Sunday, December 2

Inspirational Quotes - Mr. Schuester

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In my Maths class today, one of the students was in no mood to pay attention to the new topic being taught. It seemed as if he was going through an internal battle with himself. He wanted to mend things for the wrongs he did in recent past and resolve the mental chaos inside. But he couldn't.

On asking the reason, he hesitatingly said that he scored less than 50% marks in his internal semester Maths exam for Class XI.

It was a punch in the heart for me. I was more disappointed than shocked because of the efforts I’d put in past few months. I asked him the reason for this failure, maybe it was my teaching methods or maybe the subject Maths was proving to be too Hellenic for him.

He immediately came up with a reply. There was nothing wrong in the way of teaching nor with the amount of practice we did in last couple of months in understanding the concepts and having clarity. It was basically the time management he sucked at and the unending silly-mistakes he did.

I told him when i was young even i had no prior learning on how to avoid silly-mistakes or how to manage exam time effectively. Nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes, some find it difficult to accept and some move on considering it a new learning. So learn from your mistake to achieve perfection. The more you practice, the lesser the chance of making mistakes. Race against time to improve efficiency!

i told him there is no one straight solution to this problem. But, one must not lose focus and practice hard to taste success again.

I can only guide him, be there with him as a teacher as a friend but he need to find answers on his own.

Life itself is a learning. We learn every moment in life. We make mistakes then only we learn. Nobody is perfect in this world. So if you really want to mend your past, start working on it today.


  1. The quote is excellent. The young mind is naturally inquisitive. If teachers can guide them and inspire them in the right direction (instead of forcing them), they can do wonders!

    Destination Infinity

    1. exactly !

      teachers are just medium or guide to show the right direction .. rest, student has to take the journey by themselves !


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