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12 Months, 12 Lessons And A Year Old Marriage

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P.S: if you are bachelor or below 22, you must stop reading this post immediately as it is solely meant for married couples and their take on lives.

Let me be very honest while writing this post in the month of February as I complete one year of successful marriage!

I was very speculative about my decision whether to get married or not at such an early stage of my life last year. I always felt this isn’t the right time and the day is too far for me to change my facebook status from being single to married and till then, live life clutch free and without any ties to a new being. But it all changed on the 50th day last year and the timing couldn’t be any better. I got married to the love of my life. Although my name remained as it is but my account at bachelors club expired on 19th February.

Today, when I look back on how the year went by, I thank the almighty stars I least believe in for not postponing my marriage and making me realize that it was a good decision after all.

Marriage redefined the meaning of life for me. My way of looking at things and making decisions changed completely as I transitioned mentally in making choices to an approach where every decision made had a direct impact on other as well. The results no longer belonged to any one individual but affected both.

Today, I have someone who cares, share thoughts and have feelings for me and look after me in thick and thin.  With the way life’s been in last 1 year, I wish, she should have entered much before I completed 28 chapters of my age. I liked the change marriage brought within me for good.

I thank my beloved wife Savita for the love, the happiness and prosperity she brought along as she entered my life this month last year.

The reason for writing this post is to celebrate my sweet November every year from now on in February (Also Valentine celebrations).

Here’s a list of 12 lessons I learnt every month starting from February 2011 till date:

February: Appreciate her for such a wonderful life and always treat her as your best friend.

March: Take life easy, go slow. Think before making a move (no pun intended!). Be proactive but do not rush into things as every decision made will always have a serious impact on both of you.

April: Never confront with her in outsider’s defense. There’s no point to scuffle for someone not even remotely related. It’s the family that matters. Leave outsiders outside the house else you’ll end up disturbing the tranquility.

May: Everyday is a celebration.

“Every day above ground is a good day”.

Every day is important, make it beautiful. Celebrate togetherness.

June: Leave your anger outside the house. Do not create a room for anxiety, frustration within you or in the house. It may prove expensive!

If it’s difficult to control your fury, try being on the Neutral Land for some time, like Lillie and Marshal (from How I Met Your Mother) and wait for frustration to recede.

July: Help her in doing daily chores even if she doesn’t demand.  Split the work and help her in whatsoever way possible.1% of your assistance will surely add 100% love to your relation.

August: Learn to give space to an individual. Develop trust and live life freely and without clutches.

September: Let go, do not create dependency. Be independent. Learn as much possible and never rely on things to fall in place automatically when she’s sick or not around.

October: Never condemn. Doesn’t matter if it’s the undercooked food or an incomplete task, respect her for the efforts!

November: Share ideas, share thoughts and tell her how much importance she holds in your life.

December: Never get into the blame game. Never count or make her realize the mistakes she ever made. Nobody’s perfect, neither you nor I.

January: Always listen to your partner and learn to value what she says. Have patience, never jump to conclusion. She’s your better half, give respect to her words.

These are the 12 lessons I learnt from one year of successful marriage.

Thank you for reading the post!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S: This post is written with no intention to celebrate Women’s Day in advance! J

Thursday, February 23

This Part Of My Life Is Called Struggle!!!

Scientifically the longest day of the year is in June but for us, 22nd feb 2012 was the longest day of our life. By us, I meant me and my wife.

Since the day we moved from Chennai to Pune, we both wanted to live life stress free, kind of liberated with every passing moment as a thing to cherish forever and follow our passion with vigor. We knew playing the game of life as we wanted will not be easy. So our struggle to listen and follow our heart started from Pune.


Alright, the fact is, we both are jobless and with very limited financial resources that may last for a few months from now. Although we our apprehensive about how things will fall in order but this apprehension is mostly overcome with the excitement to start afresh. This everyday excitement is the sole reason that keeps us happy and ticking every second of our life.

Today, one must not stop trying to make a beautiful tomorrow.


She always dreamt to be a Software Testing Trainer and open her own Training Center in Pune where she prepare Software Testing Professionals for a better tomorrow and make every individual learn the craft of software testing the right way. Involved in the same profession from 8 years, her dictum is to create awareness and uplift the software testing domain which is still considered a job for the misfit.

As far as I am concerned, I act as a catalyst in making her realize the dream.

