Sunday, October 28

Mahatma Gandhi's Inspirational Quote!

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Although i am not a very big fan of Mahatma Gandhi, but his teachings' been instrumental in making me what i am today and has become an integral part of my life.

He's no more but his learning's, his experiments with truth educate me one way or the other even today.

How true it is, 'In a gentle way, you can shake the world'. Single-handedly, he made the Britishers leave our country with non violence as his weapon of destruction.

He's been an Inspiration to millions around the world.

Friday, October 26

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron - A Perfect Comedy

This post talks about 5 classic scenes from the movie Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron that makes it a Cult Classic.

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron is a benchmark in Indian film industry. Movie is based on the corruption prevalent in Indian politics, business and media. This film is a dark satire portraying corruption, dishonesty, bribery, fraud and sleaziness in a comical way.

The timing couldn't be just better to re-release this masterpiece amidst the corruption controversies prevalent today. The malpractices and the money laundering amongst the businessmen, religious leaders and the tainted politicians are rightly depicted leaving no stones unturned.

This movie truly deserves a must watch before you die tag. If you are born in late 90s and overhear buffs appreciating this masterpiece, now it’s a golden opportunity to watch it on big screen and be part of the elite fan club.

I am sure those born in pre-satellite era of the 80s must have seen this movie a thousand times. This post talks about 5 classic scenes from the movie that gives this movie a standing ovation for the creativity and artistry.

Scene 1: 25th Manzil bhi banaao (Round figure)!

Tarneja (Pankaj Kapur) telling the civil engineer to build 25th floor ignoring that government’s approval is only for 24 floors.

Watch the scene here:

Scene 2: Thoda khao thoda fenko, Eat Swiss Cake the American Way!

Vinod (Naseeruddin Shah) and Tarneja (Pankaj Kapur) asking D’Mello (Satish Shah) to eat some Swiss cake and throw some out of the window.

Watch the scene here:

Scene 3: Code: albert pinto ko gussa kyun aata hai!

Vinod (Naseeruddin Shah) telling Ashok (Satish Kaushik) that there’s an important call for him that he must attend. This scene was a blockbuster hit amongst the fans and dialogues from this scene are discussed even today.

Watch the scene here:

Scene 4: kounsa model hai .. mere paas Austin hai!

Here comes the fun part. The grand entry of Ahuja (Om Puri)! The inebriated Ahuja sees dead D’Mello’s coffin parked right in the middle of road thinking a drunken slept in his purple colour car (coffin) unable to move because of the flat tyre.

Remember the famous dialogues from this scene,

Ek shrabi toh dusre shrabi ki madad karega
एक शराबी तोह दुसरे शराबी की मदद करेगा 

kounsa model hai? Imported hai? Mera Austin hai..!
कौन सा मॉडल है ? इम्पोर्टेड है .. ? मेरा  ऑस्टिन है ..!

Austin ka pahiya toh thoda bada hai bhaiya!
ऑस्टिन का पहिया तोह थोडा बड़ा है भैया 

Watch the scene here:

Scene 5: Draupadi’s Cheer Haran!

The movie is really known for the classic climax, the Draupadi Cheer Haran show from Mahabharata.
D’Mello’s corpse plays the part of Draupadi on stage and everyone is fighting to grasp her. The foul mouthed Duryodhna, later takes a pledge of protecting Draupadi and drops the idea of undressing her. A hilarious scene makes this an amazing piece of work. Kudos to the Director Kundan Shah and various other protagonist actors.

Some of the dialogues from this scene:

Draupadi tere akeyle ki nahi hai, hum sab shareholders hai...!
द्रौपदी तेरे अकेले की नहीं है, हम सब शरेहोल्देर्स है 

maine Daraupadi ke cheer haran ka idea drop kar diya hai..!
मैंने द्रौपदी के चीर हरण का आईडिया ड्राप कर दिया है 

Bhabhi vaabhi kuch nahi, maine usey jua mein jeeta hai..!
भाभी वाभी कुछ नहीं, मैंने उसे जुआ में जीता है ..!

