Sunday, March 25

Mahabharata (A Contest)

This will be the very first time I’ll run a contest. I do not anticipate much participation but I’ve kept my fingers crossed.

The Contest:

It’s called ‘Being Yudhishtir’ Contest (based on Mahabharata mythology).

Yudhishtir was known for his intelligence, wisdom and for speaking truth. This contest is named after the Pandava to find a blogger with good knowledge about Mahabharata and felicitate his/her familiarity on the subject.

About the Award:

If you’ve seen Mahabharata A-Z and can time travel back to 90’s era when Mahabharata was shown on Doordarshan, you stand a chance to win this contest by answering 10 questions I ask in this blog from the epic. You may take Google’s help if you think you are not sure about the answers. Winner gets this Badge:

There are no rules defined to participate in this contest. At least 5 answers should be correct to be a winner.
You can even ask your mom/dad or search online for answers.

Plus, one may find something interesting and worth sharing with children, friends from this questionnaire.

These are my 10 questions from Mahabharata:

1.       What led to Abhimanyu’s death inside Chakravyuh?

2.       Why did Lord Krishna laugh when Bheema’s son Ghatotkch died while fighting against the Kauravas?

3.       What was the main reason for Mahabharata to take place? Was it greed or was it something else?

4.       Why doors of heaven opened for a dog but Yudhishtir was shown the way to hell?

5.       Which important character from Mahabharata met one of the main character’s from Ramayana? And, what was its significance in Mahabharata?

6.       What was the curse given to karna which led to his death?

7.       Duryodhana was blessed to be immortal. Who gave him this power and what led to his death?

8.       How many brothers did Duryodhana had?

9.       Who was Karna’s foster mother?

10.   Who was the only warrior who had power to beat Arjun but was never made to fight Mahabharata?

Last date for submission: 10th April 2012.

Winners will be informed either by comments or by mails.

P.S: Thank you Bikram Veer Ji for the format/template and the design to run this contest. i stole it from your blog :-)

P.P.S: As this is the first time i am doing something like this, i need your inputs as to how can i improve in creating better contests in future !

Friday, March 23

Bhagat Singh : Google Doodle

I know it’s late to post this now but not late to pay homage to ‘The Legend’ who sacrificed his life for nation’s freedom struggle and left us today.

As I woke up to Google today (23rd March 2012), I expected Bhagat Singh’s Doodle to fly high at least on Google Doodle’s Indian (.in) version but was thwarted and surprised to see some Legendary Cubist painter ‘Juan Cris’s’ Birthday Badge sitting right in centre of Google’s Homepage.

So, I decided to commemorate the Indian Revolutionary through Google Doodle my way. I created a doodle badge to remember the Visionary.

Please excuse my imagination as I am not very artistic when it comes to creative designing.
Bhagat Singh Google Doodle

I am sure there are many creative designers out there who can make a lot better doodle to celebrate Bhagat Singh’s day.

Before I end this post, I would like to mention that Pakistan Government has decided to honor Bhagat Singh by renaming the place where he was hanged in Lahore jail to ‘Bhagat Singh Chownkthis year. It was today at this place he along with Sukhdev & Rajguru went to gallows in year 1931. Government has also pledged to finish the monument construction started 20 years ago to immortalize the Legend.

Saturday, March 17

Is Raat Ki Subah...

खुल्ली आँख से,
जब देखा यह जहाँ,
रौशनी है चाई हर कहीँ,
पर ना जाने क्यूँ, दिल में बहुत,
अँधेरा है वहाँ.

बीतें लम्हों की परछाई,
आज भी सताती है,
आने वाला कल क्या लाएगा,
इसी सोच में यह अँधेरी रात,
खुल्ली आखों में बीत जाती है.

यह कैसा डर,
मन में एक्सार रहता है.
कहीं खो ना दूं खुद को खुद से,
यही सोच कर ना जाने क्यूँ,
दर्द आखों से हर दम बहता है.

समय ना जाने क्यूँ,
अब रुक रुक कर चलता है.
इस रात की सुबह कब होगी,
यह सवाल हर पल, धीमी धड़कन के साथ,
समय की नोक पर ढलता है.

Monday, March 12

Movie Review: Kahaani

Google Images

Kahaani is an enthralling thriller about a pregnant woman who sets out from London on a mission to find her husband who went missing while working on an assignment in Kolkata, India, whereas people in india doubt her husband’s existence. So the ‘kahaani’ begins!

