Tuesday, January 31

Review Of Sangeetha Restaurant On OMR Chennai

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24th Jan 2012, I and my wife decided to have dinner at Sangeetha Restaurant.

We enquired beforehand, the dinner starts at 7 in evening. We had a glimpse on the menu to know more about the variety of food served and also check out the ambience so that we stick to the plan and do not look for alternatives available in the city.

We reached by half past 7 and directly moved into the dining hall.

The room was well lit and a bunch of waiters stood next to the pillars eying at the door for the customers to arrive. The room was air conditioned and Tamil cinema was played on TV. The waiters were polite to talk and attended each visitor with zero delay on arrival. The management was very helpful in explaining about the various food items listed on the menu. The ambience was good, the atmosphere was very lively and the place got busy in no time and there was always enough space to absorb new arrivals. Overall, the place was good to have a decent dinner.

One look at the menu and you will find the prices affordable enough to enjoy fine dinner with family.  You will be surprised by the quantity of food served on table. Superior quality and the unimaginable quantity served, is worth every penny spent. The food was served on time.

If you visit here, must try Chilly Paneer in starters. The quantity and the taste will make you cut down the main course items you planned to order if you are going as a couple. It’s not too expensive and have affordable prices (affordable is a relative term for me, I would rate the food here as ‘value for money’). Soon after the starters we ordered the main course with the day’s special veg jaipuri and other side dishes.

While my mind was figuring out where to start, my stomach was urging my mouth to gulp down all that is available on table as quickly I can. The richness of the food made every bite worth enjoying. It wasn’t too hot or too mild (kind of medium spicy, something that always works for me).

We were extremely satisfied and “T I R E D” of over eating such fine quality of food. It was worth its name. We enjoyed every second, every minute of our supper.

To summarize:

-          Affordable prices, rich quality and good quantity is served.

-          Pleasant atmosphere and cool ambience will make your evening more delightful.

-          Not over crowded.

-          No delays in serving the food or in reordering.

If I have to give a punch line for this restaurant, it would be “Saada Haq, Ethe Rakh” because the food we get here is square of the money we spend (in mathematical term). Customers’ satisfaction is assured in Sangeetha.

P.S: The dinner starts at 7 till 10:30 evening and the buffet cost around 299 pp.

About Sangeetha: It’s a famous Veg. restaurant in Chennai popular for its south Indian food and milk products.

Location: it’s a recently opened branch on OMR Road, Thoraipakkam Chennai (opposite to RRE), an addition to their long established chain in south. It’s around 5 kms from Lifeline Hospital towards Mahabalipuram.

P.P.S: Big thanks to Sangeetha for the magnificent evening and the amazing food we had on my wife’s birth day.

Wednesday, January 25

The Versatile Blogger Award

I am excited, thrilled and ecstatic to receive “my first ever” (underlined) “Versatile Blogger Award” from a fellow blogger Divya. This came off as a surprise to me.
Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Divya from ENTWINED THOUGHTS, a million times for this honor. Also, I would like to thank IndiBlogger for the platform they gave, indi-bloggers for their continuous participation, my laptop for the eternal (unending) support and my creative thinking for allowing me to write such posts!

To cut short, thank you all, thank you Divya for this wonderful gift. 

I’ve already added the pic of the award on my blog.

Thank you Bikram for explaining me how the award is given from one blogger to other.

The Versatile Blogger Award Rules:

1. Add a picture of the award in your post.

2. Thank the award giver.

3. Share 7 random facts about you.

4. Choose 15 other bloggers to pass the award to and let them know that they’ve been nominated.

The 7 Random facts about me:
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1.       I am like Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother. I put my friends above me, it’s hard for me to say NO to people, I get influenced easily and I am very prone to rejections.

2.       I keep trying, I never accept defeat.

3.       I love listening to Michael Jackson, STAIND, Metallica, GNR, Pink Floyd and Lucky Ali, Labh Janjua and Mohit Chauhan songs.

4.       There’s something that keeps happening back of my mind even when am sitting idle. The screensaver in my head always have this numbers moving vertically like a matrix.

5.       I love driving for hours. In my next birth, I would like to be a car racer or a driver (off course not in India) so that I can drive all kinds of cars.

6.       I was so very much influenced by Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) from Prison Break that twice I got my hair-cut done like his and even got a tattoo on my arm (not as big as he had onscreen).

