Monday, December 31

2012 In A Glance

2012 will go down as a year of surprises, a year worth remembering for the ups and downs I had, for the decisions I took, well, most of them correct not sure about the rest! Definitely a landmark year, a year to relish from here to eternity!

This post is a review of how I did in 2012, my shortfalls, my weaknesses, things that perished once and for all and then my successes and lessons learnt in this journey of LIFE.

This’ll be my last post for this year, let me list down all the good things first and then talk about the defeats!


1.       Established Mind Hunters:

I and my wife Savita started a Software Testing Training Institute in Pune. We did fairly well in this debut year and now look forward for bigger challenges and greater responsibilities in 2013. So Guys, if you are reading this, wish us LUCK!

Visit our page here:

2.       A Non-Alcoholic:

I gave up drinking alcohol completely. Now when I say ‘I gave up’ I mean not-even-seeing-it, forget about the fragrance. There’s no secret as to how I did it, just that, I avoided it completely.

3.       Regular Running:

June 2013 I’ll complete 2 years for running regularly. Although there were few hiccups but not strong enough to stop me from running. I always knew when to get back on track. I remembered just one thing, never give up!

4.       Blogging:

I took to regular blogging. Initial years, I forced myself to write but not anymore. Now, I enjoy writing, interacting with bloggers and putting my views forward. I received few (few has a new meaning now, i.e. 2) blogger awards this year. The blog traffic increased exponentially, the hit meter kept ticking with every tick good enough to being a mile long smile on my face.

My other blog abcofaix is doing pretty well too!!!

5.       Started Teaching:

I gave up my IT job and underwent career transition to full time teaching. I’ve been teaching my favourite subject Maths to students from class VIII to Class XII in Pune and I hope to do the same in coming years as well.

6.       A Minimalist in making:

I abstained myself from luxuries of life. I stopped spending unnecessarily. I gave up buying unwanted stuff. I sold my television last year (and joined the “say-no-to-television” club) to spend more time in books. I started walking whenever it was possible. I am trying to learn the easy way of simple and mindful living.

Well, this is it. Those were my learning’s from 2012 and now let me list down few nightmares which I wish to eliminate, annihilate completely in coming year!

Let’s Count a few DOWNS:

1.       A Lost world:

I lost touch with my friends. Books were my only friends. I ignored my mobile completely.

I am the architect of my own lost world. My facebook account gave up on me a number of times in order to bridge the gap between me and my friends.

Anyways, this 2013, I have decided to call my friends, say SORRY and revive the old buddy relation I had with them. I hope they are reading this!

2.       Bearish blog:

My blog lately witnessed a decline in stats and viewership. The upward curve that was throughout the year has slowly changed the direction. May be, it is because of my actively ignoring the ‘Quid-Pro-Quo’ rule or maybe it’s the content I’ve been publishing lately (sad, I don’t even know where to retrospect?).

3.       Heavy fines and financial strains:

Without getting into details just want to say, taking few things for granted and procrastination was way too painful on my wallet. In this one year, I’ve put myself in lot of financial burden. I hope to put all this behind me in coming year.

4.       Fear of Losing:

Since the day of giving up my ridiculous job and starting my own business, I have developed a constant fear of losing out on things but hoping one day this fear will just be another thing of ridicule as I look back in the past.

With all that I say a final goodbye to 2012 and wish you all reading this page and otherwise, a Very Happy New Year with lots of happiness and blessings showered throughout the year on you and your families. God bless you all.

I’ll see you next year.

Have a happy 2013.


Monday, December 24

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar : Finally The God Steps Down ...

23rd Dec 2012 is the day recorded in history of Cricket as the day when god stepped down.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar finally announced his retirement from ODI segment of the game.

They say him ‘The little Master’, Tendlya or ‘The Master Blaster’ but we call him ‘THE GOD' with different names’.

Courtesy : Facebook

A 14 year old boy took the world by storm in his debut match against Pakistan in 1987. Nobody then knew this young boy will be the DON of Cricket in years to come. There was no looking back for him. He not only made new records and surpassed the older ones; there was none other like him who happened to cheer the world for such a long time.

