Wednesday, October 24

Kill The Right Ravana

Event 1:

In a bizarre incident, Bidisha Dash Barde, a promising 23 year old model turned actor, was found dead in pool of blood in her Mumbai apartment on Monday. Her husband left for work early morning and got back late in the evening only to find her wife’s body soaked in blood in the locked ground floor apartment.
[Sources: TOI 24/10/2012]

Event 2:

In another incident, Ajmal Kasab (the main accused of 26/11 attacks, who sits contentedly in one of the most secured penitentiaries, eating biryani with eyes fixated on the political tamasha that goes in our country to decide his death penalty) asked for mercy plea which was rejected by the home ministry yesterday [Sources: TOI 24/12/2012]. But should that be of any concern to Kasab? He knows its India where the accused (convict) walks free and innocent gets punished.

Almost 4 years when Kasab landed in Mumbai and uncorked terror attacks against humanity killing hundreds of innocent souls. It’s been a pretty long wait for the families of the victims hoping against the hope to see any light in this case, that too at the helms of those busy feeding kasab, protecting him at the cost of taxpayers’ money, thinking one day he’ll open his mouth and reveal secrets about LET.

There’s no connection between the two events. The only concern is to show how an innocent gets punished for no wrong doing (in first event) and the convict will eventually walk free one day or the other (second event).

I’ll end this post with few questions that’ll never have an answer:

1.Why the convicts are not punished immediately for the heinous crime they commit against humanity?

2.What personal gains do political parties have in stalling death penalties?

3.Why so much money is spent in keeping alive a convict who one day will either break free or be extradited?

4.Why not treat them like other criminals without over-spending so much on their security and health? Why not hang them immediately? A parasite does no good to anyone, then why to keep it alive?

5.Why do we show our weaker side by not giving capital punishment to the offenders? Why give the sons of gun a chance to repeat such acts in future again?

6.When will the politicians think beyond corruption and vote bank and work honestly for the country?

Anyways, its Dussehra today, I wish all my friends, bloggers and their families a Very Happy Dussehra

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An auspicious day to start with any good work
It was today that good won victory over bad

May this day clear all hurdles of your life and start new era of well-being Happy Dussehra!


  1. Rahul Paaji our leaders are more interested in what they can loot from the nation rather than do anything for the nation..
    Britishers have taught our leaders the art of looting.. congress was then hand in glove with British.. it never wanted full independence as history shows.. only after our heroes spoke of it the congress had no other option..
    And now too Italia congress's doing exactly what British did.. we saw how congress did everything to make sure Anna does not succeed ..
    So to expect them to do anything is stupidity yes if terrorist kill some leader or their family which I so request the terrorists I mean why kill innocent.. they shud aim for corrupt and bad at least they will be thankful..

    Anyway till we the common people get up and do something about it things will not change.. today is dussehra.. the good won over the wrong.. bad men died..hhopefully bad men in our country will die soon too..

  2. Well, shooting Kasab would have been actual victory over evil for Indians.

  3. We can't really execute a quick 'capital punishment' because it will be misused. In this case, we are sure about his crimes, but what if there are cases which are fostered against some innocent person and he is awarded capital punishment (without proper investigation) only to find out later that he was innocent? Capital punishment is not a good idea because mistakes can happen and the wrong person might be hanged.

    Secondly in the case of Ajmal Kasab, let us understand that he was just an arrow. Instead of going after the bow (the people behind the masterminding of the attack), its strange to see why so many people want to see the arrow dead?

    Destination Infinity


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