Sunday, September 30

Stop Comparing !!!

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How true it is!

How many times we start comparing ourselves with others and forget the fact that every human is unique in its own way and different from others.

We all have come in this world to find true meaning of our existence, to follow different directions, pathways and eventually depart to meet the supreme lord. Remember, no two persons have the same route to follow.

Stop comparing yourself with your brothers, sisters or friends. You may be insulting yourself in a way. Understand you are unique and nobody can be the way you are.

Also, do not consider yourself inferior to anyone. When God created every human uniquely then why do you want to doubt his creativity by comparing.

Understand your WORTH by not comparing but by self-realization and learning.

Have a Nice Day!

P.S : Almost 5 years and after publishing 156 posts, my Blog finally reached 50000 PageViews.

Thank you all !!!

Thursday, September 27

Born in 80s – Part II

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How many of you remember the famous television program Flop Show conceptualised by Jaspal Bhatti on DD. And then we also had Ulta Pulta and musicals like Meri Awaaz Suno on DD1, Superhit Muqabala on DD2 and tvs sa re ga ma pa, antakshri on Zee TV.

Then there was Shriman ShrimatiWaghle ki Duniya on DD and Just Mohabbat, Hum Sab Ek Hain on Sony. Even today i faintly remember the cast and the characters (dilruba, Jai, Sanju) from these serials, how exciting it was to watch these fun-filled, comedy programs in those days.

I don’t know how many of you watched this but there was this program The legend of Condor Heroes aired on sab tv depicting the lives of mighty Chinese/Japanese warriors.

Also, there was Power Rangers, G.I.Joe and Star trek animation series. I still remember those school days when dad would switch ON television and we’ll watch G.I Joe for 15 minutes before our school bus arrive.

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How about Pankaj kapoor’s fatichar, Mohandas BALLB and Gopichand Jasoos? It was like watching the desi Indian version of Sherlock Holmes on Doordarshan. Also there was another detective series named Byomkesh Bakshi and Sam D’Silva’s (Vijay Anand) Tehkikat.

Pankaj kapoor was also the emcee for the show Philips Top 10 along with Satish kaushik.

Then there were these children programs like udan tashtri, stone boy and small wonder.

Horror programs like Zee Horror Show, X-Zone, woh, aahat and achanak 37 saal baad were far better than those Evil Dead, urban legend movies of that era. I always prayed that these programs should never have an end.

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How about all those tv advertisements: Dhaara, doodh doodh doodh piyo glass full, nirma, Cyndi crawford’s pepsi ad, captain cook, benson & hedges paints, Ajanta clocks, dairy milk, humara bajaj, gold spot, lehar pepsi, pan parag, lijjat papad, ece bulb, titan, vicco turmeric, nestle, liril soap, rasana, Kapil’s Palmolive cream, vicks inhaler, brahmi amla oil, taj mahal tea, boost, kayam churan, bajaj bulbs, dabur hajmola and fevicol.

Then we also had those tv videogames like Contra, ninja turtles and Mario we used to play on our ATARI or SAMURAI videogame consoles. I was a big fan of Contra and Super Mario like kids today are of Counter Strike, NFS & GTA.

How beautiful those days were!

P.S : And before i forget : "HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOGLE"

Thanks for all the happiness you brought in my life.

Monday, September 24

The Motorcycle Diaries Movie Review

The Motorcycle Diaries is an adaption of the memoirs written by Ernesto Che Guevara from the Book by the same name.

Google Images

In 1952, 23 year old Ernesto Guevara De La Serna, a medical student sets out on a motorcycle journey with his 29 year old friend Alberto Granado, a biochemist. They plan to cover 8000 kilometres in 4 months starting January 4 in 1952 on Alberto’s old ‘Norton 500’ bike. The journey begins from their hometown Buenos Aries, covering most of South America and finally coming to an end in Venezuela on Alberto’s 30th birthday. But there’s a twist in the tale, the dream to see the continent does not go the way they planned. Apart from troubling motorcycle, asthmatic Guevara and money shortage, there’s more to this journey. Checkout how this motorcycle journey turns Ernesto Guevara to CHE Guevara, a man, a radical all ready to set-off a revolution.

Why you should watch ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’?

