Monday, October 22


It’s been a while since I last ran in a marathon or ran continuously for 60 minutes thanks to the so-called self-made-busy-life, I neglected my regular running routine completely.

So, I mentally prepared myself to burn few calories today and try and break my previous best record of running nonstop for 60 minutes (nearly 5.6 kms).


I started early today. I walked for about 10 minutes before I could get into the full swing of jogging. I was out there on road with determination and strong will packed minus my I-pod and wrist-watch. I believe when the watch is on, frequent time-check leads to unwanted stress and fear of breaking down or losing out the motivation power to keep going. So I ran clutch free, all pumped up and focused.

Initially, I’d set myself small targets of running / jogging continuously for 1.4 kms completing one giant round and coming back to the same place where I started. The idea was to not to lose focus by setting up inconceivable goals. As i hit the finishing line, i was filled with new vigor to beat my previous run in a better way. So i continued running.

I ran and ran and ran. I completed 5 rounds without even stopping once covering 7 kms in 65 minutes.

Though, I was tired after the 4th round but this exhaustion was a state of mind not body. I knew i can overcome the fear of giving up by reminding myself to keep moving. Amidst the adrenaline rush, I kept myself motivated with one liner’s like stretch-your limits and I-can-do-it. At times I almost gave up but every second i refilled my weekend will with the feeling of how it feels to be on the other side of the finishing line.

I realized one important fact today that it’s the mind that controls our senses, our will to proceed or not. It’s the mind that plays the game and controls our movements. And most of the time our mind forces us to avoid hard-work and take a detour en-route relaxation.

I was so relaxed for the whole day that this feeling was beyond explanation. It feels good to be active and fresh after such a run. Now i have decided to run 3 times a week setting up small targets for myself.

Important Tip:

Always keep saying I-can-do-it rather than counting the fears of losing the game. Keep yourself focused and never take your eyes off from the target. Do not worry about the failure as every failure gives us a new learning to try the same thing in a different way. Be very positive in your thoughts and do not let any wrong notions sink into your mind.

Run for a healthy living,

Run for your lungs,

Run for your life,

Have a cause, Run for a Cause!

Volunteer yourself to running and celebrate life.

Take Care!


  1. I think I need to set similar targets for walking. I do try to walk daily, but I walk for a short time. I will increase it, thanks to your inspiration :)

    Destination Infinity

    1. as they say , everything will go away one day except your health .. only if you take care of it now...

      if you can't jog, walk and make sure that you walk daily...

      no matter how much fuel one add to the car, it won't improve in efficiency and performance till you take it out for a drive !

  2. That is just excellent! Which area in Pune are you running?

    1. thanks!

      you know about Mahatma Society in kothrud, very close to Paud road towards tekkdi...that side...

      how about you..have you been running/walking lately...?

  3. You are the man.. oh boy the thrill of early morning runs.. I love them..
    Running Is a vert good exercise ..

    1. Veer ji , loving part is Okay .. tell me you are also doing it regularly, aren't you? :P

  4. Have a cause Run for a Cause
    Yes mind tries to avoid hard work
    nice post

    1. thanks SM .. how about you .. how much did you run today .. ?

  5. Its always mind over matter..we do the walking, but aseverybody says about feeling relaxed after excercise, I have nevr felt that way..dont know why?

    1. ma'm .. don't go with the mindset what others feel .. develop your own thinking do you feel after exercise ...

      and something which you do not enjoy doing you must stop doing that immediately .. never force yourself just because others say or what your heart say.. or change the way you've been doing it till date...

      if you can't jog or exercise, start walking..change after few days..change either the path or change your style of walking...start brisk walking...have a company !

      walk and you'll be very relaxed...walk for atleast 30 minutes daily...

      practice yoga if possible...only if makes you relax..else drop the idea...

      what do you think?


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