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Pune Marathon 2012 : Run For A Cause

Last week, 8th July 2012, Uninor in association with Volkswagen organised a 5 km Pune Marathon.
The main reason to schedule this event was to acknowledge all the sweepers in the city for their hard work and undying spirit to work for a cleaner Pune, for revolving brushes on the roads and pavements to make sure the city live up to its tagline of “Clean Pune, Green Pune”!

I and my wife registered a week before to run in this marathon. The venue chosen for this event was Shivaji Ground on JM Road, Pune. There were placards placed all around FC road, Shivaji Nagar and JM Road to mark signs for the 5 km trajectory to be used for the marathon. It was first time in our lives that we were running in a marathon and that too for a cause. For me, the main cause to run in this marathon was to checkout my stamina built in last one year, to run for healthier lungs, to surpass my previous best record of running continuously for 25 minutes and for getting a free t-shirt.

The ground was chock-full with more than 6000 participants running for a cause. From a 10 year old kid to a 50+ citizen, everyone stood behind the start line shoulder to shoulder. Before the start of the event, Pune Based ‘Gold Gym’ organised a warm-up session and everybody was presented with a blue colored t-shirt by VW. In no time, the entire ground was painted with sky blue color. People visiting the city were also present to run on this beautiful day. Suresh kalmadi was the chief guest to kick-off the event along with the Mayor of the city.

I was more interested in evaluating my stamina than touching the finish line first. I ran continuously for 32 minutes before I took my first pit stop. My wife, she ran continuously and only stopped at the finish line. It was a good feeling to run for such a long time along with the crowd.

The important lesson I learnt from this race was to keep fighting, every day is a struggle and the one who do not stop is the one who never fails in life. Winning is not important but wanting to win is more important. So what matter is trying, one must keep trying, keep running for a better life and for a better health tomorrow.

Since then, I’ve been running so regularly that I can run continuously for 45 minutes now without any break.

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Reasons for increased running:

1.       To keep myself healthy
2.       To keep myself in shape
3.       To stay active
4.       For healthier lungs, and,
5.       To build stamina

Post event, there was refreshments for the participants followed by the prize distribution ceremony and cultural program. Every participant was presented with a ‘Certificate of Participation’ and winners were given cash prizes.

It was a successful event, successful in-terms of the cause for which it was organised, successful for giving such a good start to the day to one-third of Pune present that day.

P.S: I could not take any photographs as i left my camera behind to avoid all sorts of inconvenience while running.


  1. I did try jogging last year, but its too strenuous these days... I am walking for 30-60 minutes every day. Slowly, I need to re-build my stamina. Good to know that you completed the marathon and contributed your bit for a cause. Wishing you participation in many more marathons yet...

    Destination Infinity

    1. thanks for the wishes Rajesh Sir ..

      good to know that you walk every day .. a good way to keep yourself healthy and do your bit...

      even i walk sometimes when i am tired of continuous running !

  2. VEry good Rahul paaji, running is a very good form of exercise .. I do it regularly myself early morning 6:30 am time ot get up and go for a run ..

    the old knees keep them working he he he :)

    Open letter to all - Bikram's

    1. good to know that you run regularly .. we must keep doing something or the other to keep ourselves moving...

      a sedentary attitude now will have lot many problems later in life..!

  3. oh wow,,, that looks a lot of fun. I never participated in any marathon or the likes!!!

    Running sure is great for health. Great blog you have there

    1. thanks SJ ..

      you must participate in a marathon .. it's fun to run with others ..

      and not only in marathons, you must actively pursue running as a daily activity or atleast walk .. remember, it costs nothing :)

      thanks for dropping by ..

  4. That was good. Better than marathon and half marathon as the distance was less. Great that you participated in it.

    1. thanks Saru .. well, the distance was less but i wanted to run more .. so next time i hope to run for a longer distance :-)

  5. wow ,luck guy... i would love to participate ,am sure its fun :)

    1. mark my words, it is ...

      next time, if such an event is there, make sure that you register yourself for the same...


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