Thursday, August 30

Nan Hua Buddhist Temple, South Africa

August 2009, almost 3 years back, while I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, I visited the Nan Hua Temple.

Whenever I look at the photos, the memory of the visit rejuvenates my being.

It was a Sunday morning that I and my roommates planned to visit Nan Hua temple in Bronkhotspruit (Easter Gauteng) near Johannesburg.

Since the temple is mostly crowded during Chinese New Year (in the month of February) celebrations every year. The month of August didn’t see many visitors around the temple.

Nan Hua Temple is the largest Buddhist Temple built in South Africa. Their main teachings include 3 simple facts of life:

·         Think good thoughts

·         Speak good words

·         Do good things

The solitude and the peace surrounding the temple reanimate the spirit.

If you are visiting or in South Africa, you must visit this temple to reconnect yourself to the simplicity of life!

Let me share some of the pics captured during the visit.

Sunday, August 26

The Pursuit Of Happiness : Inspirational Quote

From now on, i’ll be posting one pic every Sunday which has lot of inspirational meaning attached to it.

Courtesy : Facebook

This is my 48th post in this year.

The same number of posts i wrote in 2008.

So i hope this year i'll be able to break my personal best record of writing 48 posts in one year.

Thank you all for the comments you made and the invaluable time you spent on my page reading these posts!

Saturday, August 25

Worry No More, Soak No More

4 final year science students (Ravi, Raj, Rohit, Roy) in hostel, sharing thoughts while remembering how they spent last 3 years in college!

Ravi: Dude, you remember those gruesome chemistry lectures we had in 1st year?

Raj: forbid me if I’m wrong but the teacher was much more fearsome than the subject. No offense, but neither the teacher had any student in the class nor he possessed any class!

Rohit: And how many days he took to complete that one chapter on ‘Vibrating Molecules’. Man, I get shivers down my spine when the word “vibration” hits me even today!

Roy: Oh yeah, I could remember those nasty days. The command in his voice, the way he began his lectures on “Vibrating Molecules” and the fear he infused in sheeplike students, it still frightens me.

Ravi: And do you remember the incident when we 4 were chosen as House Prefects for the inter house competition held in second year. And our beloved Chemistry teacher demanded that his choice of prefects should be more than willing to give 100% of their soul and effort in organizing and managing that event.

Roy: Dude, don’t even talk about it. I still remember how he used to call us for meetings post college and give lectures in those specially devised Vulcan chambers (rooms) daily. I literally started having fits.

Rohit: I started getting periodic nightmares. It takes efforts to digest the fact that how particular he was about our dress code. How he always wanted us 4 to look different from the normal herd by making us wear expensive colourful clothes.

Raj: And Ravi was so worried about losing his dress, he removed all the inexpensive stuff from his closet to make room for this one particular dress, more out of fear than out of respect.

Ravi: Oh yes, it started to look as if this event will never have an end. The dress became more important than anything in my life, more important than the girl I assumed considered me as her boy friend. I don’t even remember when that dress became my so-called over-pampered girl friend.

Roy: And before the D-day, when everything was all set, how can we forget that bizarre incident which took place when Ravi’s dress inside the cupboard was infected with white patches thanks to the water seeping through the cracks in the walls of the hostel room.

Ravi knew he was more than dead and we all were helpless. He was shivering with fear and rest of were worried about our dress when suddenly Raj made a dash through the college gate and brought back Surf Excel Matic from the store.

Last night, he overheard on phone while his mom was giving instructions to the maid to use Surf Excel Matic for clothes as it does not require soaking and directly works on stains and remove them efficiently.

He knew this will work so he immediately loaded the washing machine in hostel’s bathroom with Surf Excel Matic. We all knew it is just a matter of time now. We held each other’s hands in hostel’s common washroom and were praying for expected results.

Raj: And the result came out in flying colours. The dress was free of all the stains and was breathing a new life. So was Ravi.

Ravi: The fear of listening to Chemistry Sir’s loud and vibrating molecular voice tomorrow was sidelined by the ‘Soak No More’ power of ‘Vibrating Molecules’ of new Surf Excel Matic.

Roy: it was a moment to remember for sure.

This post is written for Soak No More contest on IndiBlogger.

Friday, August 24

Happy Independence Day India

Google Images
No legacy is so rich as honesty.
William Shakespeare

How often it happens that we feel a sense of pride meeting our own people in a new land but back home we do not even care to give even an iota of respect to our countrymen. Back home, we worship and respect only one thing - money, forget human values!

