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Confessions of an IT Engineer - Part 1

This is a series of posts, a series of confessions to make for the mistakes I did both personally and professionally during the IT period of my life. I write about the lessons learnt, the roads less taken and the wrong turns I had last 5 years working in a software industry.

I write how my dreams of making big in IT turned out to be nightmare in later years. The dreams of winning confidence and respect, the desire to have a flourishing career and a need to see the world all came with a price.

The first part of the series is about the lessons I learnt that helped me in gaining wisdom about the work culture in IT industry. I may not call it as the best practices or policies to follow, anyone reading this consider it as pages from my past experiences, pages that define ways to handle issues no matter how critical or severe they may sound and how one can either minimize or eradicate them completely. This is my personal diary about my professional world.

Lessons learnt:

1.       The first lesson I learnt, be very clear in your ideas. Do not fool around. If you have a concern make sure people at the management level are listening. There may not be straight forward solutions but alternatives can always be worked out.

2.       My second lesson I learnt, give respect, take respect, Demand Respect. If you want respect from others you must know how to treat others with respect.

People gain respect from the work they do. Argue by your work not by your words. Make sure you commit to the task at hand and do not procrastinate. Ontime delivery of work comes with respect attached with appreciation from management, also it helps in gaining trust and confidence among peers.

3.       Third lesson is, do not over commit for a job at hand, if it is practically not feasible to finish the task in defined time. Discuss with the team and then make the final call. It’s better to be clear first than to apologize later.

4.       Fourth lesson is an extension to the third one, do not trade results with excuses. If you commit to something and was not able to do it later, accept your mistake and do not trade the end result (whether good or bad) with excuses or apologies.

5.       Be an inspiration for others. Set examples for others to follow.

6.       Sixth important lesson I learnt is, do not procrastinate (postpone) your work. Do not put today’s work on tomorrow. The deal is, if you put-off today’s work on tomorrow, first, the tomorrow will never come and one day all the procrastinated work will pile up like a big stack and you will either eliminate it (not in the right sense) or ignore doing it.

7.       Sycophants, give me a break. Earn respect from the work you do, not by sycophancy. I sometimes wonder, sycophancy is an art known by few, it should be made as a subject in management diploma. Be sweet in your work not through your words.

8.        The most important lesson I learnt, hard work never fails. Be honest to your work, be honest to your employer and never leave your passion.

9.       Do not bluff at work and avoid blame game. If you have missed doing certain task, do not get into blame game or accusations, have enough strength to face consequences for the mistakes made. People learn only by mistakes.

10.   Learn to say NO when needed. If you are really not interested in taking up the assignment, learn to say NO. Raise your concern and justify your resentment. If you have a weak heart in saying NO at first place, buy time to think and revert back with your final answer.

These are the 10 most important lessons I learnt during my IT spat. I hope you learn something here and I wish, none of you to make such mistakes like i did in my profession or come out of it sooner than later.

Happy Reading!


  1. Additional to your lessons i like to share my lessons too...
    1. If you have any bad news then immediately tell you boss or team mates.
    2. If you have any kind of irritations or thoughts which stops you being productive then first thing get rid of them immediately. So that you can focus on your work.
    3. Don't look for being perfect but don't do mediocre work because including you nobody likes it.
    4. Accompany people with whom you can grow intellectually or find a mentor who would guide you or best thing keep learning your profession.
    5. If you hate someone and you need to work with the person, find good qualities of that person or mentor him and start liking so that you can achieve internal peace within you which will help to be more productive.
    6. Stand for your team
    7. And last thing Be confused like 'Dilbert'... hehehe (kidding)

  2. Lessons learnt and passed on...Rahul, I think respect is never demanded, it is always commanded...As you said...Will share these learning with IT people around...:)

  3. So true! Also never to forget that the salary comes from the customer and he has to be paid highest priority in all circumstances!

  4. @ Savi,

    very well said .. all points accepted :-)

    have a great week

  5. @ Saru,

    i guess i need to learn a lot from you :-)

    i agree with you, respect is always Commanded and not demanded !

    @ Rahul,

    i agree but not completely, if you are honest to your work and complete your work on time, salary will automatically flow, customer will always feel satisfied no matter how good or bad the circumstances are/were.

  6. haha :) too many lessons !
    at end of the day, every day is a lesson :)

  7. i agree with you deepak .. i've learnt all these lessons in my 5 years of professional experience!

  8. excellent post. very true. lessons learnt. ll remember these points although i m not remotely associate with IT but these are applicable in real life as well. following ur blog

  9. @ Debajyoti,

    thanks for the nice words..

    appreciate when you say lessons mentioned here can be applied in real life as well..

    thanks once again


  10. I am associated with IT industry and ur lessons are spot-on.

    1. yes, people from IT industry definitely know how important it is to know/learn these lessons...

      thanks for dropping by..



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