Without revealing the story any further, let me list down few things that stands out for this movie and makes it a ‘must watch’ movie for 2012.

Vidya Balan has proven her mettle once again after the grand success of ‘the Dirty Picture’ and now ‘kahaani’ that she’s ‘one-man-army’ who needs no support of leading actors to elevate her movies and has enough muscle to turn any movie into a blockbuster. Last I remember someone of this caliber who could do the same was Urmila Matondkar.

Vidya’s done it last year with ‘The Dirty Picture’ and she’s on a roll this year with ‘Kahaani’. It seems like there’s no looking back for her. Good going style diva, Indian audience wants to see more of you onstage this year in various award ceremonies and functions.

Review: if you are someone who loved reading Sidney Sheldon or Jeffery Archer’s novels, it’s a must watch for you. The gripping story keeps you awestruck, captivated on the edge of your seat every second for nearly 2.5 hours as every scene opens up to a new question and leaves viewer guessing as to what happens next.

I loved the way the movie took off. There’s a giant mice looking at you in the very first scene of the movie, something very different from the usual start we get to see in bollywood movies. The first half of the movie is contributed by the story and the direction whereas the second half is completely dominated by Vidya Balan.

The movie is shot completely in Kolkata depicting the daily lives of kolkaites from dawn to dusk highlighting how their life evolves everyday in the capital during the festive season of Durga Puja. Some of the best shots of the Hoogly River and Howrah Bridge were shown in the movie.

Google Images
It took the makers of ‘Jhankar Beats’ nearly a decade to taste success and punch it in air. Awesome story, screenplay and direction (Sujoy Ghosh) with Vidya balan’s protagonist acting tadka, gives this movie an edge in the race of best movies for 2012.

The supporting cast played by Parambrata Chatterjee, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Saswata Chatterjee did a marvelous role in making this movie a masterpiece.

Amitabh Bachchan’s rendition of Tagore’s poem is one of his best narrations of recent times.

The movie is worth watching onscreen. It will blow away your imagination and keeps surprising the viewers every scene every second.

One movie that left me completely spellbound.

My rating for the movie 4/5.

Saturday, March 10

Veeru's Dhanno !

Yesterday, I saw this vintage classic of the 70’s (or the 80's) standing isolated on road and way-out of the parking lane. I immediately got into action and stealthily took the snap on mobile before anyone raises their eyebrows.

Although the Original pic is colored but I changed the mood to give it a look from the 70s (or 80s).

The main reason behind this click is, it reminded me of Dharmender’s bike from the movie Sholay.

But now I am out of ideas as to what title should be given to this post in sync with the snap.

All thoughts and reflections are welcome!

Thursday, March 8

Tagged - Tag-A-Thon !

Google Images

I’ve been Tagged !

Thank you Divya for tagging me and sincere apologies for delay in publishing this post (…it took me more than expected time to collect questions and prepare answers to the questions asked…better be late than never!!!)

The Rules:

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.

Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 (7 here) questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.

Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.

Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.

Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others; don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

Let me list down 11 things about me. I am not very sure whether these I’ll categorize as facts or inferences about my understanding of life or about me but is more subjected to refutations than conviction.

1.       I like being in silence when alone. I like it when things are quiet and tranquillized.

2.       I am crazy about driving different cars. If given a chance I can drive for hours to set a new world record.

3.       I keep trying. If I fail, I’ll try again but with a different approach and never give up. I won’t quit or regret on the decisions made.

4.       I get influenced so very easily. I know it’s not good and I need to improve.

5.       I love listening to all genres of music. My personal favorite includes Michael Jackson, Lucky Ali, Staind, Metallica, GNR, Pink Floyd & Gurdas Mann.

6.       I like to get into discussion when the TALK is concerning myths or mysteries of life.

7.       I am a big-time movie buff. I have seen Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai (17 times) onscreen, Original Agneepath (more than 25 times), Terminator 2 Judgement Day (around 30 times) and Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (20 times) on tube.

8.       I love it when my morning starts with 1 hour of jogging. Besides, I love walking a lot.

9.       I am a day dreamer. I think a lot but very less gets materialized.

10.    I am scared to death on the idea of learning ‘how to swim’. But I’ll still go ahead and learn swimming this year.

11.    I love when I am surrounded with mathematical problems.

My turn now to answer 7 questions asked by Divya:

1.       Life's most beautiful moment?

When I got married to love of my life I first met online.

