Thursday, January 5

The Year That Was 2011 : Blog Review

I had quite an interesting year with respect to Blogging. From reading articles, posts from the enormous blogging pool available online to making friends, I had a blast this 2011. Also, there was a fourfold increase in the traffic on my blog page, something to cherish for eons!!!

Here’s a brief review of my Blog (Cognitive Amalgamation):

I started blogging since December 2007 but the flow of publishing posts was quite fluctuating, once in a blue moon to be precise. As a result, my blog attracted a very staggered traffic. To be very honest, I was not into the concept of blogging, I took it because my twin was actively pursuing it. So I had to have my share of blogging. If he can do it, why not me? Besides, I dreaded when it comes to expressing views where medium of communication is English.

But frankly, I had this long mental constipation developed which never lets the words come out easy and I sooner than later lost interest in writing. Even IndiBlogger never excited me till last year, I considered IB for the rich not the poor.

Anyways, the last nail in coffin was pinned when my Google adsense account was deactivated. My blog was now officially DEAD and deprived of online minting. My dreams to make money through blogs (inspired from online money making ideas) were completely shattered.

But last year it all changed. I said to myself, screw adsense, screw facebook, this is the only platform that’s real and interesting so lets just get actively involve in it. As a result, instead of giving up blogging, I gave up facebook and adsense (although adsense gave up on me first, officially).

2011 was a year of changes I believe. I not only got back to blogging, traffic sensex on my blog touched 10k mark and in last 3-4 months it shot up to 15k hits and there was no looking back. Prosperity reigns!!!

I have been periodically posting my experiences now and regularly reading about others. IndiBlogger did the role of a catalyst.

Last few months, I learnt a lot about blogging. I realized your blog will only grow when you keep posting and keep reading. After all, words are food and energy to your blog’s health.

So with this, let me list down the experiences i had and things I look forward to see in my blog in coming years as it turns 5 this 2012.


      1.       Blog sensex crossed 15k mark and my rank at IndiBlogger also improved.

      2.       I’ve become a passionate admirer and follower of IndiBlogger and am now seriously following it.

      3.       Made new friends online via blogging and learnt a lot about them through their posts.

To list few, I love reading posts published on Bikram’s, DI, Arti, Renu, Rachna, Purba, Joshi D, Readitt, Indu, Saru, NRI and many more. I have subscribed to their blogs so that I do not miss out any post when i am offline. I have categorized them as virtual blogging pals at least better than the fake friend requests from dudes & duddettes from planet facebook.

      4.       I gave up facebook, orkut, Google plus or twitter (I was never on twitter) just to be on blogger. Although I do like it when people click on those tiny little ‘facebook’ ‘Google plus’ marks below every post and recommend/share them with their friends.

      5.       LinkWithin definitely helped me in gaining the edge!!!

      6.       Leobabauta’s zenhabits blog had a lasting impression on my personal and professional life.

Bottom line: Yes I confirm the Blog DNA in my blood has started re-forming.

Things I would like to see happen to my blog in 2012:

      1.       I never ever received an award for the blog or for any particular post I published. I get fascinated when I see those tiny little award/memento badges hanging on various bloggers page and dream of having one on mine too someday.

Also, I never gave an award to any bloggers for the posts I liked. I would love to give one but to be very honest, I am pretty naïve on how an award is given.

      2.       I wish to see more and more readers following my blog this year.

      4.       My other wish is to see my blog grow and become what bikram’s or Rachna’s or DI’s or Indu’s or Arti’s or Joshi’s or The NRI’s or Saru's… or … (to name few) blog is today. 

      5.       Last but not the least, I request readers to keep coming back on my blog and keep reading/writing.

Thanks for reading this.

New Year wishes to ALL!!!


  1. Hi Rahul,

    I am glad that you regard me as your good blogging friend

    I like your posts too and enjoy reading them

    thank you and a happy new year to you

  2. Good luck rahul !
    keep growing keep writing !
    My wishes !

  3. Wish you good luck and Happy Blogging.

  4. @ Readitt

    thank you for such kind words ..

    @ Deepak

    thank you .. missed out mentioning your blog in the post .. apologies !

    @ Alka

    thanks for dropping by ..

    happy blogging

  5. :) I am sure you will win lots of awards .. None of my posts ever won anything , I recently won one and i so happy about it ..

    Other awrds that come are by friends and people who come to the blog ..
    Thank you for mentioning me and its always a pleasure to see you on my page.

    All the best with everything and i am sure you will soon be winning all the awards .. just a matter of time .. Take care


  6. May all your wishes come true Rahul. It's from Indiblogger I got all my followers.

    Blogging is a passion, so don't you ever give up.

  7. Don't worry about monetization too much. It will automatically happen and new avenues will open as your blog grows. Just focus on creating good and useful content, everything else will follow. This post was good and frank. I appreciate the spirit in which this was written. Wishing you many more years of passionate blogging :)

    Destination Infinity

  8. @ Bikram,

    hey how are you Bikram ..

    you mentioned you've won awards from friends and people who visit your blog .. do you know how to give an award .. lets say if i have to give an award to someone how is it done?

    thanks for the wishes and all the luck to you as well in coming years ..


  9. @ Purba

    hey thanks for visiting my blog .. glad you were here !

    love your posts and your writing .. sometimes i envy you all for being so good with blogging .. hehehehe

  10. @ DI,

    money .. what's that :P

    no frankly, ive stopped dreaming to make money online by blogging .. since my adsense account has been deactivated ..

    initially it mattered a lot but now i've consoled myself and moved on ..

    i love your blog posts and thanks for being part of my blogging life (thank you all ! )


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  12. मैं भी पक्का ब्लॉगिया हूँ. फेसबुक, ट्विटर, गूगल+ आदि... अपने कोई काम के नहीं हैं!

  13. @ ravi,

    sunkar acha lagaa ..

    thanks for dropping by ..


  14. I wish you grow in summation of all the blogs you listed and that too real quick...

    Sorry for missing this post and thank you for making me a part of it, Rahul...

    My subscription widget is not working as there is some template coding problem. You can subscribe again by using 'Follow by email', which I added today...:)

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  16. Well desing a award, and give it who ever you want to .. simple .

    Write a post on your blog and announce why you giving the award and to Who..

    then go to the blog of the person you have given the award to and leave a comment saying they have been given a award ..

    thats it .. :)

    Have a look at ... I created a competition and desinged the award .. Then who so ever won I notified them and put a post on my blog then emailed them the Jpeg file for the award ..

    which they put on thier blog ..

    all the best

  17. @ Saru,

    thank you for the lovely wishes !

    don't be sorry, its difficult for me to express my thoughts here but i just want to say i feel overwhelmed/honored/happy to see your comments on my blog .. thanks for always taking out time to read my blogs and making comments on them..

    yes i've subscribed to your posts now .. will not miss any of your blogs from now on..


  18. @ Bikram,

    will definitely give a shot in designing an award.

    thanks for taking out time and explaining me this award thing. i appreciate it.


  19. all the best dude. u already have quite a few followers and i m one of them. i love the honesty in ur posts.

    1. wooow ... that's like one of the nicest comments (honestly speaking) i ever got for my blog .. blushing :P

      thanks F&N ..


  20. Glorious year gone by.. another waiting to unfold. Best wishes with it. :)


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