It wasn’t possible to do the same while we were in Chennai as we mutually agreed to start this venture from Pune which later turned out to be the main reason for our movement from Chennai. Thus MIND HUNTERS is born!

Personally, I never wanted either of us to lament later in life for procrastinating any decision and professionally, I too needed a change. I always felt exhausted doing the same old mundane work I was involved in from 6 years and I truly needed a pill of excitement to boost my professional graph which was at all time low. So I decided why not search for a better job from Pune in fact. Our parents are very supportive for the decision we made. So my main focus was now to setup a training institute for her and handle all the administration work till I find a suitable job for myself.

It’s now 20 days and the institute is ready with a classroom and a lab. The pamphlets are printed. Now it’s time to advertise. We’ve already spread the name Mind Hunters on internet like a spider’s web. It’s listed now on every second advertising website.

22nd feb 2012, we started advertising using pamphlets. We stood for straight 2 hours on the main gate of MIT (Maharashtra Institute of Technology) College, Pune, distributing pamphlets to every student leaving the premises for the day. We’ve never done this before and were also heartbroken to see students fling leaflets in air. I know it’s not easy but there’s no looking back for either of us. We may be beaten money-wise but the spirits are high to not just survive but do well in years to come. Patience is virtue after all.

I know it’s difficult but life is a STRUGGLE every minute!!!

Mind Hunters:

You can check out information about the institute MIND HUNTERS here:

It’s located in Kothrud, Pune and themed on Software Testing Training.

All thoughts & reflections are welcome to help us in improving our webpage and providing tips for better marketing.

Big thanks on behalf of Savita for reading this post.

Have a great week ahead!

Tuesday, February 21

Salvation On The Platter - Part I

If you are in Pune, you must try what I categorize as “Legendary” food items available in every nook and corner of the city.

If you are in Pune, you must try:

     Dhabeli at any roadside hawker’s stall or at any desi fast food joint.

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If you happen to be near to Karwe Putla Chownk, Kothrud, try Dhabeli at small shops next to Sumitra Veg. restaurant. Mouth watering, it’s an ultimate salvation for mind and body. And just in case, you still don’t find it mouth slobbering, try Cheese Dhabeli at the same place. This will surely make you drool over completely, something you’ll cherish for a long long time.

You can also try Dhabeli on FC road as well.

Price: Dhabeli: 10 bucks, Cheese Dhabeli: 20 bucks!!!

Isn’t it inexpensive!!!

     Cad-B officially started by ‘IceCream Magic’ Ice Cream parlor in Kothrud and now available all across the city turned out to be an overnight success for Ice Cream Magic. I wonder if they got the recipe of this chocolate ice cream patented.

Anytime of the day, any day of the week, you’ll always find youngsters gathered all around Ice Cream Magic parlor. It has turned out to be a breeding ground for all Puneris.

All in all, Cad-B is magic and a treat for Chocolate lovers!!!

Price: Cad-B: 40 bucks

     Rabri Jalebi available at ‘The kadhai’ fast food restaurant on FC Road, Pune will surely make one nostalgic and take us to the happy days of our lives.

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I and my wife stopped over at ‘The Kadhai’ restaurant (on a friend’s suggestion) which was started a year back, today, sandwiched between ‘Apache’ bar and ‘Venky’s Chicken’ bistro, opposite Fergusson College, Pune.

If you are not a diabetic and a big fan of desi ghee jalebis mixed with malai rabri, you must visit this place known for its ethnic Rajasthan food products.

I am sure you must have had rabri and jalebi individually a thousand times but the mysterious combination of the two will keep surprising you with every bite. I must admit, an experience worth remembering.

Price: Rabri Jalebi: 40 bucks

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     Missal Paav available on Paud Road, Pune. A Maharashtrian food item made from Sev and other farsaan food items. Add a little spice to it, I bet, after finishing this, you’ll go crazy and can even light up a cigarette from your lips.

Price: Missal Paav : 25 bucks

Isn’t Pune economical with reasonable price of food items!!!

     Coffee at Durga Café in Kothrud, Pune. I haven’t tried this but the day is not far when I and my wife will enjoy an evening here, sipping shots of the legendary coffee available here.