If you are a bike freak who loves adventure and is a person with atleast one CHE Guevara printed t-shirt, it’s a must watch for you. This movie brings you very close to the life of 23 year old Ernesto Guevara, his thinking and how it lead to the making of a revolutionary.
Google Images


Can anyone play Guevara any better than Gael Garcia Bernal. Such an intense, honest acting depicting the real CHE can only be done by Bernal. His friendship with Rodrigo De La Serna (Alberto Granado) is shown brilliantly onscreen.
Google Images


Some of the best shots of Machu Picchu Mountain are shown in the movie when the friends visited Peru.


The movie was released in Spanish so you need to watch it with subtitles.


Music was composed by Gustavo Santaolalla. And now the rumours are that yash raj’s next movie with Shahrukh Khan and Katrina kaifJab tak Hai Jaan’ has music inspired from The Motorcycle Diaries.

My Rating : 5/5

Read the novel to find out why Ernesto was given the nickname CHE by his friends and followers.

Sunday, September 23

Rocky Balboa - Inspirational Quotes

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How true is this statement!

Life is a race, one must keep fighting till you reach the end. Running, falling, getting up and again running is what matters in the end.

Reminds of the lines from the famous Poem "The Race" by D.H.Groberg:

'for all of life is like that race.
With ups and downs and all.
And all you have to do to win,
Is rise each time you fall'

Have a Nice Day!

Saturday, September 22

3 Golden Rules Of Life

3 Golden rules of life:

1.       Do Not be angry

2.       Do Not be possessive

3.       Do Not be dominating

How easy it’ll be for humans to live a contented life if we follow these 3 simple rules of life.

Why should I get angry?

Why should I let anger dominate me?

Why do I need to express my emotions in a negative way?

Anger does no good to anyone. It not only disturbs the person mentally but also acts as an effective catalyst to create fissures in relationships.

We get angry only when things do not go the way we plan or when someone disagrees or do not listen and implement what we say or think. We also get angry when we are hurt by someone, someone very close. An outsider will never be able to hurt us as we are least bothered about their reaction or what they say as we do not expect anything from them. But when the same activity is done by someone very close, we feel lost, dejected and destroyed inside. We start expecting and that’s the first nail we hammer in our relationship when we start expecting. We try to dominate others and one fine day, when things do not fall the way we expect or someone try to set themselves free from clutches, anger sets within us. Why do we not try to put ourselves in other’s shoes and contemplate our reaction if we were in the same situation? Why this expectation? Because we try dominating, we try being possessive. And this expectation leads to anger. So, do not expect anything from anyone except you. The lesser you expect from someone, the happier you are!

Understand the importance of the person with whom you are fighting today. Tomorrow when the person is not there, you will never be able to forgive yourself for the times you spent with him/her getting angry over things that never mattered in first place. Learn to live a free life. Value the relation not the things. One always realises the importance of person when he/she is gone far away to eternity.

Give time to your loved ones. That’s the best gift you can ever give anyone. Remember, tomorrow when you’ll be on your death bed, you’ll never find any third person beside you other than your family. So give time to your family and respect them for who they are and what relation they have with you.

Feel satisfied with who you are and what you are. Feel happy about the situation. Do not keep crying about money, fame, house, car etc., all these are materialistic possessions, they can never give you satisfaction. You came in this world without them, you’ll go without them. So do not feel guilty if you do not have any of these things today. There’s no point of cursing or holding someone responsible or blaming the situation. Man is the maker of his own destiny. If you can’t make things right don’t expect the same from others. Remember, god help those who help themselves. Do not be possessive. The more you possess, the more you expect. The more you expect, higher the chances of getting hurt. More the hurt, more you feel lost inside. And the day you lose yourself is the day anger controls your mind. So never let that happen.

Learn to forgive people for their mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Who has the time to keep counting them? Life is too short to be sad. Live every moment by appreciating the relation and by showering happiness.

Before I conclude, let me say that next time you get angry, introspect your own thoughts and feelings to ensure whether or not you are being selfish by setting expectations. After all, there’s always a selfish reason to be angry.

Have a good day!

Friday, September 21

Addicted To Facebook

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Addicted to facebook:

You know you are addicted to facebook when:

·         You check your notifications every hour, every minute of the day.

·         You update your wall with updates like ‘sleeping time!’, ‘going to bed!’, ‘out to buy milk’, ‘with xyz at Mangal Kiryana Store’, ‘goodnight India’ and many more regularly.

·         You cannot live without facebook.

·         You do not believe in ‘go-get-a-life’ instead you say ‘facebook-is-life’.

·         The most you like is the like button on facebook.

