Tuesday, October 9

Does Healthcare Need Healing?

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I recently downloaded Satyamev Jayate tv show.

I and my wife watched the 4th episode (Does Healthcare Need Healing?) yesterday and were not surprised to see how the medical profession has turned into a promising business in our country today, how the prophets of medical sciences turn into their nemesis on the operation table.

This post is not the summarization of the episode aired on TV but an addition of my experience with the doctors. So i pour my heart out, sharing my very own sufferings, the trauma we had when the so-called life-saver became a life-taker. With ‘we’ i meant me and my wife.

I was in Chennai for nearly 2 years now and soon after marriage my wife moved with me. A month passed by and she was still not able to adjust to the biological conditions prevalent in Chennai as it was not only hot and humid, icing on the cake was the salty sea water and the unhealthy surroundings.

4 months and her health took a turn for the worse. She developed small, slightly pink in colour, patches on her arms. I could have easily ignored the patches if they’d not grown in size but now they were easily visible to naked eye. Before it gets any worse, we decided to consult a skin specialist.

As a cautionary note, visiting a doctor in Chennai may sometime prove to be too heavy on your pocket if you are a working professional in an IT industry or a matter of fact in any industry. Remember never reveal your profession while visiting a doctor. Their consultation fee is is directly proportional to your salary [Lesson 1]. Also, if your wife is working too, it’s better to tag her to a more itsy-bitsy job of being a housewife when the doctor is undergoing examination [Lesson 2].

Anyways, after a lot of online search and consulting few colleagues at work, i was recommended to go to a skin specialist Dr. Anand Krishna in Adyar who runs his own skin clinic there.

Hot and sunny outside, we thought we may miss our chance to see the doctor as afternoon’s 11-1 is generally the peak time. But i was wrong. The waiting hall gave a deserted look and we sat there twiddling our thumbs. The compounder sprang from nowhere and after noting patient’s name and other details we were shown the door to doctor’s chamber.

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Very clearly, we mentioned our problem.

You should have been there to witness the look on doctor’s face stating as if the bullet has left the shell and damage is already done. Our eyes literally popped out after listening to his inferences. I had no option but to believe him. We were alone in Chennai with no local friends, family or foes to cross verify doctor’s observations.

On asking the reason for this patch development on skin, he said, it’s not because of climate but excessive usage of beauty products.

BITE ME! My wife hardly used any beauty products but he wasn’t listening.

The consultation fee was 500 with second round of consultation free. But this free was just to deceive the customer. The prescription note (having the names of medicines, ointments and gels) weighed nearly one-fourth of my salary.

The compounder asked to buy the medicines from the clinic as we won’t find these medicines anywhere in market as they were prepared in their own laboratory by doctor’s mother!!!

Mother! Bite me again!!!

I literally felt if fate is playing some weird joke on me and my wife.

Was this some kind of a family business, kind of urban hakeem preparing homemade remedies costing more than the brands available in the market?

I was numb and out of options. The medicines, cream bottles had no labels, no trademarks and no medical approvals. I wonder who gave them the licence to work like this. I ended up paying nearly 10000 for the anonymous medicines.

2 months passed by and no signs of improvement in skin. Although i had the free voucher but who wants to redeem it when you know the consequences of buying some stupid and expensive homemade medicines is of no good and the word free will only add to our trauma.

One day i told my neighbours about the same and they advised me to meet Dr. Jayaraaman in Mylapore, a veteran skin specialist.

We decided to give one more shot and visited his clinic. He told us that it’s very normal to have such patches due to inability of the body to acclimatize with the changing environment. He gave us a 65 rupee cream to be applied daily for 3 months to see the result. 8 months now and the skin look as if the patches were never there.

Dr. Jayaraaman made us feel very comfortable and never ever tried to scare us emotionally or financially. He also assured regular applying of ointment will completely remove the patch forever and so it happened.
I may not be in Chennai to thank Dr.Jayaraaman today but i and my wife do remember him every time in our prayers and blessings.

I learnt a big lesson that one must verify or consult another doctor before making the final call.

My findings:

Medical profession has become a business in our country today.

Doctors respect money not humans.

Consultation fee is directly proportional to your salary.

Consult your family doctor over phone if you are out of town.

Cross verify the findings before buying the medicines or before undergoing any tests.

It’s never late, do not rush, think and take your time before you act.

P.S: If you are in Chennai and know someone suffering from any skin disease, ask them to visit Dr. Jayaraam’s clinic in Mylapore. His fee is very nominal and you’ll never regret suggesting his name. I can share the contact details by email. Please drop a mail to contact.rahulaggarwal@gmail.com

P.P.S: Please avoid going to Lifeline Hospital on OMR Road in Chennai as the doctors here are doing an ungenerous job of minting money at your life’s stake!


  1. Omigod! What kind of doctor was that. Cosmetics! Seriously one can be easily fooled by such people. Thank god you visited the other doctor, and thank you for that reference in Cheennai. Seriously how can someone trust anybody nowadays I dont know!!

    1. no we just can't .. trust has lost its meaning to money today .. people don't want to be honest nowadays .. they only want money no matter how it fills their pockets !

  2. I always wish that people will share their experiences about doctors and that way we can have a good idea..thats rahul for sharing this important info..

    All hospitals everywhere are like that, even if you go to apollo for stomach ache, first the doctor says..take an appointment for tomorrow for endoscopy and then come with results..for any small problem, they want all pathological tests done, and since you will be doing it there, they will mint money..

    once my hubby needed an operation and they told us the charges would be 26000/ but when they knew that we have cashless insurance, charges became 52000/--

    1. OMG .. from 26 to 52 .. OMG!!!

      it's a sin nowadays to tell about our profession or salary or what kind of insurances we hold ..

      i don't understand in which direction is humanity moving?

      people have become so selfish today that it literally doesn't matter whether you are dead or alive as long as it fetches me some money, you hold some value to me, else you are nothing but a piece of shit without any value !

  3. Shocking. But it is sadly true. There are more self professed doctors and self made medicines than we think. Many of these doctors even have a network of people who will refer patients to them in exchange for a commission. A colleague/client might be in that network. It is important for us to decide whose advise/suggestions we take. It's highly advisable to take suggestions only from people whom you trust and know won't do the reco job for commissions/due to ignorance.

    Destination Infinity

    1. agent's commission is a booming business in india .. you don't need any formal education to be in the field of earning money through commission .. such is the sad state of our country ..!

      corruption i believe has become our birth right today!

  4. Good advice Rahul, but these days its all about money.. and it is true money makes the world go round..


    1. sad, it's all about money today..money, one thing that was never created by god and today gives so-called value to all the naturally created things of god..surely a thing that makes us fight and become dishonest in life...!

  5. Alas every bit of this post is true :( we have to accept that this is the fate of our country!!! Moral is hardly visible any where or in any profession!!!

    But good that some kind people still exists

    Very good post Rahul, keep writing

    1. thank god that few good men still exists in this world who actually wants to work for good without any selfish interests..!

      thanks for liking the post Ramya!

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