Sunday, August 26

The Pursuit Of Happiness : Inspirational Quote

From now on, i’ll be posting one pic every Sunday which has lot of inspirational meaning attached to it.

Courtesy : Facebook

This is my 48th post in this year.

The same number of posts i wrote in 2008.

So i hope this year i'll be able to break my personal best record of writing 48 posts in one year.

Thank you all for the comments you made and the invaluable time you spent on my page reading these posts!


  1. wooo hooo way to go Rahul, I am sure you will break it got 4 months to go yet for the year ..

    all the best


    1. oh yes, the speed with which am writing and publishing the posts .. i am going to beat it with a long margin :-)

      thank you veer ji

  2. Cool thought. I have written 88 posts till date, I think I need to write more...

    1. your 88 made your a blog a brand .. but my 53 is like a drop in the ocean :-(

  3. Great quote, Rahul!

    And delighted that you'll break your previous year's record!!

    Keep 'em coming :)

  4. Congratulations! 48 posts in a year means very near to one post every week. That is amazing. I have managed only a 100 odd articles in 4 years.

    I agree with the quote. If you want to do it, then better try to do it. Don't ever listen to people that it is difficult and can't be done etc etc. Mind is an amazing machine. If you dream it, you get it.

    1. very well said .. "mind is an amazing machine"

      thanks for such a valuable comment Sir !

  5. Sometimes people even tell us that we can't do something that they have already done. The best thing is not to listen to anyone.

    Destination Infinity


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