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Internet Is Fun !

15 Jan, 1960


Dear Great grandson,
                                                How are you? This is your great grandfather writing this letter to you for the very first time. By the time you read this handwritten paper, this page will be all yellow and crinkled. And, I sparsely believe that this letter will withstand time snag and will overcome all hurdles and reach your mailing address someday.

What to say son, life’s been hard so far. Living in 60’s when things are not readily available and to find solution to a problem may sometime take from days to months or years. If you go through the chapters from history, you will understand how much struggle your ancestors went through even to find answers to issues as small as ‘making/creating light (fire)’. Also, considering the stiffness of life, it’s not so easy to communicate with people residing in far-off places or to commute/travel to those places to meet them. So the best way to share a word is through hand written letters like the one you are reading at this very moment. Sometimes, it’ll take months to get a reply back from our dear ones (family & friends).
Internet Is Fun - Indiblogger

Also, with the increase complexities in people’s sufferings, today, it has become real hard to figure out what medicines should be prescribed owing to the sluggish development happening in the field of medicine. Certain times, your great grandma will give her kids homemade remedies to cure various diseases. Can you imagine the number of discussions and consultations people of our age go through daily before giving right dosage to sick people or people in relation? And there are many problems that reside today which I hope will exterminate by the time you read this letter.

I have a strong conviction that life will be fun in your time in-comparison to ours. Something so powerful, so unique will evolve that will make life not only easier but better for sure. I am not sure but people of my age speculate that it’ll be called ‘INTERNET’. I hope this word will sound lot more familiar to you than it does to me today!

People say this (internet) will revolutionize the way we handle our lives. Information will somehow be available all across the globe mysteriously through air, thus making it easy to communicate as all the handwritten messages will be replaced by some electronic media and in a wink of an eye, information will travel diametrically across the globe. The very idea fascinates me and my imagination but leaves me sad at the same time as I will not be able to witness this powerful human creation.

Can you imagine, libraries will become virtual, all handwritten information will be replaced by electronic media, kids of your age and professionals in various fields will find solutions to their problems instantaneously and I bet money minting will become easier, communicating with friends and families will not be as time-consuming as it is now and finding weather conditions will be just a clap away. 

You may find this letter absurd, I may be daydreaming now but all such fantasies will become a household name for you and for kids of your age while you read this letter.

I reiterate it may sound strange but this thing called ‘internet’ will not only have monumental improvement (changes for good) with regard to human life; also, it will be fun.

I may not be very sure about ‘internet’ and its goodness or side-effects on future generation but I am very sure that you while reading last lines of this letter and with a broad smile on your face, will remember me and say, “Grandpa, you were correct, ‘INTERNET IS FUN’ today!!!
                                                                                                                                                                Yours lovingly,
                                                                                                                                                                Great Grandpa

P.S. : This post was written with all it's innocence as an entry for the contest "Internet is Fun On Vodafone" run by Indiblogger but it was never sent as an entry for the contest as i misconstrued the topic as "Internet Is Fun" whereas the actual topic was "Internet is Fun on Vodafone (Mobile)".

There was no point of keeping it on my disk forever so decided to post this as just another blog post.

Hope to see some good feedback from readers for this wrong entry :-)


  1. It is such a well written post. You could have won...Anyways, do participate in the upcoming contests!

    1. thanks for such nice words Saru .. yes, will surely participate in all the forthcoming contests :-)

  2. To me internet is a boon,otherwise I wouldnt know what will I do:)

    1. oh yes Renu .. i sometimes wonder what would have happened if there was no internet .. life would have been HELL !

  3. this was a lovely post and i agree with saru this post could have won...n widou internet we all bloggers wudn b communicatn wid eacg other and i wun have come across such goo writers:p....

    1. yes Alka .. world would have been a lot better without internet ..

      and i wish if you and Saru were the judges for this contest, i would have definitely won !

  4. Hmmm I would have still sent it, you would be amazed at how many votes you would have got, beleieve me..

    How would I have read this post had it not been for internet .. lovely post..

    And to hear or read the word Chandigarh made me more nostalgic

    Thanks for sharing

    1. thank you veerji for such soothing words ..

      anything in regard to Chandigarh always makes me nostalgic too !

  5. I feel that the times of yesteryears had to go through different kinds of troubles/joys, when compared to us. Though so much is available in our generation, there is always a cost attached to each. Cost of living was so much less, back then!

    Destination Infinity

    1. very well said Rajesh .. those times, people, they had their own pros and cons .. and today we have our owns !


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