7.       My Seagate hard-disk is my only will. You may take away everything I have except my hard-disk.
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And here are the Winners for the award:


This award is to appreciate your work and your creativity. A souvenir to keep you ticking and one should not stop writing such wonderful posts and inspire others.

P.S: Only the first pic is for the award not the rest!!! :-)

Thursday, January 19

Follow Your Passion

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I never knew life will be so worth living past couple of days since quitting job. It turned out to be a mini-retirement for me. It’s like picturing yourself 30 years into the future and doing all those things that you planned to do post retirement. You finally get to choose how you want to spend your day and what you really want to do with it.

I understand this phase of ‘being unemployed’ cannot certify me the same satisfaction as it comes post retirement. But there’s nothing wrong in living in the moment. One must slow down in this fast paced world to enjoy every breath, every second and every moment of life. After all, Tim Ferries has this theory ‘one must have short breaks in career to enjoy mini retirements’.

I must admit, this freedom of being idle is a mere transition of myself from an ugly old life where I was, first of all, bonded to work that never excited me and secondly, turned me into a slave at the helm of others, to, this beautiful journey I experience now where am the master of my acts, it’s me who decides how every second of my life should tick.

If you believe life you are living now is not what you ever wanted or you are living someone else’s life, stop immediately. Do not worry about the consequences or after effects. Try to pursue your passion, dream big and stop worrying about the future. you won't fail. At least, defeat in a hard fought battle (to win over your passion) is worth a celebration than being a complete failure for doing something which you never chose for yourself or for your life.

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The change is for good. I am freer to do what I always wanted to do without any gratuitous or unwanted apprehensions or worries. I do not feel wasted at all. Money is not everything, at least not the only criteria for me to judge my happiness. I’ve learnt the simple fact of life, do what you always want to do and live your passion honestly, do not run after money, create enough worth for yourself, wealth will follow you wherever you go.

Learn from Sachin Tendulkar or Amitabh Bachchan, they rose to the occasion, they are the real heroes who worked hard to hunt their passion and achieve glory and now accolades come from all across the globe to acknowledge their hard work.

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Get inspired and be an inspiration for others. At the end I would say, learn to live life happily, be good and follow your heart and enjoy life with short breaks in this fast paced world. You’ve already been what your parents wanted you to be since childhood, now it’s time for you to be the change, be what you always desired to be, do things you always wanted to do and free yourself from the clutches of money or societal pressure, after all, it’s you whose answerable to yourself and not to the society.

P.S : This is a self motivational post I wrote to keep myself moving and do not lose focus.

P.P.S : I would like to thank Leo Babauta from zenhabits for being such an inspiration.

Monday, January 16

Things To Do Before I Die

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Read a post recently on THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE which inspired me to prepare my own wish list. Although I do not have any plans or timeframe in mind as to when these activities must be completed but there’s no harm in listing them now, at least to remind myself to finish few before I close my eyes forever!!!

Thanks Jojo for sharing your blog!

So here’s a list of things I think I must do before I die:

1.       Stay fit for life

2.       Sooner than later move to my flat in Pune

3.       Adopt a child

4.       Spend evenings with friends on weekends

5.       Marry love of my life

6.       Resign from my current job without a job in hand

7.       Work for IBM (my dream company) one day

8.       Teach mathematics on weekends to kids

9.       Learn French

10.   Open up my own Radio Station

11.   Spend a day with Sachin Tendulkar : the ultimate Salvation

12.   Spend a day with Hrithik Roshan

13.   Gift a laptop to my wife

14.   Buy Renault Megane convertible in India

15.   Buy an Apple I-Pod with docking Station

16.   Gift a sedan to my parents

17.   Fly to New Zealand with my wife

18.   See the world from Eifel Tower

19.   Drink and drive

20.   Get inked

21.   Get inked again

22.   Go on a long drive with my wife to roads unknown

23.   Sing an English song in front of a very specific crowd just to prove I do not sing with a Punjabi accent

24.   Learn swimming

25.   Buy a bicycle

26.   Watch ‘I dream of Jeanie’, ‘Prison Break’ & ‘Friends’ sitcoms as many times I want after retirement.

27.   Run continuous for 25 minutes

28.   Run continuous for an hour

29.   Write a novel

30.   Learn Yoga

31.   Exercise regularly

32.   Write a post on my blog which grab at least 50+ comments

33.   Be a Minimalist after 45

34.   Prepare Butter Chicken Masala for my wife

35.   Drink all kinds of alcohol (world brands)

36.   Learn cooking

37.   Stay in a penthouse for a month

38.   Drive Alfa Romeo, Benz & BMW at least once in my life

39.   Stuff my fridge only with beer, coke and chocolates

40.   Never die. Live forever!!!

This was my bucket list, hope to see yours floating soon on the web!!!

