Saturday, August 25

Worry No More, Soak No More

4 final year science students (Ravi, Raj, Rohit, Roy) in hostel, sharing thoughts while remembering how they spent last 3 years in college!

Ravi: Dude, you remember those gruesome chemistry lectures we had in 1st year?

Raj: forbid me if I’m wrong but the teacher was much more fearsome than the subject. No offense, but neither the teacher had any student in the class nor he possessed any class!

Rohit: And how many days he took to complete that one chapter on ‘Vibrating Molecules’. Man, I get shivers down my spine when the word “vibration” hits me even today!

Roy: Oh yeah, I could remember those nasty days. The command in his voice, the way he began his lectures on “Vibrating Molecules” and the fear he infused in sheeplike students, it still frightens me.

Ravi: And do you remember the incident when we 4 were chosen as House Prefects for the inter house competition held in second year. And our beloved Chemistry teacher demanded that his choice of prefects should be more than willing to give 100% of their soul and effort in organizing and managing that event.

Roy: Dude, don’t even talk about it. I still remember how he used to call us for meetings post college and give lectures in those specially devised Vulcan chambers (rooms) daily. I literally started having fits.

Rohit: I started getting periodic nightmares. It takes efforts to digest the fact that how particular he was about our dress code. How he always wanted us 4 to look different from the normal herd by making us wear expensive colourful clothes.

Raj: And Ravi was so worried about losing his dress, he removed all the inexpensive stuff from his closet to make room for this one particular dress, more out of fear than out of respect.

Ravi: Oh yes, it started to look as if this event will never have an end. The dress became more important than anything in my life, more important than the girl I assumed considered me as her boy friend. I don’t even remember when that dress became my so-called over-pampered girl friend.

Roy: And before the D-day, when everything was all set, how can we forget that bizarre incident which took place when Ravi’s dress inside the cupboard was infected with white patches thanks to the water seeping through the cracks in the walls of the hostel room.

Ravi knew he was more than dead and we all were helpless. He was shivering with fear and rest of were worried about our dress when suddenly Raj made a dash through the college gate and brought back Surf Excel Matic from the store.

Last night, he overheard on phone while his mom was giving instructions to the maid to use Surf Excel Matic for clothes as it does not require soaking and directly works on stains and remove them efficiently.

He knew this will work so he immediately loaded the washing machine in hostel’s bathroom with Surf Excel Matic. We all knew it is just a matter of time now. We held each other’s hands in hostel’s common washroom and were praying for expected results.

Raj: And the result came out in flying colours. The dress was free of all the stains and was breathing a new life. So was Ravi.

Ravi: The fear of listening to Chemistry Sir’s loud and vibrating molecular voice tomorrow was sidelined by the ‘Soak No More’ power of ‘Vibrating Molecules’ of new Surf Excel Matic.

Roy: it was a moment to remember for sure.

This post is written for Soak No More contest on IndiBlogger.


  1. Quite out of box and very well written.

    All the very best Rahul.

  2. Nicely written. It reminded me of my college days. All the best for the contest Rahul !

    1. glad to know that this particular post reminded you of your college days...

      thank you for the wishes !

  3. Hi Rahul...That's a very nice, if different, take on the contest. It took me back 8-10 years. All the best for the contest.

    Pls go thru my post if u have time....

    1. thank you Himanshu .. heading towards your post now :-)


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