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Makkhi Movie Review

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Many a times we find ourselves in a situation when a fly out of nowhere buzz around us and disturbs our peace of mind. The only immediate solution is either to stalk and kill it or chase it away.

Now imagine a situation where a droning fly aims to buzz in your ears till you die. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? But that’s what the movie Makkhi is all about.


It’s a story of a young industrialist (Sudeep) who believes in getting whatever he aspires in life. He cannot accept defeat and is a skirt chaser. There’s another young guy (Nani) who’s in love with a small town girl (Bindu), a micro-artist. Nani loves Bindu but find it too hard to express his emotions. Bindu knows about his feelings but never say a word about it and keep asking for Nani’s attention. Sudeep wants Bindu but cannot accept Bindu’s tortuous show of affection for Nani. Sudeep kills Nani in order to clear his way. Nani’s reborn in form of Eega (Makkhi – a fly) to seek revenge and protect Bindu.

That’s the story now the review.


S.S.Rajamouli has taken Indian cinema to another level with Makkhi. A fantasy movie with some brilliant use of animation, complemented with brilliant acting by Sudeep (same name in movie as well).

The movie starts-off with a dad telling his daughter story of a Makkhi in order to make her sleep.

First 25 minutes leave the audience with what_am_i_doing_here feeling, in a dilemma whether to continue watching it or not.

First 25 Minutes:

The young boy Nani makes various attempts to express his love for Bindu. But Bindu is too hard to say yes but leaves him guessing about her love for him. This goes on for two years (first 25 minutes of the movie) and the audience starts replacing Nani’s love with unwanted infatuation. Nani is too irritating initially but that’s how real love is, without boundaries or limitations.

Later Part of the Movie:

The real action sets in after 25-30 minutes when Sudeep kills Nani only to know that Nani is re-born but in form of a Makkhi (Eega).

Brilliant use of animation and visual effects is done in the movie, especially the part where a fly’s struggle is shown, making it look very natural.

Most of the scenes are shot from Makkhi’s point of view, how it perceives the world and the things around it, how every minute of its life is spent flying randomly from one place to another.

Sudeep has done the negative role intensely. The scenes of his spat with the Makkhi have come out very naturally. There’s a scene in the movie where he gets so bugged because of Makkhi that instead of killing the fly he wraps up himself from head till toe like a mummy to prevent the fly from disturbing him from his sleep.

Watch it here:

The best part about the movie is the character Makkhi (Nani). Makkhi’s movements in air and ways of expressing emotions for his beloved and protecting her and the preparation it undergoes to kill his killer is just awesome.

You’ll be more than happy to see and stand a Makkhi in your face in the whole movie. It’ll make you fly in joy. Definitely a fun ride for the kids.

Excellent movie, a must watch for children as well as for adults.

Very innovative concept, except the first 20-25 minutes, the movie keeps the audience glued to their seats. Complete entertainment package.


Movie is originally made in telugu by Rajamouli and later dubbed in Hindi. It has reached the 100 crore club and is already declared a blockbuster.

The movie is also nominated for this year’s Oscar awards.


  1. but those first 25 minutes are enough for me to miss this movie..dont have that much patience..

    1. oooops..!

      but ma'm if that's the case i believe you must have never watched Shawshank Redemption or The Matrix (first part) ..?

  2. Very nice review, Rahul.

    The movie was a little over the top and dragged towards the end. But a good one nonetheless :)

    1. i never felt so Vishal .. this movie kind of reminded of Avatar ..what say? not to the same masterpiece level but still the Indian attempt of Avatar ..?

  3. I think Indian movies should learn to separate emotions/love/revenge/item-numbers from quality animation movies. I don't want to see the same formula repeated in animation based movies as well. For that reason and for the reason that generally Telugu movies are ever-emotional, over-sentimental, over-violent, I may not see this movie.

    Destination Infinity

    1. no no no do watch it .. fast forward the songs or the emotions but do watch the creativity shown in this movie .. don't miss it .. if we can watch Avatar why not this..?

  4. Same age old formula.. I am sure I have seen a few movies with the same sort of idea.. rebirth and what not .

    Na I shall give it a miss ...

    1. :-(

      watching so many why not watch one more...give it a try .. if you didn't like it add this as one final movie to the same old crap you've seen till date Veer ji :P

  5. Great review. It does tend to drag a little towards the end, I must agree, but overall a great watch. Small correction, it is not nominated to the oscars, it was on the film federation of India's shortlist. Barfi was the film that was sent. The nomination process is another step forward when the academy will choose five films from all the films submitted. I found this film so compelling that I wrote about it as soon as I watched it in Telugu several months back. Eega: Metaphor of our Times Do take a look, it is a slightly different take on a film review.

  6. Makkhi is an Awesome movie! I love this movie and especially Nani's act.
    Nice review


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