Wednesday, January 11

Into The Wild

Confessions of an IT Engineer – Part 2


"Where were you?"

“I went to submit resignation and surrender my ID card today.”

"What, are you out of your mind? Have you gone completely insane?  What was the need for you to do that?"

“Well, it’s a very calculative risk I took and I am ready to face the music.”

"Face my foot you dumb-a**. You think yourself to be Joey Tribiyani who liked quitting before applying his brains’ to the job in hand?"

“I gave a lot of thinking to this and finally made my decision.”

"But till yesterday you had this offer to go to UK for 2 years and today you resigned from the company. Do you have any backup plan?"

“No, I am completely jobless now. I have to start searching for a job from scratch.”

"Dude (I meant you a**), do you understand what you are saying. Does words like ‘recession’, ‘sabbatical’, ‘being jobless’ holds any meaning to you? Even a dumb soul knows when not to quit than how on earth could you be so dim-witted?"

“I wasn’t satisfied with my job. The year’s frustration was boiling right below me. I always felt, this is not me. This is not what I want from life. It’s either I stop here today and hunt to follow my passion or I continue to be a literate slave amongst the crowd. So today I got a chance to throw my towel in the ring. And who knows this may turn out to be a beginning of a new chapter.”


"End of the beginning!!!

This was your first company after graduation and now you’re last for retirement. This organisation gave you an identity and put you on the map of IT industry. It made you see places. You covered almost half of the world thanks to your ex-employer and now you say you were not satisfied and you call it a quit today? Whatever dude, you screwed up!!!"

“I know it’s complex and very hard for you to digest but I had my own priorities and concerns I couldn’t ignore.”

As I said this, the mirror shattered into pieces and the conversation with myself ended abruptly.


Anyways, I walked out of the organization and did not turn back to see it for the last time. Ethically, professionally, I may be incorrect in the way I parted from the organization but I was satisfied to break this jinx of being in 1 company in Chennai (no offense meant) for more than 5 years.

There was no farewell, none to walk along as I moved out of the campus, I guess, I was back to where I started 6 years ago after the graduation.

Monday, January 9

Confessions of an IT Engineer - Part 1

This is a series of posts, a series of confessions to make for the mistakes I did both personally and professionally during the IT period of my life. I write about the lessons learnt, the roads less taken and the wrong turns I had last 5 years working in a software industry.

I write how my dreams of making big in IT turned out to be nightmare in later years. The dreams of winning confidence and respect, the desire to have a flourishing career and a need to see the world all came with a price.

The first part of the series is about the lessons I learnt that helped me in gaining wisdom about the work culture in IT industry. I may not call it as the best practices or policies to follow, anyone reading this consider it as pages from my past experiences, pages that define ways to handle issues no matter how critical or severe they may sound and how one can either minimize or eradicate them completely. This is my personal diary about my professional world.

Lessons learnt:

1.       The first lesson I learnt, be very clear in your ideas. Do not fool around. If you have a concern make sure people at the management level are listening. There may not be straight forward solutions but alternatives can always be worked out.

2.       My second lesson I learnt, give respect, take respect, Demand Respect. If you want respect from others you must know how to treat others with respect.

People gain respect from the work they do. Argue by your work not by your words. Make sure you commit to the task at hand and do not procrastinate. Ontime delivery of work comes with respect attached with appreciation from management, also it helps in gaining trust and confidence among peers.

3.       Third lesson is, do not over commit for a job at hand, if it is practically not feasible to finish the task in defined time. Discuss with the team and then make the final call. It’s better to be clear first than to apologize later.

4.       Fourth lesson is an extension to the third one, do not trade results with excuses. If you commit to something and was not able to do it later, accept your mistake and do not trade the end result (whether good or bad) with excuses or apologies.

5.       Be an inspiration for others. Set examples for others to follow.

6.       Sixth important lesson I learnt is, do not procrastinate (postpone) your work. Do not put today’s work on tomorrow. The deal is, if you put-off today’s work on tomorrow, first, the tomorrow will never come and one day all the procrastinated work will pile up like a big stack and you will either eliminate it (not in the right sense) or ignore doing it.

7.       Sycophants, give me a break. Earn respect from the work you do, not by sycophancy. I sometimes wonder, sycophancy is an art known by few, it should be made as a subject in management diploma. Be sweet in your work not through your words.