3 rupee ka dhanush tod diya .. jaao main nahi karta naatak vaatak...!
3 रुपया के धनुष तोड़ दिया .. जाओ मैं नहीं करता नाटक वाटक 

And ultimate of all:

Nalayaak, adharmi, durachari, bhrashtachari bol Sorry..!
नालायक, अधर्मी , द्रुनाचारी , भ्रष्टाचारी  बोल सॉरी 

Salim ke rehte hue kisi key eh majaal ki koi Draupadi ko haath bhi lagaaye, Good Morning Ashok...!
सलीम के रहते हुए  किसी की यह मजाल की कोई द्रौपदी को हाथ भी लगाए, गुड मोर्निंग अशोक ..!

Watch the scene here:

Watch this movie to fall in love once again!

Jaane Bhi Do yaaron is re-releasing on Nov 2nd 2012. Do not miss it.

Wednesday, October 24

Kill The Right Ravana

Event 1:

In a bizarre incident, Bidisha Dash Barde, a promising 23 year old model turned actor, was found dead in pool of blood in her Mumbai apartment on Monday. Her husband left for work early morning and got back late in the evening only to find her wife’s body soaked in blood in the locked ground floor apartment.
[Sources: TOI 24/10/2012]

Event 2:

In another incident, Ajmal Kasab (the main accused of 26/11 attacks, who sits contentedly in one of the most secured penitentiaries, eating biryani with eyes fixated on the political tamasha that goes in our country to decide his death penalty) asked for mercy plea which was rejected by the home ministry yesterday [Sources: TOI 24/12/2012]. But should that be of any concern to Kasab? He knows its India where the accused (convict) walks free and innocent gets punished.

Almost 4 years when Kasab landed in Mumbai and uncorked terror attacks against humanity killing hundreds of innocent souls. It’s been a pretty long wait for the families of the victims hoping against the hope to see any light in this case, that too at the helms of those busy feeding kasab, protecting him at the cost of taxpayers’ money, thinking one day he’ll open his mouth and reveal secrets about LET.

There’s no connection between the two events. The only concern is to show how an innocent gets punished for no wrong doing (in first event) and the convict will eventually walk free one day or the other (second event).

I’ll end this post with few questions that’ll never have an answer:

1.Why the convicts are not punished immediately for the heinous crime they commit against humanity?

2.What personal gains do political parties have in stalling death penalties?

3.Why so much money is spent in keeping alive a convict who one day will either break free or be extradited?

4.Why not treat them like other criminals without over-spending so much on their security and health? Why not hang them immediately? A parasite does no good to anyone, then why to keep it alive?

5.Why do we show our weaker side by not giving capital punishment to the offenders? Why give the sons of gun a chance to repeat such acts in future again?

6.When will the politicians think beyond corruption and vote bank and work honestly for the country?

Anyways, its Dussehra today, I wish all my friends, bloggers and their families a Very Happy Dussehra

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An auspicious day to start with any good work
It was today that good won victory over bad

May this day clear all hurdles of your life and start new era of well-being Happy Dussehra!

Monday, October 22


It’s been a while since I last ran in a marathon or ran continuously for 60 minutes thanks to the so-called self-made-busy-life, I neglected my regular running routine completely.

So, I mentally prepared myself to burn few calories today and try and break my previous best record of running nonstop for 60 minutes (nearly 5.6 kms).


I started early today. I walked for about 10 minutes before I could get into the full swing of jogging. I was out there on road with determination and strong will packed minus my I-pod and wrist-watch. I believe when the watch is on, frequent time-check leads to unwanted stress and fear of breaking down or losing out the motivation power to keep going. So I ran clutch free, all pumped up and focused.

Initially, I’d set myself small targets of running / jogging continuously for 1.4 kms completing one giant round and coming back to the same place where I started. The idea was to not to lose focus by setting up inconceivable goals. As i hit the finishing line, i was filled with new vigor to beat my previous run in a better way. So i continued running.

I ran and ran and ran. I completed 5 rounds without even stopping once covering 7 kms in 65 minutes.

