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Things You Must Know While Travelling To/From Delhi

If you are travelling by air to Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) Delhi, here are some interesting facts you must know if you expect your trip to be as smooth as flowing fluid.

Keep in mind: the Airport Metro Express is presently operational only from Terminal 3.

Travelling between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 :

If your flight arrives at Terminal 1 and you have to take train from NDLS Railway Station for your ongoing journey, you must know certain things to make sure you have less hiccups between travels when you are running short of time.

1.       Come out of terminal 1 and board Airport Shuttle which runs every 20 minutes between terminal 1 and terminal 3.

Bus Charge per person: 25 Rupees

Time it takes between the terminals: 15 minutes

2.       Once you reach terminal 3, walk down the ramp to enter metro station. Buy a ticket for Delhi Railway station (NDLS). Airport metro express starts from Platform 2. Enjoy your journey till you reach Delhi Railway Station (NDLS).

Airport Metro Express Ticket Charge per person: 80 Rupees

Time for the journey: 15 minutes (approx)

3.       Once you are in NDLS Station, you are good to go to the platform your train is scheduled to depart.

This whole journey should not take more than 30 minutes to move from Terminal 1 to NDLS Railway Station via Terminal 3, trespassing all the city traffic thanks to the Airport Metro Express.

Some interesting worth mentioning moments I experienced during travel:

a.       There’s an underground tunnel from Metro Station that opens up to Delhi Railway Station (NDLS). Before you walk up to see the sky, you’ll come across “Hot n Chillz” outlet selling ready to eat junk stuff/food items for the travelers. A must if you want to munch while on the move. It’s cheap and yummy!!!

b.      If you are ahead of time and want to relax and kill time, do not plan to go to Mustards Café (right opposite to NDLS Railway Station). A complete waste of money. Food served is cold and undercooked. My advice: Better sit on the waiting chair inside the station than crib on the idea of how worthless it was @ Mustards Café.

Just the opposite way to commute, if you are travelling first by train and planning to take flight from either Terminal 1 or Terminal 3.

Airport Shuttle service operates from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 as well at the same cost and frequency.

So, if you are here and reading this post, I wish you a pleasant journey while travelling to or from Delhi

Metro Map :

Metro Route


  1. Hmm I shall keep these points in mind.. But thankfully my darling cousin is there and he never lets me travel alone.. he is always there waiting for me to come out of the airport
    but I gues this travel arrangement is pretty handy and will help a lot of people who have ot travel alone ..


  2. Thanks for the info! so many tinmes I plan to travel alone but didnt know how to go from airport.

  3. @Renu,

    now you know :P

    it's not that very difficult to commute .. remember these points or take a print of this page to have a smooth journey next when you plan to travel.


  4. @Bikram,

    i agree with you but sometimes chances are that for a sudden short trips you need to travel alone and no prior preparation is done for standby's ..

    so keeping that in mind i wrote this post. i myself searched around 10 webpages to know this information.

    and thank you for dropping by..have a great week ahead!!!


  5. Thanks Rahul and I will keep these tips in mind for my next trip:)

  6. Thank you Saru, Bikram, Renu .. for dropping by ..

    always a delight to read your comments on my post!!!


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