Friday, August 3

Google Ate My Life

How seldom it happens when an inanimate object takes life and not any other life but your own life. That’s what Google did to me. It eventually ate my life.

You name it whether it’s the undying fad for internet or mobile applications, Google has definitely changed the way we live our life. It’s hard to believe but it’s true.

The way TATA Empire penetrated in our lives (for good) and affected millions and millions of Indians all across the world, similarly Google is omnipresent on the web and in almost every domain and is affecting lives in ‘NO EVIL’ way. What TATA is to India, Google is to the World.

I’ve been a big admirer of all Google products (except the few). Alright let me list down some of the most important Google products which poisoned my life completely for good and without them, I consider my life nothing but a big black hole in web space.

The Omnipotent Gmail Account, I cannot imagine my life without Gmail. It has been an addiction. I started using Gmail back in 2005 during college, since then I never looked back or changed to any other email service. Gmail did wonders for me. At times when I have no important task on hand, I sit and read mails from the past and go through the Gtalk conversations I archived in my account years ago. It’s like walking through the same path in the jungle you visited long ago.

Lately, if you have been checking your mails every minute, every second (even on your mobile), you need a break. As Leo Babauta puts it, checking money in your bank account again and again will not increase the money. One should avoid visiting your email account too frequently. And the only way to stop this is through GNotifier. It pop-up a message when a new mail arrives in your box without making end user visit the Gmail webpage.

If anything goes viral or if you need some tutorials, you know the best and reliable way to watch it online is through YouTube. Google’s video search engine YouTube works best for me when it comes to learning anything online or watching latest updates or old songs. YouTube has definitely become a household name for watching anything online.

How can I forget the Google Videos product, it may not have enough public presence like YouTube but I downloaded entire Ramayana, Bharat-Ek Khoj and Chanakya Series from here.

The only way Microsoft makes its presence felt on my laptop is through Vista OS and Microsoft Office, rest everything is from Google. I am eagerly waiting for the day when Google will launch its own Operating System for laptops and will be easily and cheaply available like Microsoft Windows.

Talking about OS, Google has its own OS, Android for mobiles and the whole world is going crazy over it. I may not be in position to own an android mobile today but nobody says to stop dreaming. Android has definitely reinforced the grip mobile phones were losing in the market. And add-on to that is the coolest, funniest and time-consuming ‘Angry birds’ game I recently installed on my laptop, this has bugged me completely.

If you are reading this post on Mozilla or on IE, you are missing the fun. Try Google Chrome, the softest, the prettiest and the coolest browser of all times. I agree Mozilla is good for development but not everyone is a developer!

Bored of Microsoft Search on your desktop, try Google Desktop. It Searches anything on desktop or on web at lightning speed.

Heard of Gmail Offline? Easiest way to store your Gmail account on your desktop. Access all your mails without network connectivity through Gmail Offline.

Last but not the least, Blogger from Google family. Today I cannot imagine myself without blogging. I may not live forever but my words will live forever!!!

Then there’s Google plus, Google Reader, Google Map, Google Earth & Google Music to name a few from the Google House. The list is unending.

I hope you enjoyed this post.


  1. Why not install Thunderbird for Windows and get all your mails on your desktop? I am doing that. I am struck with an old mobile with Windows 6 OS. It's fine though, except for hanging once in a month :)

    Gmail and Youtube are the best. I have not used Google videos. You should try Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Try installing them as a dual boot over Windows. They are awesome. I am using both now :)

    Destination Infinity

    1. thunderbird, i heard about it but never tried it .. will check out for sure but not sure whether it'll work on vista or not .. and i hope it does not slow down my system ..

      i had ubuntu installed. its no doubt a good OS ..but the problem i had with ubuntu was .. the network connectivity .. it restricted me to have any network access .. so i dumped it later !

      yes i made it as dual boot over windows !

  2. i did enjoy your post!! i am not aware of many of those products you have mentioned here. will try these. thanks for all the info. a great post!!!

  3. oh wow, I liked that google videos link, I jsut bought the entire chanakya series .. will have a look at some other series .. and bharat ek khoj was awesome .. I wonder if they have those old college themed series , and tele films like yeh woh manzil to nahin, and other ones ..

    I was not aware of many of the things you have mentioned , Thank you paaji for all the links


    1. you bought the series .. veer ji you could have downloaded it ..

      what college theme series exactly are you talking about ? is it the campus on zee tv or hip hip hurray ?

      i haven't seen the tele films you mentioned but now will try and search if it is available online .. and if it available .. will download it for you :-)



  4. as a google loyalist and maybe even fanatic myself, i dont need to tell you how reassuring your post was, rahul. just a couple of points. google desktop is no longer officially available, and no support is available for the product either. older versions on computers still run, but give trouble with indexing frequently. google music is a different product when accessed from india and some other countries, but is available across most other countries due to copyright issues.

    1. no Subhu,

      Google desktop is still very much available .. and i have been using it now for almost 6 months .. and mine is no old computer :P

      Microsoft actually did away with their windows desktop .. not google ..

      i agree with your statement over google music...


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