Sunday, April 8

Hope Through Change

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow
-          Albert Einstein

Change is the only thing in nature that remains constant. Change is mandatory and it always happens for good. Change helps an individual break the monotonous circle of life one is involved in since ages. So change is always better and necessary.

A serious change comes only when there’s room for hope. An individual without hope is without life. Let me explain the above statements through a story I’m sure you all must have read during school.

Here’s the condensed version of the story “The Last Leaf” by O. Henry:

The patient kept staring out of the window at the tree to count the number of days remaining in his life with the number of leaves left on the dead tree. The cold weather and storms everyday forced the dormant tree to shed leaves daily, thus reducing his days of survival.

Meanwhile an old and frail protagonist painter was trying his best to make a masterpiece in drawing, one that writes his name in the history of art. But he was waiting for inception of an excellent idea to draw his imagination on to the canvas from quite a long time.

The painter came in acquaintance with the patient and they became good friends in few days. Every day the patient will show him the tree which has few leaves left and relate that to his life. The painter felt sorry for patient’s deplorable situation.

Days passed by, it got colder and leaves kept falling from the tree. The patient’s health was worsening with each falling tree. The painter could not do anything but wait and watch patient’s dying condition.

Now a day came when there were only 2 leaves left on the tree and the patient has figured out the D-day has come for him to depart and move on.

Midnight while working in his study, the painter saw the tree without a leaf and rushed to the site where the tree stood tall. He knew the patient must have fallen asleep by now and will look for the last leaf on tree not before tomorrow. It was blistering cold and freezing when he decided to paint his masterpiece “The Last leaf” on the tree to keep the hope alive in patient as he opens his eye to a new tomorrow.

The patient got better with every passing day as the leaf never fell from tree and thus protecting the patient’s hope from dying.

The painter peacefully died after few days as his health worsened but he was more at peace with himself because he knew that he managed to save his friend’s life through the masterpiece.

One must keep the hope alive by trying something new, by not giving up and by trying to be the change one wants to see in life and make way for others to follow. After all, hope is not such a bad thing.

This was an abridged version of the story I read 10 years back and now I faintly remember.

I hope this story inspire readers to keep hope and optimism alive every moment in their life and keep evolving with time. There’s always a good day after a bad day.


  1. true... very true. Hope can move mountains. And O henry's story is one story I will never forget.

    1. yes, this is one story which i can never ever forget in my lifetime. period!

  2. that's a wonderful story. thanks for sharing.

  3. amazing,inspiring,motivating and touching all at the same time is what this post was...realy nice...n love the story thanks fr sharing

    1. thank you thank you thank you Alka for liking the post...i read this story when i was in 11th standard and never forgot since then :-)

  4. Hope is a strange thing. It can sometimes move mountains for people who believe in it!

    Destination Infinity

    1. i would say HOPE is after all not a bad thing!!!

  5. I have read this story in so many forms and it always gives us a massage of hope and optimism.

    1. yeah i agree..

      i've read this story only once during school but the impression it had on me gives me a new hope whenever i feel low in life..!

  6. Replies
    1. yup, change is necessary!!!

      thanks for dropping by sm!


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