Though, I was tired after the 4th round but this exhaustion was a state of mind not body. I knew i can overcome the fear of giving up by reminding myself to keep moving. Amidst the adrenaline rush, I kept myself motivated with one liner’s like stretch-your limits and I-can-do-it. At times I almost gave up but every second i refilled my weekend will with the feeling of how it feels to be on the other side of the finishing line.

I realized one important fact today that it’s the mind that controls our senses, our will to proceed or not. It’s the mind that plays the game and controls our movements. And most of the time our mind forces us to avoid hard-work and take a detour en-route relaxation.

I was so relaxed for the whole day that this feeling was beyond explanation. It feels good to be active and fresh after such a run. Now i have decided to run 3 times a week setting up small targets for myself.

Important Tip:

Always keep saying I-can-do-it rather than counting the fears of losing the game. Keep yourself focused and never take your eyes off from the target. Do not worry about the failure as every failure gives us a new learning to try the same thing in a different way. Be very positive in your thoughts and do not let any wrong notions sink into your mind.

Run for a healthy living,

Run for your lungs,

Run for your life,

Have a cause, Run for a Cause!

Volunteer yourself to running and celebrate life.

Take Care!

Sunday, October 21

Aim For Your Goal

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Never let anyone tell you how weak you are?

If you believe in yourself, never let your dream die.

Your inner voices may say you today that you can't do it but never let that inner voice take your eyes-off from your aim!

Do not worry about the society what they'll say if you fail. Only those who never tried and lived in constant fear of failure will speak or say wrong about you. Never live in such a company.

keep trying, hardwork will meet success one day.

So, stop saying that bullshit story you keep telling yourself about you_can't_do_it_? (Jordan Belfort)

Have a Nice Day !

Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire.  
~Arnold H. Glasow

Saturday, October 20

Makkhi Movie Review

Google Images - Makkhi

Many a times we find ourselves in a situation when a fly out of nowhere buzz around us and disturbs our peace of mind. The only immediate solution is either to stalk and kill it or chase it away.

Now imagine a situation where a droning fly aims to buzz in your ears till you die. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? But that’s what the movie Makkhi is all about.


It’s a story of a young industrialist (Sudeep) who believes in getting whatever he aspires in life. He cannot accept defeat and is a skirt chaser. There’s another young guy (Nani) who’s in love with a small town girl (Bindu), a micro-artist. Nani loves Bindu but find it too hard to express his emotions. Bindu knows about his feelings but never say a word about it and keep asking for Nani’s attention. Sudeep wants Bindu but cannot accept Bindu’s tortuous show of affection for Nani. Sudeep kills Nani in order to clear his way. Nani’s reborn in form of Eega (Makkhi – a fly) to seek revenge and protect Bindu.

That’s the story now the review.


S.S.Rajamouli has taken Indian cinema to another level with Makkhi. A fantasy movie with some brilliant use of animation, complemented with brilliant acting by Sudeep (same name in movie as well).

The movie starts-off with a dad telling his daughter story of a Makkhi in order to make her sleep.

First 25 minutes leave the audience with what_am_i_doing_here feeling, in a dilemma whether to continue watching it or not.

First 25 Minutes:

The young boy Nani makes various attempts to express his love for Bindu. But Bindu is too hard to say yes but leaves him guessing about her love for him. This goes on for two years (first 25 minutes of the movie) and the audience starts replacing Nani’s love with unwanted infatuation. Nani is too irritating initially but that’s how real love is, without boundaries or limitations.

Later Part of the Movie:

The real action sets in after 25-30 minutes when Sudeep kills Nani only to know that Nani is re-born but in form of a Makkhi (Eega).

Brilliant use of animation and visual effects is done in the movie, especially the part where a fly’s struggle is shown, making it look very natural.

Most of the scenes are shot from Makkhi’s point of view, how it perceives the world and the things around it, how every minute of its life is spent flying randomly from one place to another.