Google Images
·         If you are online, you keep scrolling your facebook wall and keep liking one thing or the other.

·         As per you, time spent on facebook is not time wasted but time effectively utilised.

·         You keep counting the number of likes you get for every photo you upload.

·         You believe facebook chat is far better than gtalk or yahoo chat.

·         Acquaintances and people you met yesterday are in your friend list today.

·         Time spent with friends on facebook is inversely proportional to the time spent with friends in real.

·         There’s a tiny little facebook app installed on your mobile to check facebook updates.

·         You check your mobile one last time before you hit the bed to know ‘what’s up!’ on facebook.

·         You love to tag your friends on abstract pics.

·         You keep spying on people you hardly know through their facebook wall to know what’s happening in their life.

·         You change your profile pic every other day.

·         You have more number of unknown people in your friend list than you have in real.

·         You talk about facebook updates with your friends in real life. ‘See you on facebook’, ‘talk to you on facebook’ is common lingo among friends.

·         You once created a fake facebook profile to sneak into other’s account.

·         You cross verify a matrimonial match before saying ‘yes’ through their facebook updates and photos.

·         You must have checked your own photo albums a zillion times.

·         The very thought of life without facebook sends shivers down your spine.

See You On Facebook.

Have a Nice Day !

Wednesday, September 19

Ganesh Chaturthi

This is me in my (self-proclaimed) Michael Scofield look celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi 2 years back in Johannesburg.

This’ll be the first time that i’ll be witnessing the celebrations in the heart of Maharashtra in Pune.

I wish all my friends and bloggers a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi with good wishes, blessings & prosperity for the year ahead!


Rahul Aggarwal

Monday, September 17

Guess The Movie Contest

i came across this interesting pic on Facebook today and could not stop myself from putting this on my blog as a contest.

Here's the pic. it may look very simple but there's a catch. You need to find the name of the movie from the pic. have a good look of the pic!

Courtesy : Facebook
Winner will get this :
Courtesy : Google Images

Thank you Bikram Veer ji from "Me and My Random Thoughts" for giving the idea to write such wonderful posts (inspired from your blog) !

Sunday, September 16

Joker's Ideology : How True!

Here's this Sunday's Inspirational quote and the pic!

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Saturday, September 15

Barfi! Movie Review


Barfi! Is a romantic comedy of a deaf-mute guy named Barfi (After Murphy from Murphy Records) who initially falls in love with a Bengali girl Shruti later to find out how Shruti give-up her desires of having an atypical love with Barfi for a more normal guy who at least can talk and listen physically but could never listen to her feelings otherwise.

Barfi later meets his childhood friend ‘mentally challenged’ Jhilmil and fall in love with her.

But that’s not the end of the story, Barfi - silent by birth, with a broken heart and a mentally challenged girl alongside, a dying father, all this, along with a police chase to find the killer, Barfi is born to run into trouble on every corner of the road. But he does not miss the chance of finding happiness in small things of life.

Powerful but yet so simple story from Anurag basu told in a very simple way. Hats-off to Anurag Basu for his brilliant direction and splendid story.

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor aka ‘Barfi’ is a deaf and dumb character who tells people about the art of selfless love and the art of living without uttering any word other than his name MURPHY (heard BARFI thanks to his muteness). He is a charmer in the movie who charms everyone through his smile. 

Ranbir Kapoor does really well to imitate and have Raj Kapoor’s classic Charlie Chaplin antics (effects) on screen in Barfi. Broad shoulders and chocolaty look is an add-on to the protagonist’s acting skills. Ranbir Kapoor has proven his mettle once again after the grand success of Rockstar.
Barfi - Google Images
Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has done role par excellence. She’s played role of a mentally challenged young girl exceptionally well. ‘Jhilmil’ is suffering from autism and is disowned by family members who later find love, sympathy for herself in Barfi.

Ileana D’Cruz

She’s the narrator of the story. ‘Shruti’ fall in love with Barfi but later moves to Darjeeling to live a more normal life. She comes back to find her lost love in Barfi but things are not the same as before.

Saurabh Shukla

The funny police inspector who gets in an unending chase to trail down Barfi in order to solve a murder mystery more pathetic than Hindi novel thrillers. His funny moments with Ranbir kapoor and jocular dialogues do makes the audience laugh.


10/10 for the lovely background music by Pritam. There’s this anonymous band throughout the movie playing guitar and other instruments making listener travel to 60s era, kind of music from Raj Kapoor movies (or something like dil toh bachcha hai ji from the movie ishqiyaan).

