Monday, May 7

Help Needed : Final Reminder To Update Your Legacy Blogger Account

Dear Bloggers,

I recently received a mail from Google-Support-Blogger Team stating that :

"You are receiving this message because your email address is associated with an unmigrated legacy Blogger account. As we announced in April of last year, legacy accounts will no longer be accessible after May 30th, 2012 unless they are updated to the Google Account system. Any blog content associated with this account will also be unmodifiable after that date"

I checked into the forum link provided by google where bloggers can post questions / queries regarding this legacy account issue.

The Link to the forum is:!category-topic/blogger/how-do-i/qrI1pJUZS1Q

The Introduction to the forum says:

"We recently sent out an email to all users who still need to migrate their old pre-2007 Blogger accounts (legacy accounts). We've received a few questions about whether this affects any current, active blogs and we wanted to re-iterate that: if you've logged into Blogger at all since 2007, then that account which you've logged in to (and all the blogs on the account) are *not* legacy accounts and no action is needed.

However, if you received the recent email, that means some *other* account is *also* associated with that email address, and it is a legacy account which needs to be updated. All of these unmigrated legacy accounts were created before 2007, so perhaps you've just forgotten about it since it was years ago"

I am a bit apprehensive since the day i've received this email from Google, as, i do not want my 5+ year blog to vanish from web without any logical reasoning.

I started blogging since Dec 2007. So i just want to make sure that nothing will happen to my blog post 30th May 2012 and i hope (against the hope) that i have nothing to do with this legacy account thing.

It'll be great If anyone can throw some light regarding this or has come across such an issue, kindly let me know what best i could do at my level to avoid any emotional trauma post 30th May 2012 and prevent this blog apocalypse to happen! Should i do something or should i avoid doing anything and wait for Google to come up with some amendment in liaison to the legacy account.

I've already backed up my blog data (just incase anything goes wrong post 30th May 2012)

All thoughts and reflections are welcomed !


Rahul Aggarwal


  1. Oh, this is something to worry about. I am sorry, I can hardly assist you. Good that you have created a back up.

    1. yeah Saru, it is something for me to worry about now. thanks.

      now am just wandering, is there a way out that i can transfer my entire blogger page to wordpress somehow !

      thanks for dropping by..


    2. i've kind of moved my entire blog to wordpress but hasn't made it public so far..

  2. Rahul paaji Sorry I have no idea , although i get that error when i am sometimes posting a comment somewhere..
    I hope it works out for you


    1. vekho ki banda hai hun...i've kept my fingers crossed...lets see if my blog stays post 30th or not...22g

  3. thanks for post
    if i find any update i will let you know

  4. If you come to know any remedy, please tell me too:)

    1. definitely, will email you if i find a solution to this problem !


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