Courtesy : Facebook

Blessed and loved by all, the God (the Immortal) loved his fellowmen in and around the world.

This post is an inscription dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar for all the good memories he gave and affected our lives truly, deeply, madly.

Thank you once again God, for the wonderful time we had and for million smiles' you gave to this world!. 

Courtesy : Facebook

 He was the prayer of millions, he was the hope of the lost, he was THE DEMIGOD.

Courtesy : Facebook

Here are some of the famous quotes said by eminent personalities all around the world:

(Source: A forwarded Mail)

 To all those who idolize the genius named “SACHIN TENDULKAR”!!!
@Hashim Amla

"To Sachin, the man we all want to be"

@What Andrew Symonds wrote on an aussie t-shirt he autographed specially for Sachin Tendulkar

Courtesy : Facebook

 Beneath the helmet, under that unruly curly hair, inside the cranium, there is something we don't know, something beyond scientific measure. Something that allows him to soar, to roam a territory of sport that, forget us, even those who are gifted enough to play alongside him cannot even fathom. When he goes out to bat, people switch on their TV sets and switch off their lives "
@ BBC on Sachin

Sachin is a genius. I'm a mere mortal.

@Brian Charles Lara

Courtesy : Facebook

"We did not lose to a team called India...we lost to a man called Sachin" -
@ Mark Taylor, during the test match in Chennai (1997)

Courtesy : Facebook

"The more I see of him the more confused I'm getting to which is his best

@ McGrath

"The joy he brings to the millions of his countrymen, the grace with which
he handles all the adulation and the expectations and his innate humility -
all make for a one-in-a-billion individual,"
@ Wife Anjali



Que: Who do you think as most important celebrity ?
Shahrukh: There was a big party where stars from bollywood and cricket were invited. Suddenly, there was a big noise, all wanted to see approaching Amitabh Bachhan. Then Sachin entered the hall and Amitabh was leading the queue to get a grab of the GENIUS!!
@ Shahrukh quoting Shahrukh from an interview

Courtesy : Facebook
India me aap PrimeMinister ko ek Baar Katghare me khada kar sakte hain..Par
Sachin Tendulkar par Ungli nahi utha Sakte..
@Navjot Singh Sidhu

He can play that leg glance with a walking stick also .
@waqar younis

SACHIN ' that quiet defines Sachin-The greatest.

Sachin Tendulkar has often reminded me of a veteran army colonel who has
many medals on his chest to show how he has conquered bowlers all over the
@Allan Donald

On a train from Shimla to Delhi, there was a halt in one of the stations. The train stopped by for few minutes as usual. Sachin was nearing century, batting on 98. The passengers, railway officials, everyone on the train waited for Sachin to complete the century. This Genius can stop time in India!!
@Peter Rebouck - aussie journalist

There are 2 kind of batsmen in the world. One Sachin Tendulkar. Two all the others.
@Andy Flower

“Cricket is my religion and Tendulkar is my God”.

Wednesday, December 19

Road To Perdition

The other day, while I was driving back home, my wife caught hold of something. The free turn on the left was choked with un-moving traffic. I tried to get closer to the sight but the gap between vehicles was just not wide enough to let my bike pass through.

Not only were we baffled but also clueless to figure out the reason for this road block. Out of nowhere, in the middle of the day, the crowd gathered around this place immediately.

My first thoughts, it must have been an accident but there were no ambulances or doctors or first-aid. There wasn't any damaged vehicle to be seen in vicinity and the preceding traffic wasn't even moving. It was hard to figure out the reason for this sudden obstruction.

Suddenly my eyes caught hold of traffic police buzzing around the spot which was enough to comprehend that something serious has stuck at this hour of the day. Was it an accident or was it something else?

I tried to dismount from the bike but the immediate traffic wasn't very supportive. They kept honking. I just stood there and waited for the traffic to recede.