Price: Coffee: 15 bucks

     Chocolate Paan on FC Road, Pune. Sounds crazy right but the yummiest paan I ever had in my life. Paan soaked in Chocolate with a cheery on top of it.
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The variety of sweets and food items available in Pune will surely make every Puneite overlook their increasing waist lines.

Price: Chocolate Paan: 20 bucks

     Chocolate Sandwich on FC Road, Pune. You must have had Veg. sandwich, cheese sandwich and many other universal sandwiches that are easily available now and then. But have you ever tried or heard of ‘Chocolate Sandwich’?

Telling what it is made of or what its contents are is like screwing someone’s excitement by telling the end of a half read novel.

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You really want to know what it is, you must try it.

Price: Chocolate Sandwich: 40 bucks

If eating all these food items is a sin in the holy book of "being healthy", i am ready to commit such sins again and again!!!
This is my list of 7 sins (food items) one must commit to live Pune’s life.

I’ll keep updating my list as I explore more about Pune in days to come.

Do let me know if you’ve tried or will try any of these mouth water-watering food arrays.

Also enlighten me if there is more food items available in market which you believe can be part of my list.

Sunday, February 19


Alright, before I scribble my ideas and talk about this post, I would like to apologize for the unexpected break I had in updating my blog and for not being in touch with other bloggers posts as I was busy moving my belongings from Chennai to Pune. But thanks to the “subscribe” option available on various blogs, I had all recent posts from various bloggers in my mail account!!!


This is it. A new start, a new journey, a new today, I leave behind all the good/bad happened in the past, I start afresh on a new track as I take my first steps on Pune’s surface and kiss a final goodbye to Chennai once and forever!!!

Thank You Chennai !!!

I finally ended the Chennai Chapter which got started way back in year 2006 and took me almost 6 years to complete. It was journey of a lifetime I’ll remember every second every minute of my life.

Chennai holds lot of importance in my life as my career took off from here, a place which transformed me from ‘being nothing’ to ‘being something’ professionally. And 31st jan 2012 was the day I bid my final adieu (with a contented heart) to start a new chapter from Pune.

Thank you Chennai for all the happiness and dips of sorrow (no offense) I had while living in Tamil Nadu’s heart.


This post today marks the beginning of a new life, a new journey, as I stride onto the roads I always dreamt to be but never had a chance to realize my dream. I kept waiting for the right time till I understood a simple fact of life, it’s you who make it right and do not wait for fate to pull cards on your behalf. 

I am in Pune now, second best city after Ahmedabad in India for year 2011 as per TOI survey. It’s time to realize my conked-out dreams and make life clutter free. Not that I have any emotional attachment with this Maharashtrian city, truth is, I like being here for 2 reasons, one, it’s the so called ‘happening hub’ today and secondly, my apartment resides on a small piece of earth located in this city. Besides, I love the culture, the vibe and the ‘sense of being’ present in every nook and corner of this city. In one line if I have to define Pune, “city that never sleeps”.

The Journey Begins:

It’s been more than 2 weeks now that I am in Pune. It definitely took me more than expected time to settle down. Honestly, intercity transfer is not that easy as I expected it to be.

The day I reached, city was shivering with unwelcoming cold but wasn’t cold enough on my thermometer considering the number of years spent in the foothills of Himalayas. I am sure people from Chandigarh will find this place a second home, a second inning to start afresh the same good old life they had in UT till date.

Pune is just the right place to be if you are young, energetic and vibrant. I may not be wrong in saying that more than 70% of the inhabitants in Pune must be in the age group between 20 and 40 and rest filled with enthusiastic oldies. People love to be part of everyday fun and enjoy life here. Yes, they know the meaning of the word “LIFE” and enjoy IT every second.

Facts about PUNE:

-          Puneites love to eat. If you are in Pune, you’ll observe each and every corner on every other road turned into a small hangout place for students, professionals and food lovers. Rarely you’ll come across any food vendor sitting idle. Food joints and shops are omnipotent and a big hit in the city.

-          Alright, if Pueites are foodie they are health conscious as well. I believe this must be the only place of its kind in India today to have most number of health and wellness centers running all across the city. People may not have control on their taste buds but they do know how and when to control their waist lines and straighten their weight graphs by burning yesterday’s fat in gym today.

-          People in Pune need no reason to walk anytime of the day. Either its 4 in morning or 1 after midnight, you’ll always find crowd down the lane.

