Saturday, September 22

3 Golden Rules Of Life

3 Golden rules of life:

1.       Do Not be angry

2.       Do Not be possessive

3.       Do Not be dominating

How easy it’ll be for humans to live a contented life if we follow these 3 simple rules of life.

Why should I get angry?

Why should I let anger dominate me?

Why do I need to express my emotions in a negative way?

Anger does no good to anyone. It not only disturbs the person mentally but also acts as an effective catalyst to create fissures in relationships.

We get angry only when things do not go the way we plan or when someone disagrees or do not listen and implement what we say or think. We also get angry when we are hurt by someone, someone very close. An outsider will never be able to hurt us as we are least bothered about their reaction or what they say as we do not expect anything from them. But when the same activity is done by someone very close, we feel lost, dejected and destroyed inside. We start expecting and that’s the first nail we hammer in our relationship when we start expecting. We try to dominate others and one fine day, when things do not fall the way we expect or someone try to set themselves free from clutches, anger sets within us. Why do we not try to put ourselves in other’s shoes and contemplate our reaction if we were in the same situation? Why this expectation? Because we try dominating, we try being possessive. And this expectation leads to anger. So, do not expect anything from anyone except you. The lesser you expect from someone, the happier you are!

Understand the importance of the person with whom you are fighting today. Tomorrow when the person is not there, you will never be able to forgive yourself for the times you spent with him/her getting angry over things that never mattered in first place. Learn to live a free life. Value the relation not the things. One always realises the importance of person when he/she is gone far away to eternity.

Give time to your loved ones. That’s the best gift you can ever give anyone. Remember, tomorrow when you’ll be on your death bed, you’ll never find any third person beside you other than your family. So give time to your family and respect them for who they are and what relation they have with you.

Feel satisfied with who you are and what you are. Feel happy about the situation. Do not keep crying about money, fame, house, car etc., all these are materialistic possessions, they can never give you satisfaction. You came in this world without them, you’ll go without them. So do not feel guilty if you do not have any of these things today. There’s no point of cursing or holding someone responsible or blaming the situation. Man is the maker of his own destiny. If you can’t make things right don’t expect the same from others. Remember, god help those who help themselves. Do not be possessive. The more you possess, the more you expect. The more you expect, higher the chances of getting hurt. More the hurt, more you feel lost inside. And the day you lose yourself is the day anger controls your mind. So never let that happen.

Learn to forgive people for their mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Who has the time to keep counting them? Life is too short to be sad. Live every moment by appreciating the relation and by showering happiness.

Before I conclude, let me say that next time you get angry, introspect your own thoughts and feelings to ensure whether or not you are being selfish by setting expectations. After all, there’s always a selfish reason to be angry.

Have a good day!


  1. Life is too short to be happy..what do you mean here?

    Basically all problems arise because of expectations, the day we decide to have zero expectations from everybody neither we would be angry nor dissappointed.

    1. my bad .. i've corrected that .. actually what i meant was there's so much to do and enjoy in life that life is too short to cover all the happiness so who has time to be sad or cry !

      thank you Renu for the correction !

  2. I completely agree. Most of the problems in the world is caused by ego and anger. Why dont we try to make life simple by avoiding these.

    Beautiful message :)

    1. yes but that's the irony, we love surrounding ourselves with ego, possessiveness and anger .. so it's like what goes around comes around and the world will keep following this vicious circle...

  3. important rules but very difficult to follow

    1. jo easy raste per chala woh kya hi chala ..

      thanks for dropping by sm ..

      have a nice day !

  4. Anger needs to be channelized in a constructive way rather than being used in a destructive way. If one is not satisfied about something, they can do their part to set things right instead of fixing the blame on others. Set the right example and others will follow.

    Destination Infinity

    1. very well said, set right examples and others will follow ..

      thanks for such a valuable comment..Rajesh Sir


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