Friday, August 24

Happy Independence Day India

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No legacy is so rich as honesty.
William Shakespeare

How often it happens that we feel a sense of pride meeting our own people in a new land but back home we do not even care to give even an iota of respect to our countrymen. Back home, we worship and respect only one thing - money, forget human values!

Why do we have such double standards (or dual personality)? While speaking to an American, or a European, we would show the utmost levels of innocence and respect but as we cross borders to reach our native ground, we crush our honesty, innocence beneath our feet to make way for one thing, slyness. We unofficially declare ourselves as astute masters of deception. We accept it or not but mentally, we still believe in the idea of slavery and consider foreigners superior to us in every sense.

Honesty is another religion in Europe. They religiously follow the principle ‘Honesty is the best policy’. But back in our own country, the word ‘honesty’ is only visible in textbooks. We talk about independent India, free India but are we really free? We have become slaves of our own perception on how we see things. We have lost trust in our own people and so we do not understand the word ‘Honesty’. We have developed a crab mentality always trying to pull others!!!

We meet we talk just to gulp down the bad state of our economy and how our nation is slowly moving to gallows. And the irony is we still find no regret in saying ‘INDIA SHINNING’!

Take for example, I’ve seen people being extra careful and advising others to not to litter on foreign land but back home, we do not care even if an entire truck of garbage is offloaded on the pavement.

365 days we fight, deceive, quarrel, do dishonest things, take people for granted just to celebrate our true being of what we’ve become and what have we got post independence. Do we really understand the true meaning of independence?

Celebrating independence does not mean remembering our freedom fighters, playing songs or painting the entire country with 3 colours. It means lot more than that!

Real independence will only come when we are independent in our thoughts, when we are honest and believe in one-self.

I agree, action speak louder than words and that’s why I do my bit by being true and open in my thoughts, doing my work honestly and by treating humans as humans and respecting human values. Remember, relations lasts forever, not things.

Happy Independence Day!

P.S: Written after reading what Saru posted on her facebook wall “65 years of independence, still waiting for the real independence. HONESTY

Thanks Saru!

Thanks Raghav for proofreading!


  1. Couldn't agree more! I had written a post too long back, as to how hypocritical we behave when we are in a foreign country and how well we change back to our old ways as soon as we land. 65 years, soon it is just becming an another day for us! such a pity.

    1. i completely agree with you Jenny .. hypocrisy looks so very indian word now .. we have it in our genes i guess !

  2. Very GOOD post , and says exactly what my thoughts are.
    This is one reason I have not written anything this year.. it does not mean anymore sadly..

    the only reason for celebration was we got independance from british rule .. but got overtaken by our very own ..

    you area good man Rahul and be like that always


    1. thanks for the appreciation veer ji ..

      i agree with you .. i wish the Britishers should have continued to rule our nation and given us partial freedom. We would have done lot better like South Africa.

      but the bottom line remains the same, we indians like it when we are ruled by others!!!

      koi marey ya koi jeeye...hum nahi kehna chodte ki "mera bharat mahan"!!!

  3. Even empire state building was coloured with tricolour

  4. Rahul even here, Indians are not so good with fellow Indians, seems like we need a moral overhaul.

    Very well written, though you added a day there:)

    1. it's always a good feeling when i hear appreciation words for you for my content ..

      yes i've added that 1 day...hehehe

      and thank you once again for the inspiring me for this post..!

  5. Very well written. As long as we think we are inferior, we will be. The day we start believing in ourselves and become honest people, we can do wonders.

    Destination Infinity


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