Wednesday, August 22

What Matters Is Trying !

“If you’ve never failed you’ve never tried”
Edison tried 999 times before he could successfully invent a bulb. He never gave up. Similarly, one must not stop trying. If you do not try today, you may never be able to smell success in your life. Nobody likes to be called a Failure!
Once a question was asked, “who does hard-work the most?”
The answer is ants. Ants, they never stop trying. They keep walking, climbing, falling and again getting up to start walking. We should learn from ants. An ant keeps walking slowly one after the other and if it falls or lose track, it’ll start all over again to keep moving but will never give up. Giving up is not in their genes. If little ants can take the stress of life then why can’t you when you are on the verge of winning.
“When going gets tough, tough gets going”
Winning is important but not the ultimate goal. Winning is temporary but what you learn out of that win is what matters in the end. Wanting to win, to keep trying is the need of the hour. No matter how the circumstances turn into your face you should never give up.
Life has an unstoppable, uneven track where you are walking and if you fall today and do not get back on your feet, you may lose the track forever, in-turn lose your life. So get up and keep moving. You never know you may be very close to the finishing line.
Never take the easy way, it always looks short and sweet but is the toughest and scariest way to heaven.
Every failure brings a new learning. Every failure teaches you to not to try the same in the game of life in this particular manner. Take defeat in a positive way. Expression of grief for the loss will do you no good. Get back and try again but in a different way. You can always narrow down your tries by facing failure every time. Do not let anger, frustration over rule you. Anger will only aggravate your pain.
“The day is bad, not your life”
Have faith in yourself. Open your life’s book to a page where all the positive things are written. Develop an attitude where word ‘failure’ holds no other meaning but ‘trying-in-a-new-way’.
Do not lose your focus. If you want success, start focussing today and do not worry about the result because winning is not important, what counts is whether you tried or not (period)!
Always remember, no matter how the situation is, how difficult the conditions are, keep faith in yourself. Keep the fire burning inside you. Do not let the flame die.
P.S: This article is originally published on my another blog : What Matters Is Trying!


  1. It's true. At the end of the day, even though victory matters a lot, it's the way in which it is achieved that is more important. Also, there is no point in living an average i-too-lived life. It's important for each one of us to give the best shot at life, irrespective of what life throws at us. If we fail a hundred times, we should not hesitate to try it again (differently) for the 101st time!

    Destination Infinity

    1. very well said Rajesh Sir ..

      there's no point in living i-too-lived life...its easy to take the easy route but the real fun comes when life is always on the edge !

  2. Very apt, having faith, being consistent and focused really helps. A motivating read Rahul. :)

  3. That was an indeed inspiring post rahul!!!

  4. What matters is giving your 100 percent in whatever you are doing, then there are no regrets and no failures... but only a feeling of satisfaction equivalent to that of a winner. That was an inspiring read, very well said Rahul. :)

    1. your comment is synonymous to my post Arti ..

      thanks for the appreciation...!

  5. Paaji If one follows the above they are bound to succeed , WALK THE TALK..

    Try try until you die.. and let the Games begin


    1. yes, try try till you die .. that's the golden rule and you are bound to succeed...

      nothing succeeds like success!


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