Why do we have such double standards (or dual personality)? While speaking to an American, or a European, we would show the utmost levels of innocence and respect but as we cross borders to reach our native ground, we crush our honesty, innocence beneath our feet to make way for one thing, slyness. We unofficially declare ourselves as astute masters of deception. We accept it or not but mentally, we still believe in the idea of slavery and consider foreigners superior to us in every sense.

Honesty is another religion in Europe. They religiously follow the principle ‘Honesty is the best policy’. But back in our own country, the word ‘honesty’ is only visible in textbooks. We talk about independent India, free India but are we really free? We have become slaves of our own perception on how we see things. We have lost trust in our own people and so we do not understand the word ‘Honesty’. We have developed a crab mentality always trying to pull others!!!

We meet we talk just to gulp down the bad state of our economy and how our nation is slowly moving to gallows. And the irony is we still find no regret in saying ‘INDIA SHINNING’!

Take for example, I’ve seen people being extra careful and advising others to not to litter on foreign land but back home, we do not care even if an entire truck of garbage is offloaded on the pavement.

365 days we fight, deceive, quarrel, do dishonest things, take people for granted just to celebrate our true being of what we’ve become and what have we got post independence. Do we really understand the true meaning of independence?

Celebrating independence does not mean remembering our freedom fighters, playing songs or painting the entire country with 3 colours. It means lot more than that!

Real independence will only come when we are independent in our thoughts, when we are honest and believe in one-self.

I agree, action speak louder than words and that’s why I do my bit by being true and open in my thoughts, doing my work honestly and by treating humans as humans and respecting human values. Remember, relations lasts forever, not things.

Happy Independence Day!

P.S: Written after reading what Saru posted on her facebook wall “65 years of independence, still waiting for the real independence. HONESTY

Thanks Saru!

Thanks Raghav for proofreading!

Wednesday, August 22

What Matters Is Trying !

“If you’ve never failed you’ve never tried”
Edison tried 999 times before he could successfully invent a bulb. He never gave up. Similarly, one must not stop trying. If you do not try today, you may never be able to smell success in your life. Nobody likes to be called a Failure!
Once a question was asked, “who does hard-work the most?”
The answer is ants. Ants, they never stop trying. They keep walking, climbing, falling and again getting up to start walking. We should learn from ants. An ant keeps walking slowly one after the other and if it falls or lose track, it’ll start all over again to keep moving but will never give up. Giving up is not in their genes. If little ants can take the stress of life then why can’t you when you are on the verge of winning.
“When going gets tough, tough gets going”
Winning is important but not the ultimate goal. Winning is temporary but what you learn out of that win is what matters in the end. Wanting to win, to keep trying is the need of the hour. No matter how the circumstances turn into your face you should never give up.
Life has an unstoppable, uneven track where you are walking and if you fall today and do not get back on your feet, you may lose the track forever, in-turn lose your life. So get up and keep moving. You never know you may be very close to the finishing line.
Never take the easy way, it always looks short and sweet but is the toughest and scariest way to heaven.
Every failure brings a new learning. Every failure teaches you to not to try the same in the game of life in this particular manner. Take defeat in a positive way. Expression of grief for the loss will do you no good. Get back and try again but in a different way. You can always narrow down your tries by facing failure every time. Do not let anger, frustration over rule you. Anger will only aggravate your pain.
“The day is bad, not your life”
Have faith in yourself. Open your life’s book to a page where all the positive things are written. Develop an attitude where word ‘failure’ holds no other meaning but ‘trying-in-a-new-way’.
Do not lose your focus. If you want success, start focussing today and do not worry about the result because winning is not important, what counts is whether you tried or not (period)!
Always remember, no matter how the situation is, how difficult the conditions are, keep faith in yourself. Keep the fire burning inside you. Do not let the flame die.
P.S: This article is originally published on my another blog : What Matters Is Trying!

Saturday, August 11

A Visit To Rajiv Gandhi Memorial, Sriperumbudur, Chennai

It’s been almost 5 years now I last visited Rajiv Gandhi Memorial in Sriperumbudur city in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu.

As I glance through the photographs, the memory of the visit refilled my senses and I decided to put all my memories here in my blog today.

Sriperumbudur, an industrial city, 40 kms away from Chennai in kanchipuram district, got famous post Rajiv Gandhi assassination and now holds an eminent place on map thanks to Rajiv Gandhi Memorial, which has become an important tourist attraction point for visitors visiting the city.

