Tuesday, November 27

It’s been a while (almost a month) since I published a post.

Anyways, how are you all doing? I hope life is treating you and your families well this festive season.

I had an amazing November this Diwali as I was back home with my parents in Chandigarh. Visiting one’s native place after a year is a celebration in itself. With Diwali around, it’s like cherry on the cake.

How was your Diwali? Hope you had great time with your loved ones around this festive month. Before I forget, here’s wishing you Belated Diwali Wishes.

I was off to Chandigarh and my inbox piled up with 300+ (and counting) blog post mails from different bloggers. Long way to go before my inbox count comes down to less than 10.

My apologies for losing touch as I was unable to connect to any of your wonderful blogs past one month.
Talking about Chandigarh, most of my days were spent lazing around. But now I am back in Pune and thanks to the little subscription thingy activated, I have all your posts archived in my mailbox. I’ll be going through each one of them as and when possible.

I may not be writing posts too frequently as I have developed a mental block as words just don’t seem to come out of my head so easily. Not sure when will I get rid of this mental constipation.

Anyways, you guys keep well and continue writing those wonderful posts.


Rahul Aggarwal


  1. good to see you back .. so whats the gossip about my beautiful city .. is it still the same as i left it i wonder


    1. city is still the same, beautiful as you left it .. the same feel, same environment, same feeling of being punjabi ... :D

      i everytime feel nostalgic as i leave the roads of punjab !

  2. Great that you are back! and wow Chandigarh :-) So how was Diwali then?

    1. Diwali was great .. never felt like coming back .. how was your diwali Jenny ?

  3. Good to know that you had a good time in your native place. Hope to see more blog posts from you...

    Destination Infinity

  4. You must have had a fantastic diwali/ diwali is best if celebrated with family..

    I was just wondering today..where have you gone and saw this post::)

    1. yes i had a nice time this Diwali at home ma'am...

      how was your diwali .. hope you had a nice time too with your loved ones !


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