2.       Your definition of God?

Someone in imagination easy to refute but hard to accept and believe.

3.       What's the best thing you admire about Nature?

Simple yet so complex.

4.       Your biggest weakness and what would you like to do about it?

I am prone to rejections.

Every day is a struggle, a fight to get you going. One must not give up on failures as each failure is a new learning. That’s what I do to overcome my rejections.

5.       What keeps you moving in life?

My search for happiness today and tomorrow.

6.       One thing you would just like to do only once in your life and forget about it?

To think of giving a precise answer to this question and forget about it for rest of my life.

7.        If you were guaranteed to live another 50 years, your top 5 targets for this lifetime?

Top 5 targets:
-          Stay fit throughout my life
-          Adopt a child
-          Learn French
-          Write a novel
-          Teach mathematics!

Alright, now it’s my turn to shoot questions to all you bloggers I tagged in this post. Guys, checkyou’re your names first before skimming through the questionnaire.

1.       What are you passionate about?

2.       Cinema and Politics. What do they mean to you?

3.       One good thing you want to happen in India, for people – Long term?

4.       One good thing you want to happen for yourself – Long term?

5.       One good thing you want to happen for yourself – Short term?

6.       A frank thing you want to say about one of the bloggers here?

7.       Belief in God?

8.       One thing you would surely do to uplift this poor country?

9.       One secret about you?

10.   Do you hold any regrets in your life?

11.   Adventure if any in life…lets count:

And here’s the list of 11 bloggers I’ll like to spread the tag virus to:

1.       Suchi
2.       Anupama
3.       Raj
4.       Viyoma
5.       Raphael
6.       Upasana
Google Images
7.       Haritha
8.       Abhyudaya
9.       Sujatha
10.    Jhanvi
11.    Elvirah

Hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading it.

Before I close this post, let me wish all the dudes & duddettes a very Happy Holi and a salute to Womanhood on the occasion of “Women’s Day”.

Monday, March 5

Dil Se...

एक  अजब सी कशिश,
एक अलग सा एहसास, 
बार बार मन  में आज आता है.

कहना चाहूं तुमसे कुछ,
ना जाने क्यूँ, यह कंभख्त दिल,
बोलने से घबराता है.

ना जाने कब से,
ज़हन में उठा यह ख्याल है,
बयां करना चाहूं इसे जब,
जुबां पर शब्द,
आते साथ ही लडखडाता है.

दर्द दबा है,
कहीं गहन में मेरे,
कितनी भी कोशिश करू ,
कदम नहीं बढते आगे मेरे.

फिर भी,
उम्मीद यही लगाए रखी है,
एक दिन जब मिलोगे तुम,
पूछेंगे तुम्हारे दिल से,
क्या यही दर्द,
तुम्हे भी दस्तक दे कर जाता है?

This is my third attempt in writing Hindi Poetry. I know i am not good at it and I must stop writing!

P.S: This poem is reviewed by a fellow blogger friend Indu from Hridyanubhuti

Thank you Indu for your valuable time and input!

Sunday, March 4

I V/s I

I v/s I
Google Images

Atheist v/s priest

Are you an atheist, a non believer who holds truth above his head and talk about the non existence of Supreme Being, one who defines every movement of his life in terms of scientific findings and through laws of physics where the activities gets recorded under the heuristics of mass-body-space-time-speed and distance? Are you a kind of reductionist who infers the happenings with a scientific eye?


Google Images
Are you that lonely priest in this holy world who believes in the control of supreme power and a mere mortal, an organism who opens up in the arms of some vital force omnipotent but same time hard to unearth in scientific theories?

Is it really possible for a mortal mind to exist without faith?

It’s hard for me to judge as to who am I, a believer of implicit things having lesser reality (evidence) but more belief associated with it or someone who gets fascinated to the pragmatic findings of scientific evolution.

Google Images
 Is it really true or possible in imagination for an agnostic to live faithless in knowing anything and everything about the universe which does include the myths about ‘THE ONE’? A non believer in such a case shouldn’t believe in his very own personal findings as well for eg: while walking or having supper. Why not a more calculative technical approach followed while taking every new step with an assumption the ground below his next step may slip or may not be in position to hold his weight? It’s this belief in his sub conscious mind that sends signals of faith and gives confidence to go ahead as the ground shall not slip and will hold the mass while moving without making any space-time-mass-body-energy-length calculations. Similarly, while consuming food, why the value (worth) of food is judged by the freshness, flavor or aroma and why not by the calculations of heat and the temperature at which it was cooked? Every atheist I believe holds some belief in the vague happenings around him yet not cemented on walls of science.