Sudeep has done the negative role intensely. The scenes of his spat with the Makkhi have come out very naturally. There’s a scene in the movie where he gets so bugged because of Makkhi that instead of killing the fly he wraps up himself from head till toe like a mummy to prevent the fly from disturbing him from his sleep.

Watch it here:

The best part about the movie is the character Makkhi (Nani). Makkhi’s movements in air and ways of expressing emotions for his beloved and protecting her and the preparation it undergoes to kill his killer is just awesome.

You’ll be more than happy to see and stand a Makkhi in your face in the whole movie. It’ll make you fly in joy. Definitely a fun ride for the kids.

Excellent movie, a must watch for children as well as for adults.

Very innovative concept, except the first 20-25 minutes, the movie keeps the audience glued to their seats. Complete entertainment package.


Movie is originally made in telugu by Rajamouli and later dubbed in Hindi. It has reached the 100 crore club and is already declared a blockbuster.

The movie is also nominated for this year’s Oscar awards.

Sunday, October 14

Albert Einstein - Inspirational Quotes

Today's Inspirational Quote by Albert Einstein!

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How true it is!

If you really want to live a happy life, why not tie it to goals than tying it to people or objects.

Have a Nice Day !

Saturday, October 13

Does God Exist?

Does God exist?

A question that science or psyche can never answer.


I recently had a conversation with my wife on the same topic, Does God Exist?

And this is how our conversation went.


Savita: So, what do you think, does god exist?

I: hmm (wandering what to say when she knew that I am no atheist).

Savita: Do you believe in God?

I: Yes i do believe in him. I think there is this supernatural entity, may not be in flesh or blood, but something ubiquitous, whose existence cannot be denied. It’s that one force (hard to define in-terms of science) that controls our mind and body.

(Now my turn to ask her about her belief in god)

I: So what is your take on this? What do you think?

Savita: Although i am an atheist but the word god does hold some importance in my life in the sense that man is the maker of his own destiny, it’s us who decide how we want to live our life, how we want it to be. So we humans in a way are god.

We blame the circumstances or the situation or fate for our misery, but it’s we who makes the wrong moves and later blame the higher force for making us do that.

We forget the fact that our happiness depends upon how we want to live our life and not on how god wants us to be happy.

I: hmmm but if we are god then why do we worship an external god or statues in synagogues?

Savita: Because we humans are very fragile in our thinking. Right from our childhood, we are taught about external forces and are compelled to establish our faith, belief in him. It’s not our parents fault, they were conditioned like this and so are we.

When we are in a religious place we are told about the super power that takes care of everyone, so, bow in front of him and give yourself to him. And we surrender ourselves and start believing that it’s he who decides our destiny and makes the world move.  His order is absolute and he controls our lives. He makes us do things which we may/may not like. When we commit wrong things, we say god made us to do so as he must have foreseen something good in it so we establish weird theories.

Also, when we are in front of him, we ask for strength, we ask for good values. But we forget the fact that it’s none other but us deep down whom we are asking for everything. You name it God I call it consciousness that makes us do good or bad. Asking a statue or an idol is just an excuse to blame him if something goes wrong. We always want someone to be there to play the blame game. God always comes to our rescue.

I: So you mean when we worship idols, we actually worship the god within us or the matter of fact we worship one-self. Then why are we not happy if we are god?

Savita: Because we don’t know what satisfaction is? We do not understand the meaning of contented. We start comparing and start asking him to give us more, more than anyone else.

I: But money is not the only way to get satisfaction.

Savita: Sad, we do not understand that! People commit crimes for money. Corruption happens because of money. I wonder how a thing like money which was never created by the so-called-god gain more importance than his values and teachings for being honest and doing good to others.

If we do not get what we ask for, we rebel, we start blaming the almighty. Good or bad, happiness or sadness, we know who to blame instead of taking the complete ownership.

In my opinion, if god really exists, he’ll be surprised to see how humans are taking advantage of his name. Men kill men in the name of god. God never says or asks anyone to condemn someone to death. If god really loves his people he’ll never send messengers to kill his own creation but still people kill each other in the name of god. God every time gets to be the scapegoat for our deeds (errors).

