Wednesday, July 25

Innocence At Its Best !

Checkout the Essays written by IX standard students.

The students left fuming at the difficulty level of the topics given on-the-spot J

Topic 1: All that glitters is not gold

We know the story of three students in the class they were going home.

One boy see some thing on tree it was glittering too much that boy go there and find gold on it. He were so happy.

One day they Three boy’s met a come home for a school third boy got some silver in mud. He was also happy.

One day second boy was looxing in water he think that that is gold he jump in water and dead.

So we need keep watching should not go behind glittering substance. Becose everything that glitter is not golds.

We should notbe selfish not selfish and hungry if we do like this one day we got o time of that thing so we never go behing shiney subtance.

Becose every day it not gold or silver

Topic 2: An apple a day keeps the doctor away


There was a doctor when he was going to the hospital her wife gave him an apple and said this apple is so lucky for you.

The doctor go to the hospital and the break was there and in his hospital now one was caming and that day only so many pasants came to the hospital and take the treatment from the doctor.

And now the doctor was going to eat the apple then only one pasant came and he also take the treatment from the doctor.

The doctor say the this apple is so lucky for me and then he take the apple in the hand and he was going to eat that apple then only his wife i-phone came and his wife say that my mother is very seriys and she has taken to the hospital and you came her very soon.

Then he left that apple and went there.

This was the day the doctor have keeps apple away from himself!

Innocence at its best !

P.S : Kindly take this post in a lighter sense without wincing ! (Thank You)


  1. oh gosh. Considering the fact that they were in class 9, the standard is leaving me scared about the quality of students our schoold are churning out! Have I taken this in the correct form or have i completely missed it?

    1. it'll be wrong if i say that you missed it completely .. but the fact is that english was never their first language .. although it wasn't ours as well but the thing is, majority students in our country today are not as privileged as we were to undergo good education .. not all students study from 'sacred hearts' or from 'carmel convents' ..

      here we are talking about the kids from rural areas where education system is not up to the mark, where the teachers themselves lack good education and where 'being educated' is still not considered a big thing ..

      you ask yourself .. how many students in your school when you were young, excelled in english subject ? i am sure the answer is not many !!!

      think about the students who go to semi-english schools or schools where english is not the medium of education and is not even a subject of any importance.. for students from such schools, i still consider this as a commendable job to write such essays ..

      no offense meant in saying this comment Jenny !

  2. :) oh my I think my english is pretty good , thank god.

    Our english teacher first Mrs. Christopher WOWOWOW she was beautiful , No one missed that class .. but then came Mr. sidhu and he was very good tooo..

    SO i attribute it to them both ..

    Innocence is ok but i would expect higher standard from 9th or 10th .. Sorry if i am being an idiot

    1. beautiful .. lol .. i wish i was in your class. our english teacher was the scariest creature god could ever make by mistake :-)

      no offense in saying this but veer ji i believe we should not compare anyone here .. not even our-self, considering the point that these kids never had any proper education system, they are not as privileged as we were and are from rural areas .. so we cannot expect a lot from them !

      i still consider this a very good attempt they made in writing such essays ..

      the whole point was to understand the innocence with which the essays were written, ignoring the fact that english was never their first language ..

      and remember legends like Kapil Dev, Harbhajan Singh never knew english but they knew how to be success .. so similarly these students will also be success one day ...

      sorry if i said anything wrong unintentionally !

  3. OMG, whats wrong with these kids? I mean, no substance, no quality writing.

  4. I like the second one. But their imagination is good in both. They just need some more guidance in order to be able to write legibly. There is one suggestion I give to anyone who wants to improve their English - Read more. Read a lot of story books and novels. It worked for me!

    Destination Infinity

    1. very well said Rajesh .. you've hit bang on target ..

      that's what i wanted to convey to the readers about the young kids power of imagination .. how wild it runs when free !

  5. This was an interesting article, Rahul. I agree with DI that their imagination is indeed good... something out of the box thinking. I guess, English is not the first language of these children.

    1. i completely agree with you Arti .. english was never their first language...!


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