Monday, May 28


Pune Mumbai Highway View
A view of rising Sun with a streak of yellow light nailing through the clouds on a calm Mumbai Pune Highway.

Shot taken at 6:45 AM early morning!

Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day

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She would get up before the break of dawn every day and will finish most of the routine work she could, before anyone else open their eyes. Then, she would wake us up to get ready for school. After we’ve left, she’ll prepare tea for Dad whose busy reading paper to catch news about ‘what’s-happening-in-your-neighbourhood’, least bothered of what’s going on in house with respect to daily chores of life.

She’ll pack lunch for Dad and before he leaves for work, will ask him to come home early to spend time with family and dad off-course, will make a tacit promise in approval but never fulfilled.

Then, she would wash the clothes, clean the house and prepare a list of things she needs to buy from the grocery store. She’ll prepare a separate list of stuff each member of the house need. Cleaning our room and putting things back in order had become a customary tradition for her to follow everyday unknowingly for rest of her life.

Sometimes, she’d like to relax for a while in the midst of her daily household tasks that she won’t mind sipping a cup of tea while watching television or listening music. She’ll make sure that this time-off lasts as long as there’s tea in her cup. She’ll soon get back to perform her daily routine of putting things back in order.

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She’ll get ready and before we come back from school, she’ll not only buy all that is needed from the market but will prepare lunch as well. She’ll make sure that she has prepared food as per our liking so as to not to offend anyone of us. She soon realized if she ran out of options, (maggi) noodles and a chocolate bar will always come to her rescue and Sundays, will always be an occasion in terms of food on the menu and a special day for whole family to be together.

Post lunch, she’ll talk to us and will inquire about school proceedings. She’ll listen attentively and will be very polite in giving her views which always turn out to be a new learning for us. Then she’ll make us sleep for a while before we study. Evening when we are out playing, she’ll water the plants and prepare dinner before it gets dark. Dad will be home any minute and she’ll spend some time with us watching television.

We all will have dinner together once Dad’s home, while she prepares chappathis and later, she’ll put us in bed, her gnarled fingers rubbing against our forehead while dad’s busy watching news on television. Before she could declare ‘day over’, she’ll ask dad to sleep now as he must have been very tired after today’s hard work at office, ignoring the degree of physical work she went through today.

And the next day, she’ll again get up before sunrise, to start all over again doing the same activity she’s been doing for years selflessly.

With this note

I wish all mothers of the world a very Happy Mother’s Day and thank them for being such great moms, for taking good care of us and for making us what we are today and for the undying love, generosity and service for each one of us in the family.

Thank You Mamma !!!

“God couldn't be everywhere, so he created mothers”

Monday, May 7

Help Needed : Final Reminder To Update Your Legacy Blogger Account

Dear Bloggers,

I recently received a mail from Google-Support-Blogger Team stating that :

"You are receiving this message because your email address is associated with an unmigrated legacy Blogger account. As we announced in April of last year, legacy accounts will no longer be accessible after May 30th, 2012 unless they are updated to the Google Account system. Any blog content associated with this account will also be unmodifiable after that date"

I checked into the forum link provided by google where bloggers can post questions / queries regarding this legacy account issue.

The Link to the forum is:!category-topic/blogger/how-do-i/qrI1pJUZS1Q

The Introduction to the forum says:

"We recently sent out an email to all users who still need to migrate their old pre-2007 Blogger accounts (legacy accounts). We've received a few questions about whether this affects any current, active blogs and we wanted to re-iterate that: if you've logged into Blogger at all since 2007, then that account which you've logged in to (and all the blogs on the account) are *not* legacy accounts and no action is needed.

However, if you received the recent email, that means some *other* account is *also* associated with that email address, and it is a legacy account which needs to be updated. All of these unmigrated legacy accounts were created before 2007, so perhaps you've just forgotten about it since it was years ago"

I am a bit apprehensive since the day i've received this email from Google, as, i do not want my 5+ year blog to vanish from web without any logical reasoning.

I started blogging since Dec 2007. So i just want to make sure that nothing will happen to my blog post 30th May 2012 and i hope (against the hope) that i have nothing to do with this legacy account thing.

It'll be great If anyone can throw some light regarding this or has come across such an issue, kindly let me know what best i could do at my level to avoid any emotional trauma post 30th May 2012 and prevent this blog apocalypse to happen! Should i do something or should i avoid doing anything and wait for Google to come up with some amendment in liaison to the legacy account.

I've already backed up my blog data (just incase anything goes wrong post 30th May 2012)

All thoughts and reflections are welcomed !


Rahul Aggarwal
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