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Barfi! Movie Review


Barfi! Is a romantic comedy of a deaf-mute guy named Barfi (After Murphy from Murphy Records) who initially falls in love with a Bengali girl Shruti later to find out how Shruti give-up her desires of having an atypical love with Barfi for a more normal guy who at least can talk and listen physically but could never listen to her feelings otherwise.

Barfi later meets his childhood friend ‘mentally challenged’ Jhilmil and fall in love with her.

But that’s not the end of the story, Barfi - silent by birth, with a broken heart and a mentally challenged girl alongside, a dying father, all this, along with a police chase to find the killer, Barfi is born to run into trouble on every corner of the road. But he does not miss the chance of finding happiness in small things of life.

Powerful but yet so simple story from Anurag basu told in a very simple way. Hats-off to Anurag Basu for his brilliant direction and splendid story.

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor aka ‘Barfi’ is a deaf and dumb character who tells people about the art of selfless love and the art of living without uttering any word other than his name MURPHY (heard BARFI thanks to his muteness). He is a charmer in the movie who charms everyone through his smile. 

Ranbir Kapoor does really well to imitate and have Raj Kapoor’s classic Charlie Chaplin antics (effects) on screen in Barfi. Broad shoulders and chocolaty look is an add-on to the protagonist’s acting skills. Ranbir Kapoor has proven his mettle once again after the grand success of Rockstar.
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Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has done role par excellence. She’s played role of a mentally challenged young girl exceptionally well. ‘Jhilmil’ is suffering from autism and is disowned by family members who later find love, sympathy for herself in Barfi.

Ileana D’Cruz

She’s the narrator of the story. ‘Shruti’ fall in love with Barfi but later moves to Darjeeling to live a more normal life. She comes back to find her lost love in Barfi but things are not the same as before.

Saurabh Shukla

The funny police inspector who gets in an unending chase to trail down Barfi in order to solve a murder mystery more pathetic than Hindi novel thrillers. His funny moments with Ranbir kapoor and jocular dialogues do makes the audience laugh.


10/10 for the lovely background music by Pritam. There’s this anonymous band throughout the movie playing guitar and other instruments making listener travel to 60s era, kind of music from Raj Kapoor movies (or something like dil toh bachcha hai ji from the movie ishqiyaan).

Mohit Chauhan’s ‘Ala Barfi’ is a fun loving song decoding how Murphy evolved into Barfi. Mohit did it in Rockstar and now he's back with Barfi!


There are many scenes in the movie which at times makes you burst out with laughter and at times make you cry. The way the camera pulls out and zooms-in, the creativity involved makes this movie a master-piece. 

The audience emotions split into 2 halves as the movie jumps back and forth depicting happiness and sadness in a sweet sour relationship.


The movie is shot in Kolkata with Howrah Bridge in background (in few scenes) and also in Darjeeling.

My Rating


A must watch movie. 

A must have in your collection.

Very fresh, very entertaining and you’ll surely fall in love with Barfi!


  1. Replies
    1. watch and tell me how was it...did you like it or not ?

  2. A very different storyline. The director should be credited for this. Such stories get the best out of actors, who are used to beating around the bush!

    1. all credits to Anurag Basu for this movie .. it's very difficult to bring out such fine acting without speaking any words .. Ranbir is a serious contender for this year's limelight...!

  3. Awesome movie...!!! Don't miss it.
    I went alone to watch this movie.....
    Simply MASTER-PIECE....!!!

    1. good you went .. and yes it is a masterpiece offcourse ..!

  4. Excellent review! I know it is good, and now I have to watch it. Ranbir is on a roll!!!

    1. so you liked the review .. now go and watch the movie and do tell what do you think about the movie ..

      oh yes, i guess 2012 belongs to Ranbir now !

  5. Nice review. It's on my must watch list now!

    1. run run run .. go and watch it snehal .. and thanks for dropping by !

  6. Good one Rahul paaji, I will go to see this movie .. or wait for the dvd.. I dont like going alone so have to find someone :)


    1. by now veer ji you must have seen the movie .. so do tell me did you liked it or not?

      i remember when i was in a new city and without any friends or company, i generally used to go all by myself to watch a movie was a different experience altogether !

  7. I am in love with this movie.. Have already watched it 4 times and every time it gives me the same impact.. :) Nice review..

    1. 4 times .. i've only seen it one time but loved it .. can watch it again though!

      thanks for liking the review ..



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