Wednesday, July 25

Innocence At Its Best !

Checkout the Essays written by IX standard students.

The students left fuming at the difficulty level of the topics given on-the-spot J

Topic 1: All that glitters is not gold

We know the story of three students in the class they were going home.

One boy see some thing on tree it was glittering too much that boy go there and find gold on it. He were so happy.

One day they Three boy’s met a come home for a school third boy got some silver in mud. He was also happy.

One day second boy was looxing in water he think that that is gold he jump in water and dead.

So we need keep watching should not go behind glittering substance. Becose everything that glitter is not golds.

We should notbe selfish not selfish and hungry if we do like this one day we got o time of that thing so we never go behing shiney subtance.

Becose every day it not gold or silver

Topic 2: An apple a day keeps the doctor away


There was a doctor when he was going to the hospital her wife gave him an apple and said this apple is so lucky for you.

The doctor go to the hospital and the break was there and in his hospital now one was caming and that day only so many pasants came to the hospital and take the treatment from the doctor.

And now the doctor was going to eat the apple then only one pasant came and he also take the treatment from the doctor.

The doctor say the this apple is so lucky for me and then he take the apple in the hand and he was going to eat that apple then only his wife i-phone came and his wife say that my mother is very seriys and she has taken to the hospital and you came her very soon.

Then he left that apple and went there.

This was the day the doctor have keeps apple away from himself!

Innocence at its best !

P.S : Kindly take this post in a lighter sense without wincing ! (Thank You)

Tuesday, July 17

Free Web Applications For Everyday Tasks

From searching a user’s email id in Outlook psts to shrinking photos that has eaten your hard disk space to saving docs from any format to pdf is now a child’s play, thanks to the rise of online applications that will make your life a lot easier and given their kind of nature, these are so small applications that gets installed in seconds, does not eat much of your system’s memory and give in 100% performance.

1.       Xobni:

Tired searching for a particular email id or contact details in your personal folder in Microsoft Outlook (or gmail)!!!

Imagine if you have multiple pst’s configured in your outlook and searching for one unique name (you happen to remember only in parts amongst thousands of ids available) is considered pain in the neck.You would have always wished for such an application that do a quick search and pulls out any id / name from your pst in a jiffy and makes your life easy. No worries, Xobni helps you achieve the same.

Xobni is a palindrome for Inbox. This small freeware gets easily embedded into your Outlook and gives end user detailed information about what all data is available in psts with a quick scan and search.

·         The search done by Xobni is super quick; every letter typed gives a different result.

·         It also lists the frequency and the count of mails a particular user has sent so far, also, how many emails you must have written / forwarded to any user. Based on the analysis, it calculates every user’s rank and integerate your outlook with that user’s Facebook, twitter and linkedin account. Imagine how easy life will become with Facebook, twitter linked to your Outlook through Xobni. You can checkout your friends, colleagues wall updates, recent tweets through one common portal.

·         Xobni can be configured on gmail as well but gmail search engine itself is so quick that you do not additional software to do the same job which it already does so effectively.

·         You can also compose and send mails through Xobni in your Outlook account. But you need a premium account to do that.

·         Comes with user friendly features and is very easy to operate.

I recommend this for all the users using Microsoft Outlook to check their mails. Highly efficient, takes minimal space time to install and comes with easy uninstallation.

Xobni is an addiction. Use it for your own good.

2.       Microsoft Outlook, Shrink Your Photos:

If you are a photographer and wondering how to reduce that extra flab (MBs) that comes with each high pixel photo you take from your DSLR, keeping in view that no compromise should be done with the quality of the original photo sitting on your hard disk. Here’s an easy way to achieve the same using your Microsoft Outlook application.

  • Right click the photo you want to reduce the size of. Select option, “Send to – Mail Recipient”
  • Pic will open as an attachment in your Outlook’s Compose Page. Select the picture and copy it on your desktop. You can close the compose page now without saving it and go back to your desktop and let the magic begin. 
  • Right click this new saved pic and checkout the size. No surprises but now the photo size will be 1/10th of the original pic and that too without any damage done to the quality of the photo. You can still zoom in to 10x or 16x as you would have played with original photo. 
  • Avoid overwriting the pic copied from Outlook’s compose message in the same directory where the original pic is placed. 

There are various freeware available online to do the same job but why search outside when options are available at home.

3.       Primo PDF:

Primo pdf is one amongst the best application existant online today. People who love converting any file format whether it’s a webpage from internet or a doc files or a notepad texts in pdf format, they must have this application installed on their machine.

Seldom have we come across files which cannot be saved on machine or if saved, they are not compatible with doc or pdf format of windows, for example, xps files cannot be opened in Windows Vista easily.

The best way to handle such files is by using this free application available online called “primo PDF”. It converts any format text file into its pdf without any water-marking.

