Thursday, August 30

Nan Hua Buddhist Temple, South Africa

August 2009, almost 3 years back, while I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, I visited the Nan Hua Temple.

Whenever I look at the photos, the memory of the visit rejuvenates my being.

It was a Sunday morning that I and my roommates planned to visit Nan Hua temple in Bronkhotspruit (Easter Gauteng) near Johannesburg.

Since the temple is mostly crowded during Chinese New Year (in the month of February) celebrations every year. The month of August didn’t see many visitors around the temple.

Nan Hua Temple is the largest Buddhist Temple built in South Africa. Their main teachings include 3 simple facts of life:

·         Think good thoughts

·         Speak good words

·         Do good things

The solitude and the peace surrounding the temple reanimate the spirit.

If you are visiting or in South Africa, you must visit this temple to reconnect yourself to the simplicity of life!

Let me share some of the pics captured during the visit.


  1. if only all of us can follow those three simple THOUGHTS .. this world will be a beautiful place to be in..

    lovely pictures Rahul .. Tell me how is this country .. I have heard it is beautiful

    1. i agree with you veer ji...simple thoughts but so hard to follow in today's world...

      thanks for liking the pictures ..

      you must visit johannesburg .. its actually very beautiful..!

  2. The temple looks gorgeous. I wonder why there are not many Buddhist temples in major cities of India? At least they are not visible. I mean, we being so close to China and being the motherland of God Buddha, we should be having some temples at least, in addition to the Buddhist heritage monuments... It would have been wonderful to click photos of such temples.

    Destination Infinity

    1. there are few buddhist temples the one's i know of in Orrisa somewhere...

      i agree the shutterbugs part would have been amazing if there would have been such constructions in india at a larger scale too...!

  3. Thanks a lot for that piece of information and the tranquil pictures.

    I have been living here for some time now, and have visited a few places but not the temple mentioned. Chinese people have a strong presence in this country. When I make my next trip, there is no question on the destination.:))

    1. oh you must visit the temple then Prasanna...

      thanks for dropping by...

      keep visiting..!


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