On the other hand, every believer’s view is based on statements less factual and more assumed by paralyzing their mindset with societal knowledge without challenging the authority of the edification passed. From school till date, every social organism is made to belief in the good v/s the bad, god v/s evil and not allowed to question on anything. Is it really the faith or belief to not to question and comply with the learning’s institutionalized or is it the absence of intelligence and intellect to think and raise doubts about laws written in the past?

Google Images
Is assumption the only way to overlook the findings by deduction? Or is it the complexities of the nature around that makes humans contrive tribulations through myths and erroneous beliefs but not through facts, mathematical figures and equations? Does science itself gives explicit picture to the researches made about the universe without assumptions or only through inference?

And my struggle to find answers to such question continues…

Thursday, March 1

Best Ways To Keep You Running

Google Images

8 months, 244 days, I’ve been running regularly now for a healthier, better life. Last year June when I could barely run, when jogging was synonymous to brisk walking, getting up early morning meant half hour walk on road and running was off my radar. But past is history now and today I am actively running, gets up every day at 5 without a miss, exercise regularly and make sure that i practice the same for rest of my life.

I managed to bring this change by motivating myself to not to stop and keep running for a better tomorrow and that’s how I never gave room for laziness to get heavy on me.

Is it hard to believe but we squander half of our time thinking about the future none has seen and the remaining half whimpering for all the wrongs happened in past and literally, forget to live in the moment. One should make every day count as if last.

This post talks about the various do’s and don’ts one must follow for healthier and better tomorrow. The list is about small steps one must take to keep oneself motivated for every day running.
Google Images


Start slow: Do not run for hours on your first day. Start slow, half an hour brisk walking initially followed by a good ten minutes of running continued for a week or for a month will act as a great energy booster and will make you relax. Start slow, it will definitely help you atone your mind and body.

Breathe through your nose not mouth while running: While running, breathe through nose and not through your mouth. Let morning’s fresh air gush into your lungs through nose. Breathing through mouth will make you tired after sometime.

Drink water 30 minutes prior to running: keep yourself hydrated. Drink enough water 30 minutes before you start running.

If Morning’s makes you lazy, run eastwards to catch the falling sun: if you are nocturnal and is impossible for you to wake up before sunrise, practice running during sunset. But remember, sun never skips to rise and is never lazy. Learn from nature.

Every step is a milestone: make a target to run 5, 10, 15 …35, 45, 60 minutes on regular basis and try to improve gradually. Regularly update your progress report. Reward yourself with a day off on weekends. 

Remember, even god rested on the seventh day after creating the world.

Eat nutritious and healthy food after running and consume enough water whole day: one must have a wholesome breakfast after jogging and exercise. Drink enough water throughout the day. Chow oats, fruits, cereals or egg in morning and avoid tea, bread, biscuits etc.

Follow the rule of 21: Do not give up after running for few days. Be strict to yourself. Remember during school days, how we used to get up every day early morning to avoid missing the class. Be what you were during school today. At least schools taught us how to be disciplined. Bring discipline in your life.

The rule of 21 says if you are into something for 21 days continuously, you may continue to do the same activity for rest of your life. Try implementing the same in your daily running. If you are able to achieve this, you will never stop running and be the next Forrest Gump.

Good night sleep is very essential for healthier mind and body: sleep early to get up early. I wake up every day at 5 in morning. I am not sure but doing this keeps me calm and vigorous the whole day.

Eat light the previous night: do not assume this is your last meal. Underfeed yourself and be contented for what you had. Eat heavy during the day.

Follow a new route, a new track: Very important, follow a new track after few days. Human mind gets easily bored walking on the same route day after day. Find a new route to conquer your mind.
Google Images


Do not consume food 30 minutes before running: Avoid eating or drinking (except warm water or energy drink) before hitting the road.

Do not shy away from running: forget about what people will say while you are running. Be focused.

Do not hit the bed post jog: Avoid falling asleep post jogging. Freshen up, have a healthy breakfast to start your day.

Keep yourself motivated to run daily else, wait for the day when you’ll start running for regular checkups to your family doctor.

Only by following these lessons, you can cut down your doc’s salary.

Stay fit, stay healthy!!!
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