21st May 1991, the historic date, the day when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by a suicide bomber at this very place and government later converted this place into a memorial.

With words falling short to describe the magnificence of this place, let me leave you with the beautiful pictures captured when I along with my friends visited this place in year 2007.

7 Pillars
7 Pillars

History Of Event

Indian Flag

Place where blast took place

Industrial Revolution on Wall

7 Pillars

Pillars surrounding the blast site

Friday, August 3

Google Ate My Life

How seldom it happens when an inanimate object takes life and not any other life but your own life. That’s what Google did to me. It eventually ate my life.

You name it whether it’s the undying fad for internet or mobile applications, Google has definitely changed the way we live our life. It’s hard to believe but it’s true.

The way TATA Empire penetrated in our lives (for good) and affected millions and millions of Indians all across the world, similarly Google is omnipresent on the web and in almost every domain and is affecting lives in ‘NO EVIL’ way. What TATA is to India, Google is to the World.

I’ve been a big admirer of all Google products (except the few). Alright let me list down some of the most important Google products which poisoned my life completely for good and without them, I consider my life nothing but a big black hole in web space.

The Omnipotent Gmail Account, I cannot imagine my life without Gmail. It has been an addiction. I started using Gmail back in 2005 during college, since then I never looked back or changed to any other email service. Gmail did wonders for me. At times when I have no important task on hand, I sit and read mails from the past and go through the Gtalk conversations I archived in my account years ago. It’s like walking through the same path in the jungle you visited long ago.

Lately, if you have been checking your mails every minute, every second (even on your mobile), you need a break. As Leo Babauta puts it, checking money in your bank account again and again will not increase the money. One should avoid visiting your email account too frequently. And the only way to stop this is through GNotifier. It pop-up a message when a new mail arrives in your box without making end user visit the Gmail webpage.

If anything goes viral or if you need some tutorials, you know the best and reliable way to watch it online is through YouTube. Google’s video search engine YouTube works best for me when it comes to learning anything online or watching latest updates or old songs. YouTube has definitely become a household name for watching anything online.

How can I forget the Google Videos product, it may not have enough public presence like YouTube but I downloaded entire Ramayana, Bharat-Ek Khoj and Chanakya Series from here.

The only way Microsoft makes its presence felt on my laptop is through Vista OS and Microsoft Office, rest everything is from Google. I am eagerly waiting for the day when Google will launch its own Operating System for laptops and will be easily and cheaply available like Microsoft Windows.

Talking about OS, Google has its own OS, Android for mobiles and the whole world is going crazy over it. I may not be in position to own an android mobile today but nobody says to stop dreaming. Android has definitely reinforced the grip mobile phones were losing in the market. And add-on to that is the coolest, funniest and time-consuming ‘Angry birds’ game I recently installed on my laptop, this has bugged me completely.

If you are reading this post on Mozilla or on IE, you are missing the fun. Try Google Chrome, the softest, the prettiest and the coolest browser of all times. I agree Mozilla is good for development but not everyone is a developer!

Bored of Microsoft Search on your desktop, try Google Desktop. It Searches anything on desktop or on web at lightning speed.

Heard of Gmail Offline? Easiest way to store your Gmail account on your desktop. Access all your mails without network connectivity through Gmail Offline.

Last but not the least, Blogger from Google family. Today I cannot imagine myself without blogging. I may not live forever but my words will live forever!!!

Then there’s Google plus, Google Reader, Google Map, Google Earth & Google Music to name a few from the Google House. The list is unending.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Wednesday, August 1

August 1st, 2012

It’s been raining heavily past 2 days. So eagerly awaited, this post summer rain finally brings some relief to all the earthlings.

The pleasant view from the window that opened to the green part of the world brought water-filled fresh air inside my room. Amidst the sunset, I could see the birds flying home and frogs’ croak slowly getting bolder as the day’s light paved way to welcome nightfall. Rain was in no mood to stop.

I was here, sitting alone, gazing the world for hours through the window and remembering the trail of events happened in recent past, a few good ones but others not worth mentioning. I could do nothing but ponder over the fact that it is just the matter of time when all the sorrows, the pain and the chaos inside will vanish.

And today, this moment it seemed as if it was designed by nature to give me a facelift. Looking out of the window, the cool breeze re-filled my weakened will. Slowly water driblets started to sprinkle on my face. I could feel my inner-self rejuvenated with the splash of freshness.

Although, this inner clash to seek answers to many unresolved questions may not die very soon but I feel tranquilized having lived this moment today, free of annoyance and anxiousness.
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