Monday, January 16

Things To Do Before I Die

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Read a post recently on THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE which inspired me to prepare my own wish list. Although I do not have any plans or timeframe in mind as to when these activities must be completed but there’s no harm in listing them now, at least to remind myself to finish few before I close my eyes forever!!!

Thanks Jojo for sharing your blog!

So here’s a list of things I think I must do before I die:

1.       Stay fit for life

2.       Sooner than later move to my flat in Pune

3.       Adopt a child

4.       Spend evenings with friends on weekends

5.       Marry love of my life

6.       Resign from my current job without a job in hand

7.       Work for IBM (my dream company) one day

8.       Teach mathematics on weekends to kids

9.       Learn French

10.   Open up my own Radio Station

11.   Spend a day with Sachin Tendulkar : the ultimate Salvation

12.   Spend a day with Hrithik Roshan

13.   Gift a laptop to my wife

14.   Buy Renault Megane convertible in India

15.   Buy an Apple I-Pod with docking Station

16.   Gift a sedan to my parents

17.   Fly to New Zealand with my wife

18.   See the world from Eifel Tower

19.   Drink and drive

20.   Get inked

21.   Get inked again

22.   Go on a long drive with my wife to roads unknown

23.   Sing an English song in front of a very specific crowd just to prove I do not sing with a Punjabi accent

24.   Learn swimming

25.   Buy a bicycle

26.   Watch ‘I dream of Jeanie’, ‘Prison Break’ & ‘Friends’ sitcoms as many times I want after retirement.

27.   Run continuous for 25 minutes

28.   Run continuous for an hour

29.   Write a novel

30.   Learn Yoga

31.   Exercise regularly

32.   Write a post on my blog which grab at least 50+ comments

33.   Be a Minimalist after 45

34.   Prepare Butter Chicken Masala for my wife

35.   Drink all kinds of alcohol (world brands)

36.   Learn cooking

37.   Stay in a penthouse for a month

38.   Drive Alfa Romeo, Benz & BMW at least once in my life

39.   Stuff my fridge only with beer, coke and chocolates

40.   Never die. Live forever!!!

This was my bucket list, hope to see yours floating soon on the web!!!


  1. :) wow :P
    enough ?? glad too see such things !
    wish i should make a post like this.. what say Rahul ? any CR problem ? :D

    1. hey Deepak,

      glad you liked the post.

      hey go ahead, create your own wish list. i too was inspired from Jojo's blog so there's no question of CR here :P

  2. Thanks for the link. Am glad i inspired this. :)
    The list is very interesting and to be honest am envious of some of the cut out elements. (guess which ones!).............

    hope your dreams come true.. and ya, the last is beautifully ironical to the concept of the post. :D

    1. first of all, thank you for the idea and secondly thank you for the good wishes!

  3. thats a cool list, hopefully u achieve everything u mentioned here. getting 50 comments sudn't be a big deal for u considering the quality of ur posts. i was planning to read some of ur posts which i missed, tomorrow for sure.

    1. thanks buddy ..

      comments like these encourage/motivate me to write better posts everyday.

      50 comments is still a big dream for me :P :P :P

  4. Rahul,Cool List. Think that U saw that Ranbir and Priyanka( 'Anjani Anjane') Movie. Hope Ur dreas or desires come true.

    1. hey christy,

      no i haven't seen the movie but will ask my wife how this post correlate with it, as she has seen the movie :P

      thank you for the lovely wishes!

  5. Amen to #3 and IBM is an amazing place to work!! Get in to SWG rather than GBS and a great careers awaits you :)

    40, I wish I could do that too :) we may :D

    Jahan Chah, wahan raah ;)

    1. woow, glad to see you here Chintan.

      i always wished to get a comment on my post from you one day . i never knew it will happen so soon! (it's a compliment to you)

      thank you for dropping by.

      btw, what's GBS Chintan (excuse my ignorance on abbreviations)


  6. Do the crossed out items indicate that you have done them or have you cancelled them?!
    Comprehensive list!
    Best wishes!!!

    1. yes, crossed out means i've already finished those activities!

  7. a long list and i see you have some crossed tooo, so a good start and I am sure there is along time left for the D day to come so you will be able to do all that you have listed for sure ...

    All the best


    1. hey Bikram,

      my blog is never complete without a comment from you :P

      you've hit right on target .. now the things left to do in life will happen as the time go by....

      hey read your comment on 1 of the blog that you did 2 jobs at times when it was needed...hats off to you Bikram! got to learn alot from you as well..


  8. I hope you are able to fulfill your wishes ..from here ..Great post indeed.

    1. thank you amit..for the wishes..

      thanks for dropping by..keep visiting!


  9. A very intriguing wish list. :) Quite a few (good ones) completed too. That is impressive. :) Way to go and good luck for the rest. Loved 3, 21 and 40 in particular. Go for them! :)

    1. thank you Raj for liking the post and my wish list.

      3 will happen in a year or so. 21 will happen in next 5-6 months (once i get a good design to inscribe on my back!!!). 40 .. :P


  10. Yes finally i succeeded today in getting 50+ comments on one particular post :-)

    and that post is none other then "Agneepath 1.0 V/s Agneepath 2.0"

    Thank you all for making my wish come true !!!



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