One closer look, I saw a boy in his late 20's lying with his face down inside a depression (a small trench) on the road. Was he hit by a speeding vehicle? But there was no blood on the ground. Why were people not helping him? On observing more closely, I figured out the boy was suffering from fits (sudden flurry of body trembling for no obvious reason). His body was shaking and there were none to help. The traffic police and the onlookers watched the boy in pain as if some show was going on. None came forward to offer help (including me). The guy standing close gave an impression i-ain’t-putting-hands-in-this-filth’.

I knew this wasn't me. I shouted if someone can give him water to drink but none paid heed to my words. I so very much wanted to help but I kept standing there and could not do anything. I felt ashamed of myself.

After a while, his body stopped trembling and a few good men picked him up to make way for the traffic. I slowly moved my vehicle from there and got back home. Pondering over the situation, I felt sorry for the kid and embarrassed for the fact that I stood there numb and waited for some superhero to come and rescue the kid.

How true it is? We watch so many superhero movies and try to follow in their footsteps to save the world. But this is far away from reality? Instead of helping, we try to run away from the situation. We have this constant fear of falling prey to the situation. We may deny but we shut our eyes when something wrong strikes.

Well, this incident left me with so many questions unanswered.

Before I close this post, I tried contemplating if the same situation had occurred in some foreign land, how people would have reacted. Someone from the public must have called the ambulance or 911. Someone must have immediately come forward to give water and first-aid to the person in question and others would have cleared way for the traffic to avoid jamming.

Anyways, i hope that the boy is doing well now and have recovered from this incident.

In another incident in Delhi a girl was raped in a moving bus and nobody did anything to stop it. You can read about the incident here.

P.S: This post is not written with any intention to hurt anyone’s feelings. Please do not take this post in offensive way. Thank you!

Sunday, December 9

Inspirational Quote - Never Give Up !!!

Courtesy : Facebook

“Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest”

How true it is!

No matter how tough the journey is, remember it’s just the start. Never give up, keep walking. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what counts is, you rise every time you fall. And soon you’ll find yourself taking the road to success after all the rough turns you had at start of the journey.

If you believe in yourself, never lose focus and keep trying.

Think of something you desire, you got to fight for it. Remember there’s no easy way out. Struggle is the need of the hour. Focus on the end result. The fight is not with anyone but oneself to prove that you can do it.

Have a Nice Day!

Wednesday, December 5


Smile, it costs nothing.

The more you smile, the happier you are. How true it sounds but in theory. We have forgotten how to smile. It has become a thing of past because we find it difficult to keep ourselves happy. The stress levels have sky rocketed. Now we need a reason to smile. There may not be a rational reason to be angry but we like seeing ourselves flush-red in face. It’s not necessary to have a cause, a reason to smile, smile for the good day, smile for the good food we eat and smile for the love we get from our family and for the healthy life.

Accept good with gratitude to god and bad without complaints. We complain all the time, think of all those less blessed, under privileged sons of god who do even get good clothes to wear or eat healthy food and yet they never complain. We are a lot better than them, so stop crying and start smiling. Remember, god never stops smiling on us. It’s just that we don’t see the bright side.

Happiness exists only if we are contented. If we are not satisfied with who we are or what we are doing, we may never feel joyous. Till that satisfaction is not there, life is not worth enjoying. Satisfaction and smile compliments each other and if we miss out on either one of them, we miss everything. And we see the world the way we are, angry, agitated and with a false mirth.

A young child always has a smile on face because he has no feelings of hatred or jealousy towards anyone. The idea of negativity or anger or frustration never took birth in his mind. His psyche is full of bliss and satisfaction. He lives in the moment and is contented with what he is doing, doesn't matter if it make sense or not. But as he grows, he learns from surroundings and slowly forgets to smile. He gets serious and less contented. He overlooks how to live in the moment. The moment when he’s in the present he starts thinking about the future with all the worries that engulf him, as a result, not only the present is ruined but he wastes a lot of time thinking about the wrong decisions he made in past. We worry about the future, we talk about the past but we forget about the present.

We must have self respect and feel good factor about our-self. If you have no respect for yourself, people will automatically stop valuing you or your words and eventually you will stop smiling.