How to use this application:

  • Let’s say you need to save a particular webpage in the same format as given without creating any unnecessary html files on your local disk.
  • Easy way is you give a print command on the webpage (after installing the Primo PDF application). You will find an additional option available in the dropdown list in “Printer Name”. Select “Primo PDF” there and give print. It will ask you to suggest the path where you would like to store your webpage’s pdf format file. Click “Create PDF” and before you blink, the file will open in pdf format.

This was my take on various applications available online. I hope you found this blog interesting and informative!

Saturday, July 14

Pune Marathon 2012 : Run For A Cause

Last week, 8th July 2012, Uninor in association with Volkswagen organised a 5 km Pune Marathon.
The main reason to schedule this event was to acknowledge all the sweepers in the city for their hard work and undying spirit to work for a cleaner Pune, for revolving brushes on the roads and pavements to make sure the city live up to its tagline of “Clean Pune, Green Pune”!

I and my wife registered a week before to run in this marathon. The venue chosen for this event was Shivaji Ground on JM Road, Pune. There were placards placed all around FC road, Shivaji Nagar and JM Road to mark signs for the 5 km trajectory to be used for the marathon. It was first time in our lives that we were running in a marathon and that too for a cause. For me, the main cause to run in this marathon was to checkout my stamina built in last one year, to run for healthier lungs, to surpass my previous best record of running continuously for 25 minutes and for getting a free t-shirt.

The ground was chock-full with more than 6000 participants running for a cause. From a 10 year old kid to a 50+ citizen, everyone stood behind the start line shoulder to shoulder. Before the start of the event, Pune Based ‘Gold Gym’ organised a warm-up session and everybody was presented with a blue colored t-shirt by VW. In no time, the entire ground was painted with sky blue color. People visiting the city were also present to run on this beautiful day. Suresh kalmadi was the chief guest to kick-off the event along with the Mayor of the city.

I was more interested in evaluating my stamina than touching the finish line first. I ran continuously for 32 minutes before I took my first pit stop. My wife, she ran continuously and only stopped at the finish line. It was a good feeling to run for such a long time along with the crowd.

The important lesson I learnt from this race was to keep fighting, every day is a struggle and the one who do not stop is the one who never fails in life. Winning is not important but wanting to win is more important. So what matter is trying, one must keep trying, keep running for a better life and for a better health tomorrow.

Since then, I’ve been running so regularly that I can run continuously for 45 minutes now without any break.

Google Images
Reasons for increased running:

1.       To keep myself healthy
2.       To keep myself in shape
3.       To stay active
4.       For healthier lungs, and,
5.       To build stamina

Post event, there was refreshments for the participants followed by the prize distribution ceremony and cultural program. Every participant was presented with a ‘Certificate of Participation’ and winners were given cash prizes.

It was a successful event, successful in-terms of the cause for which it was organised, successful for giving such a good start to the day to one-third of Pune present that day.

P.S: I could not take any photographs as i left my camera behind to avoid all sorts of inconvenience while running.

Friday, July 6

Lessons Learnt From Prison Break Season – II

Today I completed the Second Season of Prison Break for the fourth time. God, you say “I like it”, I say,” I love it”. Every moment spent watching the greatest show on earth is worth a delight.
Google Images

Through this post, I would love to share my findings, my thoughts and the lessons I learnt from this outstanding program:

1.       Keep your calm: A real mature person will always remain calm no matter what the situation is or how the circumstances turn up. Your impulse may trigger your mind to do wrong to correct the situation but your calmness will only give the right solution to correct the wrong with the right. Do not rush into your decision making. Take a pause before you say or do something!

2.       Avoid the Easy way: The road to nirvana, final destination is never easy. If you want to taste success, forget about the detour or the easy way. Remember, easy route looks good initially but it eventually turns out to be more tiresome and frustrating than the hard way you took initially.

3.       Stop beating around the bush: Stop delaying, stop procrastinating. If you really want to do something, do it today. Do not prolong and keep it for future. Nobody has seen the future. Nobody is sure about the tomorrow.

It’s easy to save 100 USD in your bank but very difficult to save 100 minutes in your life which can be spent ideally. Understand life and its importance, it’s much more precious than money. Life is a gift, make use of it and avoid keeping it in corners.

4.       Stop crying over spilled milk: Whatever has happened has happened. There’s no point crying over it now. Remember it was you and always you who got you in that mess. So it’s you and none other who can get you out of it. So start focussing and make efforts to change your life’s course. Consider everyday a new day and make it beautiful.

5.       Inspire others through your work: Be the agent, the guide, be the candle in the wind to shows light to others. Inspire others through your work. Learn to set examples. Your good deeds can go a long way in helping others in their life.

6.       Never judge a book by its cover: Never judge a person by his appearance. Also, never make impression about someone on the basis of someone else’ impression about that person. Learn to understand people and their nature before you pass on your opinion about them to others.
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