Thursday, June 28

Love Is ...

According to Osho, when you love a person, it’s only your selfish interests that keep you closer to that person. Love should be a selfless activity.

Consider a young baby, one who does not know what love is? One who do not know how to express his love for someone! He’s in his garden of bliss that he hardly cares for anyone but himself. He do not understands who parents are, what country or religion is (till he grows old), the only thing he cares is how to be happy and seeing such state of affairs, parents they feel delighted. But when he grows old and starts thinking, parents force the child to love them, to have respect for them, to love his country and people, have respect for them because if the child does not do all this, parents may reject him or may not love him back. So their love becomes conditional. It is this conditional love that actually makes parents expect love and respect from their child because what the child becomes today, the identity, the good values that he carries is the result of their sacrifice and love and now they expect their child to do the same, love them back!

I partially agree to this definition of love. But on the other side, OSHO also says that love is a selfless activity. You do not have to be selfish or conditional while expressing love. You can only love a person when you love yourself. Fill yourself with so much love that it emancipates (starts overflowing) from you on to others. Only then, you can love someone.

We should not expect love from anyone because this expectation comes from selfish interest that if I love you, you must love me back.

Imagine a situation where your girl says that she is love with a person who is not liked by anyone in the family (on basis of caste, religion or status) and then the parents forces her to forget him because he is not what her parents are expecting for their child. Now the parents are being selfish for their own happiness at the stake of their daughter’s happiness. They cannot see themselves sad that’s why they decide to make their child sad in the name of her future prosperity and safety.

This also brings out an interesting observation that we humans, we tend to judge a person by his appearance and may end up making wrong decisions in life. Someone has rightly said, ‘never judge a book by its cover’ so we should not assume things about persons on the basis of their appearance.

Imagine a mother feeding food to her child so that he grows healthy and another child of the same age but from a poor family watching all this. The look on his face clearly shows he hasn’t eaten anything in last 2 days and is slowly forgetting the colour of water even. Will it make us restless or we’ll accept the fact and settle down on the basis that fate will take care of such unprivileged children of god.

Love is such a pure form that its existence is only possible if you love yourself. Fill yourself with so much love that it starts to overflow. Do not put conditions on love. Do not expect anything from anyone. Make selfless love like the earth or the trees or the plants does. They only know how to give without expecting anything back. Then only we can define love and can love someone selflessly.

Sources: ‘The Book Of Man’ by OSHO

Monday, June 25

Internet Is Fun !

15 Jan, 1960


Dear Great grandson,
                                                How are you? This is your great grandfather writing this letter to you for the very first time. By the time you read this handwritten paper, this page will be all yellow and crinkled. And, I sparsely believe that this letter will withstand time snag and will overcome all hurdles and reach your mailing address someday.

What to say son, life’s been hard so far. Living in 60’s when things are not readily available and to find solution to a problem may sometime take from days to months or years. If you go through the chapters from history, you will understand how much struggle your ancestors went through even to find answers to issues as small as ‘making/creating light (fire)’. Also, considering the stiffness of life, it’s not so easy to communicate with people residing in far-off places or to commute/travel to those places to meet them. So the best way to share a word is through hand written letters like the one you are reading at this very moment. Sometimes, it’ll take months to get a reply back from our dear ones (family & friends).
Internet Is Fun - Indiblogger

Also, with the increase complexities in people’s sufferings, today, it has become real hard to figure out what medicines should be prescribed owing to the sluggish development happening in the field of medicine. Certain times, your great grandma will give her kids homemade remedies to cure various diseases. Can you imagine the number of discussions and consultations people of our age go through daily before giving right dosage to sick people or people in relation? And there are many problems that reside today which I hope will exterminate by the time you read this letter.

I have a strong conviction that life will be fun in your time in-comparison to ours. Something so powerful, so unique will evolve that will make life not only easier but better for sure. I am not sure but people of my age speculate that it’ll be called ‘INTERNET’. I hope this word will sound lot more familiar to you than it does to me today!

People say this (internet) will revolutionize the way we handle our lives. Information will somehow be available all across the globe mysteriously through air, thus making it easy to communicate as all the handwritten messages will be replaced by some electronic media and in a wink of an eye, information will travel diametrically across the globe. The very idea fascinates me and my imagination but leaves me sad at the same time as I will not be able to witness this powerful human creation.

Can you imagine, libraries will become virtual, all handwritten information will be replaced by electronic media, kids of your age and professionals in various fields will find solutions to their problems instantaneously and I bet money minting will become easier, communicating with friends and families will not be as time-consuming as it is now and finding weather conditions will be just a clap away. 