Love yourself to love others. If you cannot love yourself, you can never share a smile with someone. A person without smile is nothing but a zombie. If we do not love our self we can never love others.  

So if you want to see the world smiling, make a habit, start smiling from today, smile for the good day god has given you, for the satisfaction you have in your work, for the people who care for you, soon, you will find out, smile cost nothing but it adds a lot of value not only in your life but in others as well.

Monday, December 3

Eggless Chocolate Cake

When we are out shopping, how many times it so happens that we end up buying chocolate cake for our family? Ever thought how easy it would be if you can prepare lip-smacking, scrumptious eggless chocolate cake at home in less than 30 minutes? Don’t believe it, you’ll believe after reading this post.

This Diwali I learnt how to make Eggless Chocolate Cake at home in 25-30 minutes without using microwave or an oven. if chocolate is your weakness and you are a person who looks for excuses to buy cake from market, continue reading this post for making eggless chocolate cake, the fun and easy way.

(served for 4)

1 cup milk

5 tablespoons sugar

1 Hide & Seek Biscuits Packet (100g)

1 Parle-G Biscuits Packet (100g)

1 tablespoon plain flour

1 tablespoon ghee (only for covering the container used for making cake)

1 sachet of Eno

50 gram chocolate chips or crushed dairy milk chocolate (optional)


1.       Add 1 packet each of Hide & Seek and Parle-G biscuit together in the mixer and grind them till you get the coarse form.

2.       Take a separate bowl and add milk (do not heat the milk) in it along with 5 tablespoon sugar and mix it well.

3.       Add the powdered biscuit in the milk container and mix it well.

4.       Add 3/4th Eno powder (any flavour) to this biscuit milk mixture and mix it again.

5.       Take another bowl (made from aluminium not steel) and apply 1 tablespoon of ghee on the bottom of the bowl.

6.   Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of plain flour on ghee covering it completely.

7.       Empty the contents of the biscuit milk mixture into the aluminium bowl.

8.       Add chocolate chips or crushed dairy-milk chocolate into this mixture.

9.       Take cooker and place a small steel plate at the bottom. Place the bowl on top of plate and cover the cooker with a lid. Do not put the whistle on the lid of the cooker.

10.       Bake (direct gas cooking) the cake initially at low flame for 15 minutes and then at high flame for 10-15 minutes.

11.   Flip the bowl on the serving plate and make sections with a knife.

12.   The cake is ready to be served.

Hope it was fun reading this recipe now try this in your kitchen and do tell me your experience through your comments.

Sunday, December 2

Inspirational Quotes - Mr. Schuester

Courtesy : Facebook

In my Maths class today, one of the students was in no mood to pay attention to the new topic being taught. It seemed as if he was going through an internal battle with himself. He wanted to mend things for the wrongs he did in recent past and resolve the mental chaos inside. But he couldn't.

On asking the reason, he hesitatingly said that he scored less than 50% marks in his internal semester Maths exam for Class XI.

It was a punch in the heart for me. I was more disappointed than shocked because of the efforts I’d put in past few months. I asked him the reason for this failure, maybe it was my teaching methods or maybe the subject Maths was proving to be too Hellenic for him.

He immediately came up with a reply. There was nothing wrong in the way of teaching nor with the amount of practice we did in last couple of months in understanding the concepts and having clarity. It was basically the time management he sucked at and the unending silly-mistakes he did.

I told him when i was young even i had no prior learning on how to avoid silly-mistakes or how to manage exam time effectively. Nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes, some find it difficult to accept and some move on considering it a new learning. So learn from your mistake to achieve perfection. The more you practice, the lesser the chance of making mistakes. Race against time to improve efficiency!

i told him there is no one straight solution to this problem. But, one must not lose focus and practice hard to taste success again.

I can only guide him, be there with him as a teacher as a friend but he need to find answers on his own.

Life itself is a learning. We learn every moment in life. We make mistakes then only we learn. Nobody is perfect in this world. So if you really want to mend your past, start working on it today.
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