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Why Should I Quit My Job?

Gautama Buddha gave away his kingdom, his power, wealth and lineage to seek spiritual satisfaction. Family, money or fame never excited him. Thus he took the road lesser known to find peace within himself and in search of self exploration. He always believed man is so vulnerable that he cannot control himself, his own mind and body than how can he control others (kingdom)?
Buddha was always so correct in giving up everything. At least he felt satisfied with what he was doing. But, today, in this 21st century, we have come to a point where we are so fragile that we cannot even control our mind. We always need someone to rule over us. No matter we talk about the times when English ruled us to the age today when people at work control the way our life functions. We like calling ourselves slaves at the helms of those who got matured learning such tactics when they were young and enslaved by their peers.
Why should you quit your job?
Satisfaction. That’s the one word answer I have for all.
If you are not satisfied with the work you are doing or you feel that you are stuck in a wrong job, you must quit today. You are wasting every second, every minute of your life doing something which you aren’t supposed to do in first place and still you are forcing yourself into it. Why is this emphatic push to keep moving at the cost of ruining your life?
Stop thinking what the society will say or how your parents will react to this sudden outburst. First of all, society talks about it for a day or so because it’s in their genes to talk but it’s momentary. Nobody in the world has time to keep talking about someone faintly associated with them or impacting their lives and still if they want to follow you, always remember, “the grass looks green from the other side“. Someone from their family too must be in the same boat as you are. Do not consider yourself alone. Never worry about others, worry about yourself.
Secondly, parents, if they understand you and cannot see you in such a situation, they will support and encourage you for the decision made. Let yourself free and start enjoying your life before it’s too late.
Always Remember, if you keep pouring tea in a cup, it will start overflowing after sometime. Similarly, the frustration you have within you will not stay there forever. Do not wait for the day when you take such a step which causes irreparable damage to your personal life and blow away everything. Be wise and introduce changes to protect yourself.
Why am I not satisfied with the work I am doing in office? Why is this frustration?
  • If you are not recognized for the work you do and your professional life is nothing but that of a pawn in the game, you will never be satisfied.
  • If you are supposed to be on moon but you are digging earth, you are caught in the wrong job and satisfaction is waiting for you on moon.
  • If you find people “good-at-words” overpowering people like you “good-at-work”, you will never be satisfied.
  • No matter how hard you work, it just doesn’t prove enough for others, you are caught in the wrong work culture. It’s time to quit.
When asked to make a choice between ‘doing-a-job’ or ‘following-your-passion’, i am sure most of the votes must have gone for second option. Hardly i come across people who says that they are happy and satisfied with what they are doing.
Why am I saying all this?
Well, I was in the same boat till last year; I and my wife quit our jobs and decided to follow our heart.
The journey’s never been smooth for both of us but we feel satisfied today for what we are doing. It took a while for us to find our passion and do something that fascinates us but now we have found it, there’s no looking back.
P.S: This article is originally published on my another blog : Why Should I Quit My Job?


  1. Awesome Rahul. Life is too short. The sooner we find our calling and in turn our satisfcation the better. It takes a lot of courage to do what you and your wife did. Kudos to you guys!

    1. Thank you Jenny for the appreciation ..

      yes one must find that one thing in which you find satisfaction, rest everything is secondary !

  2. That was indeed an inspiring article....What are u doing now rahul ?

    1. thanks Mona ..

      for living, other than running my business ( i am a part time tutor!!!

  3. Yeah, you told us and hope the project you intended to do is going on well. But you know at times, we have so much of liability that we can't quit the job. Though we seriously want to...

    1. project so far it's going good .. but will take time to grow...

      i had liabilities too but no satisfaction...and now i have both.. :-)

  4. Quitting a job and following one's passion is a difficult decision to make and follow up. At the end of the day, it comes down to whether we love freedom or security. There are stumbling blocks to cross, either way.

    Destination Infinity

    1. security can also be attained from freedom .. why to have security being slave under someone's helm!

  5. All the best Rahul paaji.. I wish I can do what I want to .. but as mentioned above lots of liabilities makes one take the safe path..



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