8.        The most important lesson I learnt, hard work never fails. Be honest to your work, be honest to your employer and never leave your passion.

9.       Do not bluff at work and avoid blame game. If you have missed doing certain task, do not get into blame game or accusations, have enough strength to face consequences for the mistakes made. People learn only by mistakes.

10.   Learn to say NO when needed. If you are really not interested in taking up the assignment, learn to say NO. Raise your concern and justify your resentment. If you have a weak heart in saying NO at first place, buy time to think and revert back with your final answer.

These are the 10 most important lessons I learnt during my IT spat. I hope you learn something here and I wish, none of you to make such mistakes like i did in my profession or come out of it sooner than later.

Happy Reading!

Thursday, January 5

The Year That Was 2011 : Blog Review

I had quite an interesting year with respect to Blogging. From reading articles, posts from the enormous blogging pool available online to making friends, I had a blast this 2011. Also, there was a fourfold increase in the traffic on my blog page, something to cherish for eons!!!

Here’s a brief review of my Blog (Cognitive Amalgamation):

I started blogging since December 2007 but the flow of publishing posts was quite fluctuating, once in a blue moon to be precise. As a result, my blog attracted a very staggered traffic. To be very honest, I was not into the concept of blogging, I took it because my twin was actively pursuing it. So I had to have my share of blogging. If he can do it, why not me? Besides, I dreaded when it comes to expressing views where medium of communication is English.

But frankly, I had this long mental constipation developed which never lets the words come out easy and I sooner than later lost interest in writing. Even IndiBlogger never excited me till last year, I considered IB for the rich not the poor.

Anyways, the last nail in coffin was pinned when my Google adsense account was deactivated. My blog was now officially DEAD and deprived of online minting. My dreams to make money through blogs (inspired from online money making ideas) were completely shattered.

But last year it all changed. I said to myself, screw adsense, screw facebook, this is the only platform that’s real and interesting so lets just get actively involve in it. As a result, instead of giving up blogging, I gave up facebook and adsense (although adsense gave up on me first, officially).

2011 was a year of changes I believe. I not only got back to blogging, traffic sensex on my blog touched 10k mark and in last 3-4 months it shot up to 15k hits and there was no looking back. Prosperity reigns!!!

I have been periodically posting my experiences now and regularly reading about others. IndiBlogger did the role of a catalyst.

Last few months, I learnt a lot about blogging. I realized your blog will only grow when you keep posting and keep reading. After all, words are food and energy to your blog’s health.

So with this, let me list down the experiences i had and things I look forward to see in my blog in coming years as it turns 5 this 2012.


      1.       Blog sensex crossed 15k mark and my rank at IndiBlogger also improved.

      2.       I’ve become a passionate admirer and follower of IndiBlogger and am now seriously following it.

      3.       Made new friends online via blogging and learnt a lot about them through their posts.

To list few, I love reading posts published on Bikram’s, DI, Arti, Renu, Rachna, Purba, Joshi D, Readitt, Indu, Saru, NRI and many more. I have subscribed to their blogs so that I do not miss out any post when i am offline. I have categorized them as virtual blogging pals at least better than the fake friend requests from dudes & duddettes from planet facebook.

      4.       I gave up facebook, orkut, Google plus or twitter (I was never on twitter) just to be on blogger. Although I do like it when people click on those tiny little ‘facebook’ ‘Google plus’ marks below every post and recommend/share them with their friends.

      5.       LinkWithin definitely helped me in gaining the edge!!!

      6.       Leobabauta’s zenhabits blog had a lasting impression on my personal and professional life.

Bottom line: Yes I confirm the Blog DNA in my blood has started re-forming.

Things I would like to see happen to my blog in 2012:

      1.       I never ever received an award for the blog or for any particular post I published. I get fascinated when I see those tiny little award/memento badges hanging on various bloggers page and dream of having one on mine too someday.

Also, I never gave an award to any bloggers for the posts I liked. I would love to give one but to be very honest, I am pretty naïve on how an award is given.

      2.       I wish to see more and more readers following my blog this year.

      4.       My other wish is to see my blog grow and become what bikram’s or Rachna’s or DI’s or Indu’s or Arti’s or Joshi’s or The NRI’s or Saru's… or … (to name few) blog is today. 

      5.       Last but not the least, I request readers to keep coming back on my blog and keep reading/writing.

Thanks for reading this.

New Year wishes to ALL!!!
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