-          Pune is a self proclaimed hub for small business startups. If you have an idea good enough to pursue it as career option, welcome to Pune. There’s no age bar here, people from all sorts of life find contentment in whatever business they are involved in.

-          Puneris do not crib about lingo. If you are not Marathi, it doesn’t matters!!! What matters is whether you have the zeal to live life ‘the Pune way’ or not and frankly, Puneites are very helpful and amicable towards strangers.

-          Pune’s climate is very similar to Chandigarh’s climate. Pune is beautiful and surrounded by Sahadri hills forming a circle.

-          If you are in Pune for a short visit, FC Road, JM Road, Tekkdi, Amanora, Lavasa, and NDA Khadakvasla are the places worth visiting.

-          Last but not the least, a cautionary fact, every red government bus in Pune is not driven by Mane but I completely disagree to this statement because of the recent bus rampage by some maniac Mane which killed quite a number of innocents in the city.

These were my findings about the city in last 20 days. As my journey progress, I’ll keep writing and updating about the serendipity of events that unfolds like a new surprise in my everyday life.



February month holds lot of importance in my life as:

-          I moved to Pune forever. This is my 100th post on Cognitive Amalgamation Blog and 1st from Pune!!!

-          My first Valentine in Pune post marriage.

-          I celebrated my first wedding anniversary today.

-          I and my wife laid the foundation of our very own Training Center this month and will soon be launching the website.

Thanks for taking out time to read this post.

Have a great week ahead !

Tuesday, February 7

Agneepath 1.0 V/s Agneepath 2.0

Is 2012’s Agneepath any better than the original?

Was THE CLASSIC Agneepath of 1990 really a flop show at the box office?

If the first two questions excite you, continue reading the blog.

I recently watched Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath. Being a big admirer of the protagonist, I was eager to know whether the young man was really able to beat the odds and re-live the enigma of THE LEGENDARY Vijay Dinanath Chauhan created by Amitabh Bachchan in the vintage Agneepath.

This post is dedicated to the Original Classic Agneepath and a detailed analysis of how the new flick faired over the periodic flick!!!

Agneepath (1990) V/S Agneepath (2012)

Plot: Played by the ‘Angry Young Man’ of the 90’s, the LEGENDARY Amitabh bachchan, portrays an intense role of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, who decides to avenge for the injustice done to his Dad (a noble man) by being BAD amongst the bad and teach all a lesson with a promise to give MANDWA back to his mom and eventually restore his Dad’s (Master ji) honor and dignity.


(AGNEEPATH - 1990)

1.       Initially, the movie bombarded at the box office but was later re-launched With huskiness in Amitabh’s voice which supplemented the intensity in Vijay’s character and anguish and pain in his eyes, thus making it a cult classic in the history of Indian cinema.

2.       This movie gave Amitabh bachchan one of the finest performances of his career.

Google Images
3.       Amitabh Bachchan, Mithun Chakrobaty and Rohini Hatangidi went on to receive National award for their character.

4.       The movie was proven cult among the good, the bad and the ugly.

5.       Agneepath’s fan list includes all time famous personalities like Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli.

6.       1990 Agneepath had everything: the characters, their roles with intense acting, the plot and every other masala to make this movie a history.

7.       Sholay and Agneepath are the only 2 movies I remember which are famous till date for their trend setting dialogues and one-liners.

A must watch for all the dudes (& dudettes) who hasn’t seen the original flick till date.

My Rating: “must watch before you die!!!”


1.       The plot remains the same. The story remains the same. If 1990 Agneepath storyline was A->B->C->D, the new Agneepath’s storyline was reshuffled to A->C->B->D.
Google Images

2.       The movie is loud in comparison to the old flick. The sound effects multiplied the nausea and darkened the movie further.

3.       The other characters in the new movie (except that of Hrithik, Sanjay Dutt & Rishi Kapoor) was not as powerful and hard hitting as the old flick. As a matter of fact, the new version would have done better without Priyanka Chopra & Om Puri.

Google Images
4.       It’s a onetime watch whereas the original can be seen countless times even today.

5.       There is no powerful dialogue and no influential dialogue delivery in new Agneepath as compared to the classic. Except few good performances, the movie turned out more hype and less of a tribute to the classic.

6.       Karan Malhotra and Karan Johar remixed the old version with an interest to create a commercial hit. Whereas the original was never categorized a commercial flick.