I: i agree but there’s nothing wrong in having a belief in something?

Savita: if having a belief in something gives you strength to keep moving, to keep fighting, one must continue to believe. But one should not start blaming the almighty for his/her wrong efforts.

I: and what about man’s search for peace, peace we get in god’s house?

Savita: There is peace within us. But we do not see it. We try finding it in external things, in statues, in holy places but the real peace lies within us. Believe in yourself to find real peace and soon that self-belief will be replaced by a more synonymous word GOD.


And that’s how our conversation ended.

P.S: This post is written with no intentions to hurt anyone’s sentiments, opinions or religious faiths. My apologies if I ever sounded offensive to anyone. 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 9

Does Healthcare Need Healing?

Google Images

I recently downloaded Satyamev Jayate tv show.

I and my wife watched the 4th episode (Does Healthcare Need Healing?) yesterday and were not surprised to see how the medical profession has turned into a promising business in our country today, how the prophets of medical sciences turn into their nemesis on the operation table.

This post is not the summarization of the episode aired on TV but an addition of my experience with the doctors. So i pour my heart out, sharing my very own sufferings, the trauma we had when the so-called life-saver became a life-taker. With ‘we’ i meant me and my wife.

I was in Chennai for nearly 2 years now and soon after marriage my wife moved with me. A month passed by and she was still not able to adjust to the biological conditions prevalent in Chennai as it was not only hot and humid, icing on the cake was the salty sea water and the unhealthy surroundings.

4 months and her health took a turn for the worse. She developed small, slightly pink in colour, patches on her arms. I could have easily ignored the patches if they’d not grown in size but now they were easily visible to naked eye. Before it gets any worse, we decided to consult a skin specialist.

As a cautionary note, visiting a doctor in Chennai may sometime prove to be too heavy on your pocket if you are a working professional in an IT industry or a matter of fact in any industry. Remember never reveal your profession while visiting a doctor. Their consultation fee is is directly proportional to your salary [Lesson 1]. Also, if your wife is working too, it’s better to tag her to a more itsy-bitsy job of being a housewife when the doctor is undergoing examination [Lesson 2].

Anyways, after a lot of online search and consulting few colleagues at work, i was recommended to go to a skin specialist Dr. Anand Krishna in Adyar who runs his own skin clinic there.

Hot and sunny outside, we thought we may miss our chance to see the doctor as afternoon’s 11-1 is generally the peak time. But i was wrong. The waiting hall gave a deserted look and we sat there twiddling our thumbs. The compounder sprang from nowhere and after noting patient’s name and other details we were shown the door to doctor’s chamber.

Google Images
Very clearly, we mentioned our problem.

You should have been there to witness the look on doctor’s face stating as if the bullet has left the shell and damage is already done. Our eyes literally popped out after listening to his inferences. I had no option but to believe him. We were alone in Chennai with no local friends, family or foes to cross verify doctor’s observations.

On asking the reason for this patch development on skin, he said, it’s not because of climate but excessive usage of beauty products.

BITE ME! My wife hardly used any beauty products but he wasn’t listening.

The consultation fee was 500 with second round of consultation free. But this free was just to deceive the customer. The prescription note (having the names of medicines, ointments and gels) weighed nearly one-fourth of my salary.

The compounder asked to buy the medicines from the clinic as we won’t find these medicines anywhere in market as they were prepared in their own laboratory by doctor’s mother!!!

Mother! Bite me again!!!

I literally felt if fate is playing some weird joke on me and my wife.

Was this some kind of a family business, kind of urban hakeem preparing homemade remedies costing more than the brands available in the market?

I was numb and out of options. The medicines, cream bottles had no labels, no trademarks and no medical approvals. I wonder who gave them the licence to work like this. I ended up paying nearly 10000 for the anonymous medicines.

2 months passed by and no signs of improvement in skin. Although i had the free voucher but who wants to redeem it when you know the consequences of buying some stupid and expensive homemade medicines is of no good and the word free will only add to our trauma.

