Friday, September 21

Addicted To Facebook

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Addicted to facebook:

You know you are addicted to facebook when:

·         You check your notifications every hour, every minute of the day.

·         You update your wall with updates like ‘sleeping time!’, ‘going to bed!’, ‘out to buy milk’, ‘with xyz at Mangal Kiryana Store’, ‘goodnight India’ and many more regularly.

·         You cannot live without facebook.

·         You do not believe in ‘go-get-a-life’ instead you say ‘facebook-is-life’.

·         The most you like is the like button on facebook.

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·         If you are online, you keep scrolling your facebook wall and keep liking one thing or the other.

·         As per you, time spent on facebook is not time wasted but time effectively utilised.

·         You keep counting the number of likes you get for every photo you upload.

·         You believe facebook chat is far better than gtalk or yahoo chat.

·         Acquaintances and people you met yesterday are in your friend list today.

·         Time spent with friends on facebook is inversely proportional to the time spent with friends in real.

·         There’s a tiny little facebook app installed on your mobile to check facebook updates.

·         You check your mobile one last time before you hit the bed to know ‘what’s up!’ on facebook.

·         You love to tag your friends on abstract pics.

·         You keep spying on people you hardly know through their facebook wall to know what’s happening in their life.

·         You change your profile pic every other day.

·         You have more number of unknown people in your friend list than you have in real.

·         You talk about facebook updates with your friends in real life. ‘See you on facebook’, ‘talk to you on facebook’ is common lingo among friends.

·         You once created a fake facebook profile to sneak into other’s account.

·         You cross verify a matrimonial match before saying ‘yes’ through their facebook updates and photos.

·         You must have checked your own photo albums a zillion times.

·         The very thought of life without facebook sends shivers down your spine.

See You On Facebook.

Have a Nice Day !


  1. I go to facebook once or twice a week and still think that it is wasting a lot of my time! Just think how much time is wasted if one logs into facebook many times every day!

    Destination Infinity

    1. i completely agree with you...i almost gave up using facebook for few months till i started my blog page and now i go there to update my blogposts on my facebook wall..

  2. he he he :) I go to FB when I have to put my post link.. paaji.. thankfully not addicted to FB as many are :)


    1. i visit facebook only once a day to publish my posts on my page and checkout what's happening around me...

      there's no extra minute after that to keep sitting on my wall unnecessarily ...


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