Saturday, October 13

Does God Exist?

Does God exist?

A question that science or psyche can never answer.


I recently had a conversation with my wife on the same topic, Does God Exist?

And this is how our conversation went.


Savita: So, what do you think, does god exist?

I: hmm (wandering what to say when she knew that I am no atheist).

Savita: Do you believe in God?

I: Yes i do believe in him. I think there is this supernatural entity, may not be in flesh or blood, but something ubiquitous, whose existence cannot be denied. It’s that one force (hard to define in-terms of science) that controls our mind and body.

(Now my turn to ask her about her belief in god)

I: So what is your take on this? What do you think?

Savita: Although i am an atheist but the word god does hold some importance in my life in the sense that man is the maker of his own destiny, it’s us who decide how we want to live our life, how we want it to be. So we humans in a way are god.

We blame the circumstances or the situation or fate for our misery, but it’s we who makes the wrong moves and later blame the higher force for making us do that.

We forget the fact that our happiness depends upon how we want to live our life and not on how god wants us to be happy.

I: hmmm but if we are god then why do we worship an external god or statues in synagogues?

Savita: Because we humans are very fragile in our thinking. Right from our childhood, we are taught about external forces and are compelled to establish our faith, belief in him. It’s not our parents fault, they were conditioned like this and so are we.

When we are in a religious place we are told about the super power that takes care of everyone, so, bow in front of him and give yourself to him. And we surrender ourselves and start believing that it’s he who decides our destiny and makes the world move.  His order is absolute and he controls our lives. He makes us do things which we may/may not like. When we commit wrong things, we say god made us to do so as he must have foreseen something good in it so we establish weird theories.

Also, when we are in front of him, we ask for strength, we ask for good values. But we forget the fact that it’s none other but us deep down whom we are asking for everything. You name it God I call it consciousness that makes us do good or bad. Asking a statue or an idol is just an excuse to blame him if something goes wrong. We always want someone to be there to play the blame game. God always comes to our rescue.

I: So you mean when we worship idols, we actually worship the god within us or the matter of fact we worship one-self. Then why are we not happy if we are god?

Savita: Because we don’t know what satisfaction is? We do not understand the meaning of contented. We start comparing and start asking him to give us more, more than anyone else.

I: But money is not the only way to get satisfaction.

Savita: Sad, we do not understand that! People commit crimes for money. Corruption happens because of money. I wonder how a thing like money which was never created by the so-called-god gain more importance than his values and teachings for being honest and doing good to others.

If we do not get what we ask for, we rebel, we start blaming the almighty. Good or bad, happiness or sadness, we know who to blame instead of taking the complete ownership.

In my opinion, if god really exists, he’ll be surprised to see how humans are taking advantage of his name. Men kill men in the name of god. God never says or asks anyone to condemn someone to death. If god really loves his people he’ll never send messengers to kill his own creation but still people kill each other in the name of god. God every time gets to be the scapegoat for our deeds (errors).

I: i agree but there’s nothing wrong in having a belief in something?

Savita: if having a belief in something gives you strength to keep moving, to keep fighting, one must continue to believe. But one should not start blaming the almighty for his/her wrong efforts.

I: and what about man’s search for peace, peace we get in god’s house?

Savita: There is peace within us. But we do not see it. We try finding it in external things, in statues, in holy places but the real peace lies within us. Believe in yourself to find real peace and soon that self-belief will be replaced by a more synonymous word GOD.


And that’s how our conversation ended.

P.S: This post is written with no intentions to hurt anyone’s sentiments, opinions or religious faiths. My apologies if I ever sounded offensive to anyone. 

Have a great day!


  1. I don't know about the existence of God or otherwise, but I do believe in destiny. Things don't just happen for nothing. There should be a purpose behind the design, but what it is, I am not sure.

    Think about this - Even if God existed, we are insignificant to him/them. I mean, ours is a civilization that is inhabited in one planet revolving around a small star among billion other stars! If there was someone in-charge of such a large universe, they can't be concerned about everything that happens in a tiny space called earth.

    Or are they concerned about every bit? Now, that's scary!

    Destination Infinity

    1. very well mentioned point Rajesh Sir ..

      i completely agree with you, there are so many galaxies, milky ways in our universe then why is god only focusing his attention more on earth and its surroundings..what about other stars and universes'...

      i believe in god to an extent of thanking him for making us strong enough to write our own destiny ..!

  2. Well I beleive that god is in all of us.. what we do with ourselves makes the good or the bad out .. they say the devil and god both sit on opposite shoulders of a human .. depending what we do .. one gets stronger ..

    Regarding the existing of GOD well again I have my doubts some days and other times I can say it exists .. life takes us through so many ups and downs and situations

    although saying all the wrong that is happening and what we humans are becoming I think god is fast disappearing ..


    1. yes we are equivocal in saying anything about the existence of god depending upon the situations we are in most of the times ..

      god i believe is more of an imaginary picture created by man just to make oneself comfortable like Tom Hanks made a companion Mr. Wilson in his basketball .. just to make sure that he always had some company .. and he eventually started believing in it...that's how man is...i believe...

      we try making something out of nothing..!

      what do you think?

  3. OH my god ;)

    something on the same line

    1. OMG...seriously .. read your blog and mine is more like yours but your view about god is put in far better way...thanks for sharing the link Ramya ..!


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