Monday, December 31

2012 In A Glance

2012 will go down as a year of surprises, a year worth remembering for the ups and downs I had, for the decisions I took, well, most of them correct not sure about the rest! Definitely a landmark year, a year to relish from here to eternity!

This post is a review of how I did in 2012, my shortfalls, my weaknesses, things that perished once and for all and then my successes and lessons learnt in this journey of LIFE.

This’ll be my last post for this year, let me list down all the good things first and then talk about the defeats!


1.       Established Mind Hunters:

I and my wife Savita started a Software Testing Training Institute in Pune. We did fairly well in this debut year and now look forward for bigger challenges and greater responsibilities in 2013. So Guys, if you are reading this, wish us LUCK!

Visit our page here:

2.       A Non-Alcoholic:

I gave up drinking alcohol completely. Now when I say ‘I gave up’ I mean not-even-seeing-it, forget about the fragrance. There’s no secret as to how I did it, just that, I avoided it completely.

3.       Regular Running:

June 2013 I’ll complete 2 years for running regularly. Although there were few hiccups but not strong enough to stop me from running. I always knew when to get back on track. I remembered just one thing, never give up!

4.       Blogging:

I took to regular blogging. Initial years, I forced myself to write but not anymore. Now, I enjoy writing, interacting with bloggers and putting my views forward. I received few (few has a new meaning now, i.e. 2) blogger awards this year. The blog traffic increased exponentially, the hit meter kept ticking with every tick good enough to being a mile long smile on my face.

My other blog abcofaix is doing pretty well too!!!

5.       Started Teaching:

I gave up my IT job and underwent career transition to full time teaching. I’ve been teaching my favourite subject Maths to students from class VIII to Class XII in Pune and I hope to do the same in coming years as well.

6.       A Minimalist in making:

I abstained myself from luxuries of life. I stopped spending unnecessarily. I gave up buying unwanted stuff. I sold my television last year (and joined the “say-no-to-television” club) to spend more time in books. I started walking whenever it was possible. I am trying to learn the easy way of simple and mindful living.

Well, this is it. Those were my learning’s from 2012 and now let me list down few nightmares which I wish to eliminate, annihilate completely in coming year!

Let’s Count a few DOWNS:

1.       A Lost world:

I lost touch with my friends. Books were my only friends. I ignored my mobile completely.

I am the architect of my own lost world. My facebook account gave up on me a number of times in order to bridge the gap between me and my friends.

Anyways, this 2013, I have decided to call my friends, say SORRY and revive the old buddy relation I had with them. I hope they are reading this!

2.       Bearish blog:

My blog lately witnessed a decline in stats and viewership. The upward curve that was throughout the year has slowly changed the direction. May be, it is because of my actively ignoring the ‘Quid-Pro-Quo’ rule or maybe it’s the content I’ve been publishing lately (sad, I don’t even know where to retrospect?).

3.       Heavy fines and financial strains:

Without getting into details just want to say, taking few things for granted and procrastination was way too painful on my wallet. In this one year, I’ve put myself in lot of financial burden. I hope to put all this behind me in coming year.

4.       Fear of Losing:

Since the day of giving up my ridiculous job and starting my own business, I have developed a constant fear of losing out on things but hoping one day this fear will just be another thing of ridicule as I look back in the past.

With all that I say a final goodbye to 2012 and wish you all reading this page and otherwise, a Very Happy New Year with lots of happiness and blessings showered throughout the year on you and your families. God bless you all.

I’ll see you next year.

Have a happy 2013.



  1. Hey rahul good to know that u r doing well and you started your own Business too....and yes I do follow up ur blog regularly and keep its stats up :D

    1. thank you Mona.. how are you doing? where are you these days?

      long time no see...and hey thanks for following my blog from such a long time :-)

  2. RAHUL paaji, Ups and downs.. Not a problem the downs are because their are ups.. and ups are because there are downs..

    Happy new year to you and family and everyone around you :)

    May all ur dreams come true in the new year and here's wishing you dream plenty more dreams tooo


    1. yes veer ji, i learnt one thing , downs makes you grow stronger and gives you a lesson how not to do the same thing again ..

      new year wishes to you and entire family in india and in london !

      thanks for the lovely wishes once again veer ji..

      keep well

  3. Wishing you a very happy new year 2013. I won't say prosperous, because happiness is all that matters in life!

    I applaud your 'no-alcohol' and 'no-TV' policies. I am also following both for many years.

    Don't worry too much about business/career. It will get set when it has too. Turbulent times offer the best opportunity to learn and grow.

    I am also enjoying my blogging. Of late, my posting frequency has increased! When you feel like commenting, feel free to just read the latest post and comment. Trying to catch up with all the unread posts (at my current frequency) might be difficult. Also, if you comment on the latest post, other bloggers will also interact with you more. Do consider.

    Destination Infinity

    1. thanks Rajesh Sir for the valuable tips and lovely wishes ..

      wish you and all at home a very happy new year ..

      yes i could see that the frequency of your posts lately has increased and i although trailing but son catching up with all the missed posts ..

  4. Rahul, I admire you for giving up your job and doing what you actually like. Agree there are the downs, but at the end of the day, you do what YOU like. I dont have the guts to do anything like that, honestly!
    About low view count on your blog, seriously dont let that get you. You write awesome stuff, and what's better is you enjoy writing them and its not a forced habit! Kudos to that. Readers will always come back. You know, there could be some lazy ones like me, but I came back :-)

    Happy new year to Savita and you, and all the best wishes for your joint venture!

    1. thank you Jenny ..

      yes you've been a regular reader of my posts .. thanks once again ..

      happy new year wishes to you and all in the family .. have a great year ahead !

  5. ups and downs are always a part of vibrant life..

    I cant live without TV:) and books are integral part of my life.

    wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year!

    1. i can't live with TV in my home .. hehe

      my dad always force me to buy a tv set but i always come up some reason to postpone the thing..hehehe

      happy new year to you and all in the family Renu ma'am ..thanks

  6. best of luck with your venture and have a great year ahead!!

    1. thank you Deb .. new year wishes to you as well..

  7. Happy New Year
    Good luck for business and teaching and congrats for saying bye bye to drinks

    1. thank you sm .. wish you a very happy and prosperous new year ahead ..

  8. thanks I posted article regarding Aadhaar card lost below is the link

  9. Hi Rahul!
    I am Divenita Er from MotaBlogs :)
    Good to read this.
    Liked this: I abstained myself from luxuries of life. I stopped spending unnecessarily. I gave up buying unwanted stuff. I sold my television last year (and joined the “say-no-to-television” club) to spend more time in books. I started walking whenever it was possible. I am trying to learn the easy way of simple and mindful living.

    Best of luck to you and ma'am!

    1. hey Divenita,

      how are you? long time no see...

      how are you doing ..?

      thanks for dropping by and for the wishes ..

      wish you and all a very happy new year .. keep visiting!

  10. I really enjoyed reading it. It seems that you have started your 2nd journey in life. All the best.

    Just wanted to share 1things, sometimes i also feel to quit my IT job and join the teaching as it is really very stressful job but to satisfy the ego of some people who feel proud that I am working in IT in Hyderabad, i am here. Not only this, lack of another option and fear may also be the other causes.

    Also, i must say this post is very inspiring. Non- alcoholic, running, minimalist in making : all these things make me feel you are very close to yourself and spiritual person. I also want to do all this but procrastination you know never left the IT people.

    Keep writing dude. You write very well and simple and also people find it easy to connect with it.


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