Mohit Chauhan’s ‘Ala Barfi’ is a fun loving song decoding how Murphy evolved into Barfi. Mohit did it in Rockstar and now he's back with Barfi!


There are many scenes in the movie which at times makes you burst out with laughter and at times make you cry. The way the camera pulls out and zooms-in, the creativity involved makes this movie a master-piece. 

The audience emotions split into 2 halves as the movie jumps back and forth depicting happiness and sadness in a sweet sour relationship.


The movie is shot in Kolkata with Howrah Bridge in background (in few scenes) and also in Darjeeling.

My Rating


A must watch movie. 

A must have in your collection.

Very fresh, very entertaining and you’ll surely fall in love with Barfi!

Tuesday, September 11

Born In The 80s - Part I

If you are born in the 80s:

·         You were glued to television, especially doordarshan.

·         You love talking about serials like Chandrakanta, fatichar, Zabaan Sambhal ke, dekh bhai dekh, Hip Hip Hurray, Stone Boy, Udaan, Alif Laila, bharat ek khoj, the sword of tipu sultan and no surprise if you still remember the complete title track(song) of the serial Chandrakanta.

Google Images

·         You get excited when you listen names of cartoon shows like Tale Spin, Duck Tales, Alladin, Alibaba Aur Chalis Chor, Gayab Aaya, panch tantra stories, he man, superman, spider man, dr. Snuggles, Popeye etc.

·         You still love to talk about your childhood days when you hated school just to realize today how much fun it really was.

·         You love to share the stories when your days were divided on the basis of programs that ran on television. How Wednesday was reserved for programs like chitrahaar, Hindi feature film (with unending breaks) on DD and Friday nights were tagged as horror nights.

·         You grew up watching amazing programs like Chitrahaar, Surubhi, Shanti, Swabhiman and remember every week there used to be one Hindi feature film with annoying 15 minutes news at 8:30 on Doordarshan.

·         And from Punjab, you were there when Operation Bluestar took place. Your family has seen it but since then you never discussed about it with anyone but always felt that you knew a lot about it and were part of this dreadful event.
Google Images

·         How can we forget the mythological serials like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vikram Aur Betal that used to air on Doordarshan every Sunday? I still remember the days when having a TV in the house was a big thing and how the whole colony would gather at one place to watch gods on small screen. Only time of the day when roads will run dry. As we grew up, we replaced Lord Ram’s face with that of Arun Govil and Deepika became Sita for all. (Here’s an interesting observation, close your eyes for few seconds and imagine the picture of Lord Rama or Sita, what do you see? Has to be Arun Govil and Deepika!!! – Interesting, no, just the 80s effect :P )

·         You were there when cable TV took over Doordarshan. The first music channel that we had then was MTV (with programs like SELECT, Most Wanted) and Zee TV had few famous programs like Chakravyuh, Tara, Zee Horror Show, Hum Paanch, Hip Hip Hurray, Campus. Remember that song ‘When Cigarette in my hand, I felt like a man' first aired on doordarshan but later was popularized on Zee TV. How many of us thought that it was an original compilation by an Indian!

·         You know who Ramsay brothers were and admit it all of us loved their horror shows and thanked them for scaring the hell out of us.

·         You have a story to tell to your cousins even today about the ghosts (demons) you saw in an abandon house in your society or the rumours you heard about a place or a house when you were young.

·         You can recite the rap song ‘Stop that’ from one of Govinda’s flick even today. And how about our very own Indian rapper, ‘Baba Sehgal’, I am sure people still remember the tune of ‘thanda thanda pani’ and ‘dil dhadke mera dil dhadke’.

·         How we used to dance to the tunes of ‘tu tu tu tu tu Tara’ from Bol Radha Bol and ‘tu cheez badi hai mast mast’ from Mohra.

·         How many of us remember sitcoms like I dream of Jeanie, Dennis the Menace, Silver Spoons, full house, Different Strokes, The 3 Stooges, Double-O-Slip on Sony entertainment television.

·         There is atleast 1 flop movie that you must have seen a thousand times when you were young. My movie was ‘heera lal panna lal’.

·         One thing we never hated no matter how many times we had was - ‘2 minute maggi noodles’ and we still love it.

·         Birthdays were celebrated by not cutting cakes but pastries.

·         Dad would take entire family for a picnic on that old scooter meant to hold only 2 members.