One day i told my neighbours about the same and they advised me to meet Dr. Jayaraaman in Mylapore, a veteran skin specialist.

We decided to give one more shot and visited his clinic. He told us that it’s very normal to have such patches due to inability of the body to acclimatize with the changing environment. He gave us a 65 rupee cream to be applied daily for 3 months to see the result. 8 months now and the skin look as if the patches were never there.

Dr. Jayaraaman made us feel very comfortable and never ever tried to scare us emotionally or financially. He also assured regular applying of ointment will completely remove the patch forever and so it happened.
I may not be in Chennai to thank Dr.Jayaraaman today but i and my wife do remember him every time in our prayers and blessings.

I learnt a big lesson that one must verify or consult another doctor before making the final call.

My findings:

Medical profession has become a business in our country today.

Doctors respect money not humans.

Consultation fee is directly proportional to your salary.

Consult your family doctor over phone if you are out of town.

Cross verify the findings before buying the medicines or before undergoing any tests.

It’s never late, do not rush, think and take your time before you act.

P.S: If you are in Chennai and know someone suffering from any skin disease, ask them to visit Dr. Jayaraam’s clinic in Mylapore. His fee is very nominal and you’ll never regret suggesting his name. I can share the contact details by email. Please drop a mail to

P.P.S: Please avoid going to Lifeline Hospital on OMR Road in Chennai as the doctors here are doing an ungenerous job of minting money at your life’s stake!

Sunday, October 7

Bruce Lee Inspirational Quotes

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I never knew that apart from acting and the legendary fights, he was also an inspiration to others.

Read these 5 famous and powerful quotes from Bruce Lee above.

The one i liked the most is 'To hell with circumstances, i create opportunities'.

Great words from a Great man indeed !

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, October 3

Dance Performance by 4 years old Kashvi & Ansh

Please checkout this 1:25 minutes video of 4 years old Kashvi & 3.5 years old Ansh dancing to the tune of Eena Meena Deeka Song choreographed by my wife Savita.

They are just 3-4 years old so kindly ignore any slipups if you find in their performance!

Please, please please watch the video and do tell me how it was and share it with your friends.

i am sure you won't be disappointed.

Thank you all for your valuable time.

You can also like or comment on youtube here.

Tuesday, October 2

Have A Little Faith

“If you are going through hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill
Never give up on anything. Believe in yourself. A real fighter never give up.
If you are in a game, you must keep trying till the whistle is blown. Life is a game and one must keep trying. But in order to keep trying, one must have faith in himself. If the try is half-hearted, the chances of losing the game automatically rise.
Do not believe what others say. Question it. If i say you, ‘you are weak’. Will you believe me? Question every statement you listen to. Only believe in yourself. If you believe yourself, even if you are going through a dark tunnel, you will never give up because believe will ignite hope inside you and that hope will make you reach the other end of light and prosperity.
Faith is a very relative term which generally refers to religion. I do not ask you to have faith in any particular religion or start having faith if you are an atheist. Have faith in yourself. If you believe something, interrogate why you believe that thing and soon you will realise that most of the established belief that resides in your being is imposed externally and is not inborn.
If you have believe in hardwork and has strength to endure pain and is not worried about the results, keep walking, you only need little bit of faith and Hope to keep the struggle on and very soon you will see yourself on the other end of the journey. It’s just the matter of time. The roads lesser taken appears to be hard initially but if you look at from the other end, that’s the route only few has taken and they feel contented.
What are you afraid of that you may lose faith in yourself? Remember it’s your life and nobody can take it away from you unless you stop believing. You are the master of your own life. So start living every moment and make every moment worth living. The more you suppress yourself, the more you give others chance to suppress you and your thoughts. Stop believing others blindly. If you believe in your strengths and follow your heart, people will start following you. Do not be the reason for others to bail you out of your misery.
Things we do not care about, we generally lose faith in them. So start loving yourself only then you will be able to realise your potential and have faith in yourself.
“Doubt everything. Find your own light” – Gautama Buddha
P.S: This post is originally published on my another blog : Have A Little Faith
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