact that I stood there numb and waited for some superhero to come and rescue the kid.

How true it is? We watch so many superhero movies and try to follow in their footsteps to save the world. But this is far away from reality? Instead of helping, we try to run away from the situation. We have this constant fear of falling prey to the situation. We may deny but we shut our eyes when something wrong strikes.

Well, this incident left me with so many questions unanswered.

Before I close this post, I tried contemplating if the same situation had occurred in some foreign land, how people would have reacted. Someone from the public must have called the ambulance or 911. Someone must have immediately come forward to give water and first-aid to the person in question and others would have cleared way for the traffic to avoid jamming.

Anyways, i hope that the boy is doing well now and have recovered from this incident.

In another incident in Delhi a girl was raped in a moving bus and nobody did anything to stop it. You can read about the incident here.

P.S: This post is not written with any intention to hurt anyone’s feelings. Please do not take this post in offensive way. Thank you!


  1. why have we become so indifferent to other human beings other than our own?

    1. i am not sure ma'am but i guess we have become so selfish that we only focus on our blood relations and forget about others .. and sad to day but true, when it is with respect to money, we even forget our blood relations as well :-(

  2. I wish there was 911 like facility in India. things would have been s much more easy. I know things are always easier said than done....I wish the girl return to health and live a life where she can put this all behind her! (my tribute to him who chose to stand for something!)

    1. and sadly the brave girl gave up her life to reach the gates of heaven !

      apologies for not visiting your blog lately .. hopping over to read your post..


  3. Well, we are raised to be mere spectators, if someone does something extraordinary, people raise eye-brows. We live with a sense of fear and question ourselves too much. Hence, we exist and not live.

    I hope we are more in action...

    1. very well said, we exist and not live !

      Don't you think this fear is made to germinate within us since our childhood by the society, parents and other forces and later we reciprocate the same to coming generations?

  4. Maybe people didn't know what to do? Maybe people want to get going for some urgent assignment? Maybe people couldn't get down from their vehicles, due to the traffic? Even if one calls an ambulance, think about how late the ambulance would have arrived - It too needs to face the traffic.

    Whenever I had a minor accident on the road, people have stopped their bikes and came to help me. They go only after they know that I can carry on by myself. Even the auto drivers of that area come to help, during such situations. They can take anyone to a hospital faster than ambulance coming and going.

    If the above mentioned incident was serious enough, (at least some) members of the public, anywhere in India would have come for help. Not only in India, but anywhere else in the world, too. That's basic human nature and it cannot be changed by living in a particular country.

    Destination Infinity

    1. i agree with you but Rajesh Sir, don't you think when we see something wrong happening in public, we just stare, a mere spectator and don't even dare to go ahead and make wrong right.

  5. YEs u r right if it was here in uk SOMEONE would have called the ambulance , given first aid or just sat with the person holidng his hand .. 100% irrespective of color creed and race ..

    You are fine rahul paaji, its just one of those things , If I was living in india i probably would have done the same .. I am saying because I am here in UK and I have seen it


    1. yes, those immediate facilities are still not available in our country ..

      and people they go complete numb (including me) and instead of helping either talk or blame others for not coming forward :-(


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