·         Going for a movie meant either booking an upper stall, lower stall or Balcony seat which would cost nothing more than 15, 10 and 20 respectively.

·         When the telephone system was in its infancy, how we would dial and make blank calls to unknown numbers and run fast to receive call if it ever rung.

I’ll keep adding to the list as I remember more from the past.

If you are born in the 80s and have anything to add to this post, all thoughts and reflections are welcome!

Thank You.

Sunday, September 9

Albert Einstein - Inspirational Quote!

This Sunday's inspirational quote from Albert Einstein :

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Have A Nice Day!

Friday, September 7

Why Should I Quit My Job?

Gautama Buddha gave away his kingdom, his power, wealth and lineage to seek spiritual satisfaction. Family, money or fame never excited him. Thus he took the road lesser known to find peace within himself and in search of self exploration. He always believed man is so vulnerable that he cannot control himself, his own mind and body than how can he control others (kingdom)?
Buddha was always so correct in giving up everything. At least he felt satisfied with what he was doing. But, today, in this 21st century, we have come to a point where we are so fragile that we cannot even control our mind. We always need someone to rule over us. No matter we talk about the times when English ruled us to the age today when people at work control the way our life functions. We like calling ourselves slaves at the helms of those who got matured learning such tactics when they were young and enslaved by their peers.
Why should you quit your job?
Satisfaction. That’s the one word answer I have for all.
If you are not satisfied with the work you are doing or you feel that you are stuck in a wrong job, you must quit today. You are wasting every second, every minute of your life doing something which you aren’t supposed to do in first place and still you are forcing yourself into it. Why is this emphatic push to keep moving at the cost of ruining your life?
Stop thinking what the society will say or how your parents will react to this sudden outburst. First of all, society talks about it for a day or so because it’s in their genes to talk but it’s momentary. Nobody in the world has time to keep talking about someone faintly associated with them or impacting their lives and still if they want to follow you, always remember, “the grass looks green from the other side“. Someone from their family too must be in the same boat as you are. Do not consider yourself alone. Never worry about others, worry about yourself.
Secondly, parents, if they understand you and cannot see you in such a situation, they will support and encourage you for the decision made. Let yourself free and start enjoying your life before it’s too late.
Always Remember, if you keep pouring tea in a cup, it will start overflowing after sometime. Similarly, the frustration you have within you will not stay there forever. Do not wait for the day when you take such a step which causes irreparable damage to your personal life and blow away everything. Be wise and introduce changes to protect yourself.
Why am I not satisfied with the work I am doing in office? Why is this frustration?
  • If you are not recognized for the work you do and your professional life is nothing but that of a pawn in the game, you will never be satisfied.
  • If you are supposed to be on moon but you are digging earth, you are caught in the wrong job and satisfaction is waiting for you on moon.
  • If you find people “good-at-words” overpowering people like you “good-at-work”, you will never be satisfied.
  • No matter how hard you work, it just doesn’t prove enough for others, you are caught in the wrong work culture. It’s time to quit.
When asked to make a choice between ‘doing-a-job’ or ‘following-your-passion’, i am sure most of the votes must have gone for second option. Hardly i come across people who says that they are happy and satisfied with what they are doing.
Why am I saying all this?
Well, I was in the same boat till last year; I and my wife quit our jobs and decided to follow our heart.
The journey’s never been smooth for both of us but we feel satisfied today for what we are doing. It took a while for us to find our passion and do something that fascinates us but now we have found it, there’s no looking back.
P.S: This article is originally published on my another blog : Why Should I Quit My Job?

Thursday, September 6

Happy Teacher's Day

I celebrated Teacher’s Day yesterday with my students in Pune.

It’s been more than six months now that I’ve been teaching Maths to students from Class VIII to Class XII as a part time job.

So this is what my students had for me on Teacher’s Day.

Happy Teacher's Day

Happy Teacher's Day

Definitely a proud feeling!

Also, I would like to wish all my teachers, family members & friends who have been such a guiding force in making me what I am today, ‘A Very Happy Teacher’s Day’.

Thank you all for the efforts you made.

“Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara Guru Sakshaat Param Brahma Tatsamay Shri Guruvey Namah”

Sunday, September 2

Charlie Chaplin - Inspirational Sundays

This Sunday's Inspirational Image :

Courtesy : Facebook
Every time i feel low, i look upon this inspirational quote said by The Legendary Charlie Chaplin.

Powerful words from a Powerful Man!

Have a Great Day!
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