You may find this letter absurd, I may be daydreaming now but all such fantasies will become a household name for you and for kids of your age while you read this letter.

I reiterate it may sound strange but this thing called ‘internet’ will not only have monumental improvement (changes for good) with regard to human life; also, it will be fun.

I may not be very sure about ‘internet’ and its goodness or side-effects on future generation but I am very sure that you while reading last lines of this letter and with a broad smile on your face, will remember me and say, “Grandpa, you were correct, ‘INTERNET IS FUN’ today!!!
                                                                                                                                                                Yours lovingly,
                                                                                                                                                                Great Grandpa

P.S. : This post was written with all it's innocence as an entry for the contest "Internet is Fun On Vodafone" run by Indiblogger but it was never sent as an entry for the contest as i misconstrued the topic as "Internet Is Fun" whereas the actual topic was "Internet is Fun on Vodafone (Mobile)".

There was no point of keeping it on my disk forever so decided to post this as just another blog post.

Hope to see some good feedback from readers for this wrong entry :-)

Thursday, June 21

God In Conversation ..

Cognitive Amalgamation
Sources : SMS

P.S. : Characters & Images in the comic strip are completely fictional and bears no resemblance to anyone LIVING or DEAD!!!

Monday, June 18

Lessons Learnt From Prison Break Season – I

Prison Break’s been my Bhagvad Gita for past 6 years.

I’ve seen Season 1 three times now and every time I watch how the ‘Fox River’ convicts try their wits out to escape from the prison, each time it apprise me with a new learning about human nature. Prison Break has surely been a blessing in disguise for me.
Google Images

Through this post, I would like to share some of the lessons I learnt from this classic sitcom:

1.       Believe In yourself: keep faith in yourself. Do not lose your focus. Remember, the more you focus on your strengths the lesser you worry about your weaknesses. Before you hit the road, say to yourself, ‘I’ll be a success today’.

2.       Keep fighting: it may be a lost cause but do not give up so easily. Keep up the fighting spirit. If you believe in yourself and are ready to face challenges, keep working on it. The journey may appear to be tiresome and difficult but you never know you may be very close to the finishing line. Winner is not someone who has never seen failure. Winner is the person who rises each time he falls. Never accept defeat.

Winston Churchill said, ‘if you’re going through HELL, keep going’.

Remember ‘Everyday above ground is a blessing

3.       Learn from your mistakes: everyday is a challenge. If you fail today, do not be disheartened. After all, HOPE is not such a bad thing.

4.       There’s cynicism and there’s optimism: Be the one who says 1 after 0 not -1 before it. Finding a fault in others is easy but learning from your own mistakes is not an easy job.

5.       Make a Plan: Learn to set some goals for yourself and chart out a plan how you want to fulfil your goals. Have vision in life.

Vision [Definition]: “The power of imagination
Imagine beyond the boundaries. Learn to live life free and without worries. Only then one can have a clear vision.

6.       Accept Good with gratitude and bad without complaints: Accept Good with gratitude to god and bad without complaints. Stop complaining about the situation or the circumstances. Remember it’s you and only you who brought you in this mess. And it’s only you who can find ways to come out of it. Keep hanging!

These were my findings from the first season of prison break. Hope you enjoyed the post.

Sunday, June 17

Have A Nice Day

Gabbar Singh In conversation with Saambha from Sholay:

Cognitive Amalgamation
Source : SMS

Friday, June 15

A Happy Friday

Cognitive Amalgamation
Guys, Make sure you gulp down the last drop of the nectar tonight and do not behave the way this guy reacted next day in the comic strip! :-)


Wishing you all a Very Happy Friday!

P.S : Thanks Deb, for sharing this ultacool website You can easily figure out my addiction for the site through the above strip.

This is adapted from a sms i got few days back from a friend.

Tuesday, June 5

The Orkut Days..!

Remember those good old Orkut Days when Google's social networking byproduct was actually "The Real Facebook" in India and we could not think of anything beyond posting scraps on our friends scrapbook and writing testimonials about them.

What mattered most was the number of Hearts and Likes and Stars we would get from our friends and we shall always look for finding ways to increase scrap count on our profile. Rarely we would come across such a profile having 10000+ scraps or 999 HEARTS and if we did, we'll make sure we do enough research to find snippets or html codes that would trigger increase in number of scraps in our account. Can you imagine the popularity of word like "SCRAPS" thanks to Orkut's evolution.