7.       Songs in the new flick are far better than the songs in the original. Trust me, if the original was made without Amitabh and the kind of songs the movie had, it would have proven to be a big disaster ay box office and plummeted with nose facing the ground.

Character Analysis:

Amitabh Bachchan V/s Hrithik Roshan for Vijay Dinanath Chauhan:

Google Images
-          Class apart, generation apart and talent apart, Amitabh Bachchan is still the real Vijay Dinanath Chauhan when it comes to intense acting. No doubt, the protagonist Hrithik did a marvelous job but the anger in his character, the pain was just not felt in the new flick.

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-          Amitabh bachchan silenced all through his one liners in the movie whereas Hrithik did the same through his eyes. It was HR’s eyes that did most of the talking.

-          Vijay in new movie was dancing and singing songs whereas the Vijay of 1.0 was very silent and had no definition of songs or dance in his dictionary.

-          Master Manjunath who played the character of young Vijay did a role with par excellence and authority in his dialogue delivery which was surely missed in the young Vijay of version 2.0. Master Manjunath definitely scored over the new character.

-          There was elegance, style, the way Amitabh was dressed in the classic whereas Hrithik was too simple in white shirt and blue jeans which gave him “boy next door” look.

Danny D V/s Sanjay Dutt for Kaancha Cheena:

-          Sanjay Dutt rocks. He definitely scored over Danny D and overshadowed the Kancha Cheena from past.

-          Although the influential dialogues and the enigma and the style was missing in the new Kaancha’s character but the fresh Voldemort (beast) look definitely outshined the stupendous character played by Danny in the old flick. 

Master ji:

-          Without any doubt, Alok Nath from the old flick is any day better than today’s master ji.

Rohini H. V/s Zarina Wahab for Vijay’s Maa:

-          Can a comparison be made to a national award winner, Rohini ji, for playing an eternal and unforgettable role of Vijay’s Maa? Zarina Wahab was more of left out (unimportant) in the new flick.

-          The grave “mother-son relation” was very well depicted in the old flick as compared to the new one.

Madhvi, Mithun V/s Priyanka Chopra:

-          Seems like Priyanka Chopra proved to be one man army for Karan Johar’s Agneepath. She not only played the role of Viju’s beloved but also showed a tinge of Mithun (Krishnan Iyer M.A.) in her character during the dialogue delivery. But honestly, Madhvi from old movie was far better, decisive and had role fundamental to the story whereas Priyanka’s character was not even needed in the new flick. The movie would have done better at box office without PC.


-          Is there any one in competition here to Neelam for Shiksha’s character? Not even in rarest of my dreams.

Commissioner Gaitonde:

-          Vikram Gokhle is still the best when it comes to play the role of Commissioner onscreen.

-          Om Puri did well but there was no connection between the him and Vijay in the new flick which was brilliantly showed in the classic.

Other Characters:

-          I hardly remember any influential character from new Agneepath except Rishi Kapoor who played Rauf Lalla’s character. Marvellous acting from Chintu ji, his first as villain, will definitely re-add his name to the elite club of finest actors in our country. It was definitely a lifetime performance from Rishi Kapoor.

-          What happened to the characters of Terelin, Nathu, Shanti, Usman Bhai, Gora, Anna, Shetty from the old movie? They were all chopped off in the new flick. Each of them had an essential part which was found missing in the new flick.


The entire struggle started from this place and ended in the same place. The plot remained the same but the place had an image makeover in the new flick.

Mandwa of 90s was covered with villagers having a contented outlook whereas the Mandwa of today gave an impression of a slum much filthier and darker on reel than in real.


Vruksh ho bade bhale,
ho ghane ho bhale,
Ek Patra chhah bhi mang mat, mang mat, mang mat,
Agnipath, Agnipath Agnipath;

Tu na thamega kabhi tu na mudega kabhi tu na rukega kabhi,
Kar shapath, Kar shapath, Kar shapath,
Agnipath, Agnipath, Agnipath.

Ye Mahan Drushya hain,
Chal raha Manushya hain,
Ashru, Sweth, Rakta se Latpat Latpat Latpat..
Agnipath, Agnipath, Agnipath.

The only stuff that remained same in both the movies. Influential in itself, Madhushala by Harishvansh Rai Bachchan is a proven “must read” poem of all time.


Nice Effort but The Original AGNEEPATH still rules \m/
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