Sunday, October 21

Aim For Your Goal

Courtesy : Facebook
Never let anyone tell you how weak you are?

If you believe in yourself, never let your dream die.

Your inner voices may say you today that you can't do it but never let that inner voice take your eyes-off from your aim!

Do not worry about the society what they'll say if you fail. Only those who never tried and lived in constant fear of failure will speak or say wrong about you. Never live in such a company.

keep trying, hardwork will meet success one day.

So, stop saying that bullshit story you keep telling yourself about you_can't_do_it_? (Jordan Belfort)

Have a Nice Day !

Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire.  
~Arnold H. Glasow


  1. There are costs and benefits to anything. Even with success. If people are aware/fine with it, success is within their grasp.

    Destination Infinity

    1. if you are on road to success then one must not count any iffs or buts....

      do the nike way "JUST DO IT"

      success will automatically follow you !

  2. Always hear to your inner voice.... No matter what...:)

    1. bang on target .. never let any negative thoughts run over you..!

      be positive and think positive ..

      btw, how are things at your end?


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