But, the question is : Why am i writing this post? 

Neither it's Orkut's service anniversary nor its any form of RIP condolences. 

i actually found a very interesting picture, someone's Orkut profile image sitting comfortably in my hard disk which i must have saved a few years back when Orkut was reigning supreme (and was also judged MTV Youth ICON once!!!). It was a forwarded mail from an unknown email id.

Please click on the pic to have a clear view:
Gabbar's Orkut Profile - Sources : Email

But the DAWN of Facebook proved too fatal for Orkut and for Google, which ultimately forced many users (including me) to delete their Orkut account and sanctify oneself with the holy spirit of social networking website called 'FACEBOOK'

Have a Good Day!

Sunday, June 3

A Visit To Panshet Dam Pune

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
                                                                                                                              ― Ernest Hemingway

Sometimes, visit to certain places makes more sense during the journeys than the destinations itself.

I recently visited Panshet Dam, 30 kms southwest of Pune, along with my brother-in-law and my wife Savita. We started our expedition at around 16:00 hours on a Sunday evening and I must admit - the journey to the dam added meaning to our trip and was worth enjoying than the final destination. Someone has rightly said, “The Journey is More Important than the Destination

Well, the main reason I believe the vantage place turned out not so advantageous was the absence of crowd and the scorching sun.

Hitting the road at such guzzling speeds was the craziest, wildest experience we could ever have.

Panshet is one of the most popular places around Pune for picnics and is one of the 3 pillar dams of Pune which supplies water to entire city.

Have a look at some of the pics of the journey:

Cognitive Amalgamation

Cognitive Amalgamation

Cognitive Amalgamation

Cognitive Amalgamation

Cognitive Amalgamation

Cognitive Amalgamation

Cognitive Amalgamation

Cognitive Amalgamation
Cognitive Amalgamation

The Taj Conspiracy by Manreet Someshwar
The Taj Conspiracy by Manreet Someshwar

My Blogger friend Manreet Someshwar has recently launched 1st Book of the thriller Trilogy “The Taj Conspiracy” and is available online now!

Here’s a small snippet from the Book:


Mughal scholar Mehrunisa Khosa stumbles on a conspiracy to destroy the Taj Mahal when she discovers the murder of the Taj supervisor, and the Quranic calligraph on the tomb of Queen Mumtaz altered to suggest a Hindu origin of the Taj Mahal. That urban legend had always existed. Now, though, someone was conspiring to make it come true.

In the case of the famed marble monument, all was not on the surface. A vast labyrinth ran underneath closed to visitors where Mehrunisa was trapped once. In a series of suspenseful twists and turns, the action traverses from the serene splendour of Taj Mahal to the virulent warrens of Taj Ganj, from intrigue laden corridors of Delhi to snowy Himalayan hideouts.

As a right wing Hindu party ratchets up its communal agenda and Islamic militants plot a terror attack, in the dark corners of his devious mind a behrupiya, a shape shifter, is conniving to divide the nation in two. To save the Taj Mahal, Mehrunisa must overcome a prejudiced police and battle her inner demons as she sifts the multiple strands that lead to the conspirator.

About The Author : Manreet Someshwar

Manreet Sodhi Someshwar trained as an engineer, graduated from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, and worked in marketing, advertising and consulting. An award-winning writer (Commonwealth Broadcasting Association), and copywriter (Creative Abbey), she is a popular blogger as well.

Her debut novel, Earning the Laundry Stripes, released in 2006 to critical acclaim, with India Today calling it ‘an enjoyable tale of a sassy girl’s headlong race up the corporate ladder...’ Her second novel, The Long Walk Home, published in 2009, has garnered critical acclaim and hit several bestseller lists in India. Legendary poet-lyricist Gulzar has called it ‘a narrative of pain that knows no borders’.

She has featured at several literary festivals including the Singapore Writers Festival, the Shanghai International Literary Festival and the Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival.

Her articles have appeared in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) and several Indian publications.

And do not miss this amazing Trailer of “The Taj Conspiracy”:
This is a trailer for The Taj Conspiracy, Book 1 of the Mehrunisa trilogy by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar. When a young Mughal conservator stumbles on a conspiracy to destroy the Taj Mahal, she must battle her inner demons and overcome a prejudiced police to decipher clues that will unmask the mysterious conspirator. Trailer 1

What does a tween think of The Taj Conspiracy, Book 1 of the Mehrunisa trilogy, by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar.

All the best Manreet!!!
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